This is it, the last Big Brother 15 spoilers from the Live Feeds until after the live eviction show on CBS tonight. We’re finally ready to make our prediction about who will go home on Big Brother 2013 tonight, even though some of the votes are still questionable. No matter who ends up headed out the door this evening, it’s been a crazy fun ride watching all the Big Brother 15 cast play the game furiously in the house the past few days!

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A lot has been going on behind-the-scenes on the Big Brother Live Feeds since the last CBS show, especially yesterday and last night. Right up until Wednesday afternoon, we were virtually convinced we knew exactly who would be sitting across from host Julie Chen for their exit interview on the live eviction show. Then, all of a sudden, everything went sideways.

WARNING: This post contains huge Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds about game play moves, alliances and more that will have a direct impact on tonight’s CBS prime time show. So please stop reading now if you do not want to hear it!

If you haven’t caught up yet on what happened inside the Big Brother 2013 house overnight, we urge you to pop over to our morning report and get up to speed. Then plunge on ahead for the latest updates from this morning and early afternoon before the Big Brother Live Feeds go off in advance of the live eviction show.

Big Brother Live Feeds: Thursday Morning & Afternoon — July 10, 2013

10:50 AM BBT: Andy and Helen dismiss Howard’s attempt to get them to distrust Amanda. They tell him that they have the votes to get Nick out no matter what and the count will show them who is really with them and who isn’t.

10:55 AM BBT: The HouseGuests were up very late studying for the Head of Household Competition today, so they are quite late rising. Game play talk starts practically as soon as they can hold up their heads, however, including a bit between Jeremy and Amanda. He says he’s heard that she is going to vote against Nick instead of Elissa. She says no one knows who she is voting for, so any such rumors are BS.

7-11-2013 05-04-48 PM11:00 AM BBT: Helen works Spencer about voting against Nick instead of Elissa because Nick is a threat and Elissa is not. Spencer, meanwhile, is trying to get Helen to see Amanda as an evil thing she needs to get rid of as soon as possible. He says that after the vote Amanda will say that Spencer and Howard flipped and didn’t vote with them. Helen says it doesn’t matter how he and Howard vote because they have all the votes they need. (She’s counting way too many chickens before they hatch.)

11:25 PM BBT: Candice pinky swears with Andy that she is going to vote against Nick.

11:05 AM BBT: Jeremy tells Amanda that Helen is smack-talking about her and that she is voting with her side of the HouseGuests.

11:10 AM BBT: Amanda goes right to Helen and they talk about Jeremy, deciding to just ignore his BS because he is just trying to work everyone to get Elissa out. Meanwhile, Spencer tells Jeremy that Jessie is planning to vote against Nick at the eviction. Spencer is such a double-talker, telling everyone everything! Spencer randomly starts talking about getting Helen out at the last minute but Jeremy says they should stick to the plan to evict Elissa. (Both Jeremy and Spencer are in The Moving Company alliance, which planned to vote against Elissa but several members may betray that deal.)

11:20 AM BBT: Jeremy goes after Jessie about who she is voting against. She tells him that she is NOT voting for Nick to go home, she’s voting for Elissa to be evicted. So many people are telling so many other people different things about who they are voting against, it is nearly impossible to tell at this point what is the truth and what is the lie.

7-11-2013 05-05-54 PM11:25 AM BBT: Jeremy goes after Helen and tries to get her to believe that some of her “allies” are bashing her. She’s just brushing it off. She promptly tells Andy all about it. Andy says Jeremy is an idiot.

11:30 AM BBT: Andy talks to Candice and says that if she doesn’t vote to evict Nick, they will lose everything. He’s worried that her new showmance with Howard might flip her vote. She says that she is solid to vote out Nick.

11:40 AM BBT: Live Feeds cut out for a long time for show prep stuff.

1:10 PM BBT: Andy talks to Jessie to make sure that they still have her vote to keep Elissa. She tells him that she is still a go to vote against Nick.

7-11-2013 05-07-15 PM1:20 PM BBT: Spencer has now decided he is going to change his vote and go against Jeremy and The Moving Company alliance. He says he is going to vote to keep Elissa instead of Nick and he wants Howard to flip too. Howard doesn’t say anything pretty much. Spencer says Jeremy is not a good person to be working with and now is the time to ditch him. If they can get rid of Nick, they can break with Jeremy and team up with McCrae and each other. Nick comes in, preventing us from trying to get a real read on Howard whether he really might flip or not. Both Howard and Spencer tell Nick to stop worrying, everything is good.

1:25 PM BBT: Despite all the reassurances, Nick is starting to realize he might not be as safe as he thought he was. He starts wandering around trying to make sure his votes are solid.

1:50 PM BBT: Andy and Judd both tell Nick they are voting for him to stay. They are both lying to him.

7-11-2013 05-08-37 PM2:10 PM BBT: Spencer talks to McCrae and tells him they should break with The Moving Company and vote out Nick. McCrae has already been there and done that and is basically the instigator behind everything that led Spencer to decide to flip. Spencer then goes back to Howard and tells him that McCrae is “cool” with the idea of breaking with the alliance to vote out Nick but he is afraid they are going to throw him under the bus. Howard says he is “down” with keeping Elissa but we don’t trust him.

2:15 PM BBT: Nick and GinaMarie, both now very concerned about the votes, talk to Amanda and try to make sure she is on their side when it comes to the vote.

2:30 PM BBT: Spencer goes to talk to McCrae again and they discuss how keeping the probably MVP (Elissa) in house is a powerful tool. However, McCrae is now worried that Spencer deciding to flip his vote might meant The Moving Company is going to come after him. Spencer says he wants himself, MCrae, Amanda and Howard to all work together after the eviction.

McCrae tells Spencer he is going to change his vote again and vote against Elissa at the eviction instead of Nick. He doesn’t want to look like he is the person who betrayed the MC alliance if they are setting him up for a fall. He says he will trust them after the vote. Spencer says he will bring in Amanda and Howard and they can all talk about it to reassure him. But McCrae says again that he’ll put his trust in them after the vote if Nick goes home and then they can work togehter.

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5:05 PM BBT: McCrae says he thinks Nick now knows he is in serious trouble because he looks depressed.

5:20 PM BBT: Howard tries to assure McCrae that he and Spencer really are voting against The Moving Company alliance to get Nick out. He really wants McCrae not to throw a vote against Elissa so that the vote is 8 to 3 instead of 7 to 4.

That’s a wrap for our last Big Brother Live Feeds report before the eviction show tonight. As you can see, it’s all kinds of crazy up in there right now! We have no idea who McCrae really will vote for, or if Howard really will flip, or if Spencer might decide to flip back… or who else might be lying about their vote. Both sides think they have the votes and no one really knows for certain. We are going to tentatively predict that Elissa will stay and Nick will go but anything at all might happen to flip it all over again in the short time remaining before the live vote!

Join us for our live Big Brother 15 recap of the week 2 eviction show tonight to find out who ends up going home! And if you haven’t signed up for the Big Brother Live Feeds yet, now is a great time to try out that two-day free trial and watch all the awesome panic, anxiety and freak-outs that will undoubtedly go on tonight after the eviction!


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