Everyone inside the Big Brother 2013 house right now wants Aaryn to listen to what they want to happen with this week’s nominations. She’s suddenly gone from most hated player on her way out the door, to everyone’s best friend. That’s the nature of the game, isn’t it? We’ve been watching all the scheming, campaigning and — in Candice’s case — downright begging happening on the Big Brother Live Feeds with quite a bit of amusement since the eviction on Thursday night.

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Aaryn is caught between what she wants and what she promised to Helen about giving up her HoH nominations if she didn’t get evicted. With Candice whispering in one ear how Helen never meant to keep her safe if she didn’t win HoH, Aaryn has to decide if she’s going to be more loyal to her deal with Helen than Helen probably would have been. Where is Aaryn’s head at right now in regard to the nominations for this week’s eviction? We have the latest from the Live Feeds for you below!

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on alliances, game play, competition results and other highlights that have not yet been shown on the CBS network show. Please click away now if you do not want to know this information!

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week Friday Morning Report — July 25, 2013

9:25 AM BBT: Candice tells Helen that the rumor is she told Aaryn that Candice wanted Spencer and GinaMarie to go on the block. Helen denies saying that.

9:30 AM BBT: Aaryn and Candice talk in the HoH bathroom. Candice says she heard that if Aaryn had not won HoH, it would have been her and GinaMarie on the block. She says Aaryn’s deal with Helen and that side of the house about saving her if she gave them her HoH win, or threw the HoH, was only a contigency plan and they wouldn’t have kept it if she didn’t win HoH.

Untitled-2 csopyCandice tells Aaryn that she and Howard will both be behind her if she puts up Elissa instead of Howard. Candice says that Elissa lied to her about not being Most Valuable Player when she was and that Elissa has disrupted the whole house. Candice thinks GinaMarie and Jessie might also go with Aaryn if she puts Elissa up instead of Howard.

Aaryn says she has not made any decision yet but she is not going to try to backdoor anyone. She tells Candice people really want Howard out. Candice swears she won’t be mad if Aaryn ends up doing that. Aaryn says she knows if she had not won HoH, she would be out this week. Candice says she just wanted to plead with Aaryn woman to woman. Aaryn says Candice should work on trying to get Helen and Elissa to change their minds about going after Howard.

9:55 AM BBT: Candice tells Howard that Aaryn is totally snowed under by Amanda and McCrae. She said Aaryn told her to go to talk to Elissa and Helen and they are probably going to go up no matter what. She says that throwing out Amanda’s name as the source of the Kaitlin secret alliance rumor will probably bite her in the a**.

She says people are mad at Howard and he asks why. She says she doesn’t know. Candice says McCrae and Howard have done a great job at mindf**king Aaryn. Now she thinks Aaryn will just go back to Helen and Elissa and them Candice has been trying to get the target off Howard and screw her. They go back and forth for a while on who is guilty of what, etc. etc. Howard tries to calm Candice down and swears he is loyal to her and no one else and that everything he does is for both of them. They end pissy at each other and Candice telling Howard she just wants to be left alone.

11:00 AM BBT: Jessie tells Aaryn there is too much tension in the house and people need to chill out. Aaryn talks about how Candice was trying to get her out last week and now she wants her to do her favors. Aaryn tells Jessie that Howard cornered her last night too.

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11:10 AM BBT: Aaryn tells Andy, McCrae and Amanda about her conversation with Candice. Andy and Amanda assure Aaryn they won’t put her on the block next week. Aaryn says that Candice wanted her to put Amanda and McCrae up because they are the “power couple” in the house. They speculate on whether or not Howard might have the Coup D’etat power and then talk about Pandora’s Box.

Amanda jokes that Aaryn will get it and end up being locked in with Rachel Reilly. Amanda goes off about Candice talking about her and how Candice is f**king stupid and a c**t and how much she f**king hates her. Because Amanda can’t say a sentence without using the F-word. She says the house motto now seems to be “when in doubt, blame Amanda.” She calls Candice the Tenisha of the Big Brother house and says that if she ends up on a Have Not team with her, she will throw it so Candice loses.

11:20 AM BBT: Aaryn wants Amanda and McCrae and ask her to put up GinaMarie and Spencer next week if she wins Head of Household and not put her up. She says if she keeps Elissa safe this week and she comes after her next week, she will go ballistic.

11:40 AM BBT: Andy and Aaryn mock Elissa for avoiding hugging Aaryn after she won the Head of Household Competition. Spencer says that if he gets Pandora’s Box and sees Jessie Godderz or Rachel Reilly, he will make them really, really uncomfortable by chasing them around and saying he wants to f**k them. Andy wants a Pandora’s Box with Ragan Fox in it. Amanda says the word “retarded” isn’t offensive unless you use it to be offensive. (Really, Amanda?)

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