The Power of Veto Ceremony in the stirred up more drama and paranoia among the Big Brother 15 cast on Monday. In our Big Brother spoilers report from the Live Feeds, the eviction nominees were campaigning all over the place and talk of another vote flip is ongoing.

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As it stands right now, however, the main target for eviction this week seems to still be the same as it has been since Head of Household Aaryn first made her nominations. There is, of course, still plenty of time for all that to change.

WARNING: The following report contains Big Brother 15 spoilers on alliances, game play, deals, competition results and other information from the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds that has not yet been shown on the CBS network show.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Monday Highlights Report — July 29, 2013

8:40 AM BBT: Howard tells Candice that he will protect her and that he will go home instead of her if she gets put up as the replacement nominee. He says he told Andy, Judd and Spencer the same thing. (Not!) Howard tells her they can get five votes if Aaryn throws a tie-breaker vote for them.

7-30-2013 09-30-35 AMCandice says Aaryn is not going to vote with them, she is working with the other side. Candice is pissed at Spencer and says she won’t even accept his apologies. Howard says Candice should go talk to Judd and Andy and she says no, she isn’t going to talk to anyone. She tells Howard that he and Spencer have f**ked her.

8:50 AM BBT: Spencer works Aaryn to put up someone else besides Candice as the replacement nominee. She says she can’t do that. He says that people are talking and they are ready to make a big move in the house and that if they don’t do something, they will be going home next. Spencer says that if Candice goes up, there will be enough votes to keep her and Howard. She’s like, really? (He’s delusional but people are lying to him a lot.)

9:10 AM BBT: Andy and Judd mutually assure each other that the plan is still to vote against Howard at the eviction, not Candice or Amanda. Spencer comes out and they both lie to his face and say they are down with the idea of voting out Amanda rather than Howard. This is why Spencer is delusional.

9:30 AM BBT: More reassurances as Judd tells Amanda that he is still on board with the plan to vote out Howard. Amanda is wearing Judd’s infamous bear shirt.

9:45 AM BBT: Spencer tells Howard that Aaryn is still planning to put up Candice as the replacement nominee. He says he is going to tell Aaryn there is a plan in action to evict Candice and that Judd and Andy will go with that. (Judd and Andy are lying.) Spencer informs Howard that the votes are looking better for him and he may be safe this week.

9:50 AM BBT: Spencer goes to talk with Aaryn in the Head of Household room. He tells her there is a plan out there to vote out Candice rather than Howard and he will keep her updated.

10:10 AM BBT: The Live Feeds go dark for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

7-30-2013 09-34-05 AM10:55 AM BBT: Feeds are back and, as expected, Spencer has used the Power of Veto to take himself off the block. Also as expected by pretty much everyone, Aaryn puts up Candice as the replacement nominee. We cut over to Amanda, who is currently campaigning with Jessie to make sure she doesn’t flip her vote. Meanwhile, Spencer is working Helen to vote out Amanda rather than Howard. She says she does not think Jessie, Judd and Andy will flip their vote and she doesn’t think it would work. She says no one is going to get out Amanda this week, no matter what anyone tells him.

11:00 AM BBT: Amanda is pissed that Judd didn’t tell her about Howard and Spencer trying to get him and Andy to flip their votes. Andy told her about it but Judd didn’t. Andy assures Amanda they have at least five votes to keep her no matter what. Amanda is crying, she’s so upset. Amanda goes to Helen and tells her that Spencer and Howard have been working Andy, Judd and GinaMarie to flip their votes to try to get her out instead of Howard — and Judd didn’t tell her.

11:05 AM BBT: Amanda confronts Judd about not telling her about the deal Howard and Spencer offered him and Andy. Judd says he didn’t tell her because there was nothing to worry about and he didn’t want her to be upset.

11:15 AM BBT: Candice and Jessie have a brief little catfight. Jessie is feeling pissy about how Candice came at her earlier about her vote. She says she didn’t like how Candice came at her. They go back and forth a bit. Candice says Jessie is going to have to pick a side of the house at some point. Jessie says it breaks her heart that Candice has feelings for Howard and she is just getting screwed over by him and it pisses her off. Ouch! At the end though, they hug it out and exchange somewhat insincere “love yous” to each other.

7-30-2013 09-35-12 AM11:25 AM BBT: Amanda tells McCrae and Andy that everything is okay with Judd and she believes he wasn’t try to backstab her. Andy tells Amanda that she should keep it quiet that she knows about Judd, Andy, Howard and Spencer’s fake alliance. Judd comes in and reassures Amanda again that all is well. Andy says they should tell Howard half an hour before the live eviction that he is going to go. Helen comes in. Judd thinks they don’t need to tell Spencer how he should vote. Andy says it is better if they do in case he wins HoH. Aaryn comes in next and it’s like a clown car in the lounge. She says it is too obvious they are all stacked up in a room together. Helen leaves. Aaryn talks about Spencer campaigning to save Howard.

11:45 AM BBT: More snarkiness in the house with Candice and Howard having a little spat outside. He tells her she needs to stop being so negative. Inside, Amanda tells GinaMarie about Howard and Spencer trying to flip the vote. GM says she will vote to keep Amanda, no worries.

11:55 AM BBT: Amanda and McCrae snog while he tells her to keep calm and everything is going to be fine.

12:50 PM BBT: Elissa and Aaryn hug, weirdly, and have a nice girl talk about game play. We still know they secretly hate each other’s guts though.

2:15 PM BBT: Judd asks Elissa who she is voting against. She jokes that she is going to vote him out. They chat for a few and they decide to have a Final 2 deal together because no one would suspect. Elissa wants to call it BB South but Judd says no, names are a curse!

7-30-2013 09-36-55 AM2:50 PM BBT: Howard and Candice are being pissy again. Candice thinks Aaryn is a b*tch for saything that she respected Howard enough to give him a chance to play for Power of Veto but apparently didn’t respect her enough to do the same. She thinks she’s being backdoored. (Except, well, Candice DID get to play for Power of Veto, she just didn’t win… so that’s not really being backdoored and her argument is just pointless.)

3:00 PM BBT: Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda and Judd are in the lounge. Amanda and Aaryn are talking about Howard using his religion and race as game tactics. Aaryn says that if you “use your race to get ahead” in the game, then “that’s racism!” Amanda says he has no morals and Aaryn wonders how he won MVP last week. (He didn’t, but several HGs think he did.) Aaryn says she thinks production is showing her as this “big racist.” (No, she is doing that herself.) Amanda talks about Howard stepping all over Candice to save himself. Aaryn says she feels bad about how Howard is using candice.

7-30-2013 09-38-30 AM5:10 PM BBT: Helen tells Aaryn that Judd can’t be trusted, a theme she’s been harping on for a while now. This evolves into a discussion with Aaryn and Amanda that maybe Judd is the Most Valuable Player this week and hiding it. Apparently Amanda isn’t as okay with Judd as she told McCrae.

5:40 PM BBT: Helen assures Amanda that she and Elissa will be voting against Howard at the eviction. More Judd talk as Amanda wonders if Judd, as the theoretical MVP, might put up Andy or Jessie to make people think it isn’t him.

6:05 PM BBT: Helen tells Aaryn that Elissa is not targeting her anymore and that she’s relatively safe in the house for now.

6:30 PM BBT: Amanda talks to Andy about the idea that Judd might be the MVP and she thinks maybe Judd nominated her to make it look like Howard was the MVP.

7:15 PM BBT: Spencer is still campaigning to get people to vote against Amanda instead of Howard. He tells Andy that GinaMarie would be up for targeting Amanda rather than Howard.

7:20 PM BBT: Andy runs off to tell Judd what Spencer said. Judd says that GinaMarie was just feeding Spencer lines and that she is still planning to vote against Howard.

7-30-2013 09-40-08 AM8:00 PM BBT: Bath time with Aaryn, plus GinaMarie and Amanda doing some smack talking.

8:25 PM BBT: Spencer tells GinaMarie that McCrae has f**ked up his game by showmancing with the “biggest wh*re in Florida.”

9:40 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn gather for some trash talking about several of their favorite targets, including Elissa and Candice.

10:10 PM BBT: Helen goes after Jessie to make sure she is going to vote against Howard no matter what Judd might say to her about what is going on in the house.

10:55 PM BBT: Aaryn says again that she thinks people are just sucking up to her because she is the Head of Household this week and she will be back in the sh*t house again next week.

12:00 AM BBT: Amanda, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae whisper conspiracy theories about Judd. They speculate on whether he made up the whole Grasshoppers ‘Secret Alliance’ in order to try to frame Kaitlin and save Aaryn. (He didn’t.) They mutually agree on a final four deal — to add to their already previously existing deals. There are so many deals and side-alliances in this house it is ridiculous.

1:00 AM BBT: Judd talks to Aaryn about Spencer working a plan to get a tie-breaker vote organized so that Aaryn will have to cast the eviction vote. He wants to push Aaryn to vote against Amanda with a speech during the live show.

1:40 AM BBT: Elissa and Aaryn talk about the whole controversy over Aaryn’s alleged racist remarks. Aaryn once again denies that she’s said anything racist and how she wouldn’t be like that because it would hurt her in real life too.

2:00 AM BBT: Andy checks in with GinaMarie to make sure she is still voting against Howard.

2:15 AM BBT: GinaMarie and Andy, who both mutually assured each other they are voting to evict Howard, talk with Spencer about voting against Amanda. They agree with him that they’ll all be going out one by one after Howard if he goes hom.

2:50 AM BBT: Andy, who is working every side of the house at this point, tells McCrae and Amanda that he is pretty sure Howard is out the door according to his vote count.

3:30 AM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda she has actually been trying to flirt with Judd but he isn’t going for it. Yes, she’s trying to hit on Judd for votes, y’all.

3:45 AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda cuddle while he tries to calm her and tell her she is safe this week and not to worry so much.

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