Big Brother MVPThe Big Brother 15 cast still doesn’t know that America is now the Most Valuable Player and has been voting for the third eviction nominee two weeks in a row. Because we know the viewers are in charge, we weren’t that surprised by the Big Brother spoilers for the third nominee from the this afternoon. Just watching the Twitter #BB15 hashtag has shown very strongly who most people were voting for this time around.

Inside the Big Brother 2013 house was a very different story though. The MVP eviction nomination came as a royal shock to quite a few of the HouseGuests who can’t figure out what the heck is going on. As for the person nominated? Well, they are furious and freaking out big time!

Although some of the HouseGuests suspect America might be the Most Valuable Player now, many of them are convinced that Howard was the last MVP. A few even believe that Elissa was the MVP again and nominated herself for eviction last week to throw people off. No one knows for sure and that’s why this week’s nomination is causing such drama inside the house.

So who did America choose to go up on the block as the week 5 Big Brother Most Valuable Player eviction nominee? Just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out.

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: America’s week 5 BBMVP eviction nomination”]

Untitled-5 copyAmerica has nominated Amanda as the third person to face eviction this week. Amanda is NOT taking this well in the least. She is way pissed off and losing her sh*t in a major way. She’s roaming about everywhere worried as hell. McCrae is even more angry and he’s out for blood because he thinks Howard is the MVP and put Amanda up. So do several of the other HouseGuests, including Andy.

The Power of Veto Competition is coming up next and Howard, Spencer and Amanda will be fighting like mad dogs to win the PoV and save themselves from the block. Aaryn will also be playing as the Head of Household and we think she would take Amanda down since they are currently working together at the moment… but she could go rogue and suddenly switch her allegiance to Howard/Spencer’s side of the house.

The randomly selected players for the Veto Comp will be Candice and Jessie. If Candice wins, she’ll save Howard and then Amanda is in serious trouble. If Jessie wins… we just aren’t quite sure what she would do…


Do you think America made the right choice for the third eviction nomination this week? Who do you think will go home next?

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