The Big Brother 15 cast was relatively quiet during the overnight hours and there weren’t a lot of good Big Brother spoilers to be had. Everyone honestly seems a bit exhausted from three weeks of crazed game play. Most of the talk on the Big Brother Live Feeds in the wee hours of the morning was just conversational, with not a lot of game play going on.

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We had more of GinaMarie still pining away for recently evicted Nick, despite being told directly that Nick never liked her that way. There was a bit of light game talk here and there about the upcoming eviction. Quite a bit of smack talk from various Big Brother 15 cast members about other HouseGuests. And, of course, we couldn’t go through even a few hours on Big Brother 2013 without someone saying something relatively offensive to a large segment of the general viewing population.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 15 spoilers about game play, alliances and other information from the Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet aired on the CBS BB15 prime time show. Proceed at your own risk!

12:00 AM BBT: Jeremy talks game with Andy. He wants Andy to send Howard home next because he thinks Howard has been throwing him under the bus. He says that Howard has been trying to play Kaitlin by telling her that Jeremy has made her a target all along. Jeremy thinks that is low and really, he deserves to be here over Howard anyway.

7-15-2013 09-55-41 AMAndy tells Jeremy that Howard tried to get in good with him by saying he would play with him to the end but then he didn’t. Andy says he really respects Jeremy as a player and didn’t want to see him go like this. Jeremy says it isn’t over yet. He says his mom told him not to try to win everything right off the bat but he couldn’t help himself, that’s just who he is.

In alliance news, Amanda, Judd, Andy, and McCrae all make a pact to work with each other to the end.

12:35 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking smack in the kitchen. GM says, interspersed by several f**ks, that when they are evicted, the viewers will change the channel because the two hot blonds are gone. They mutually admire each other, saying how much the viewers probably like the the other girl. GM says that Jeremy is stupid strutting around like he’s the f**king man. GM is still whining about Nick being evicted. Aaryn is trying to convince GM that Nick was playing her all along for her vote and wasn’t really into her and, basically, thinking that he did makes her look like an idiot. Aaryn tells GM several other HGs told her Nick said bad things about GM. Kaitlin comes in and says some of the HGs are outside talking sh*t about Nick. GM goes out to see if they will do it in front of her. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that GM is embarrassing.

1:15 AM BBT: Judd and Amada smack talk about GinaMarie in the pantry and how she’s so annoying. Over in the kitchen, Kaitlin says that when Jeremy goes home, she’ll communicate with him via the Big Brother Live Feeds by saying, “I’m okay a**hole!” Andy says he wears yellow socks at the live shows to show his family he is thinking of them. Aaryn jokes that she told her family she would fart loudly when she was thinking of them. Andy thinks it would be fun if he screwed up a live show by voting in the Diary Room for a person who isn’t even nominated or don’t even exist. Jeremy once agains shows how much of a misogynistic a** he is by saying that he once made a girl call him sir every time she spoke to him. Aaryn says she is not surprised he would be such a douchebag.

7-15-2013 10-00-39 AM1:35 AM BBT: McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda at the hammock. Amanda jokes that McCrae told her to STFU and Aaryn says they should call him an abusive woman beater. (Yet another brilliantly insensitive remark by Aaryn.) Aaryn wonders if people will recognize her after Big Brother 15 and come up to her. Amanda thinks Aaryn and McCrae will stick in people’s minds. Aaryn jokes that yeah, the people who do sh*t and the racist ones will be remembered. Amanda talks about Nick and GinaMarie and how Fatal Attraction that all was. Amanda says Nick f**king hated GM and that if GM keeps up that kind of behavior, she’ll never find a guy.

2:30 AM BBT: Andy comes out and says goodnight to everyone and pecks GinaMarie on the lips. Judd teases her that she just made out with Andy. Spencer jokes that it’s more action than Judd has gotten yet in the house. Spencer then goes totally wacky and says he puts dicks in her mouth. GM says yummy so does she! And then apologizes to her mom.

2:50 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Judd talk outside and he says that Nick wanted him out next and then Andy. GM says that isn’t true and that Nick liked him. Judd says even if he had voted to keep Nick, he would have been evicted anyway. Gina is still in delusional land and talks about moving in with Nick, meeting his family. Yeah, she is way stalker-ish.

Not much else happened and most of the HouseGuests made a relatively early night of it. Yes, 3AM being kind of early inside the Big Brother 15 house.


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