Big Brother 15 Cast 3Who won Big Brother Most Valuable player for week two? Which Big Brother 15 cast member walked away with the coveted Power of Veto and may turn the whole house’s eviction plans upside down? We have all the 2013 Big Brother spoilers on the MVP vote results and PoV Competition for you right here!

Long before the Most Valuable Player vote was revealed on the CBS Big Brother 15 show Wednesday night, fans of the Big Brother Live Feeds had already found out who won and who they choose to put up as the third eviction nominee this week. Last week this was a big deal indeed because the person the MVP picked to go on the block eventually ended up being the first HouseGuest evicted this season.

This week, things are probably not going to be so cut and dry for the new Most Valuable Player winner. Their choice for who should be nominated as the third person to face eviction may have not been the smartest move. With the new Power of Veto winner thrown into the mix, the eviction plans for this week in the Big Brother 2013 house have gone sideways all over the place.

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For the second week in a row, Elissa Slater (former Big Brother winner Rachel Rielly’s sister) won the Most Valuable Player vote by America. As she discussed with her ally Helen, she went on to nominate Jeremy as the third eviction nominee. Unfortunately Jeremy is part of the powerful Moving Company alliance and there was very little chance of him ever getting evicted this week based on their support and his other side alliances.

Elissa’s nomination and Jeremy’s support in the Big Brother 15 house became moot at the Power of Veto Competition anyway because — you guessed it — Jeremy ended up winning the challenge, which had a humorous guest appearance from Big Brother alum and very pregnant Britney Haynes. So with the Power of Veto firmly in his grasp, he will obviously take himself off the eviction block.

This will force Elissa to have to replace Jeremy with her second choice and we’ll just go ahead and tell you it is not a good pick either. (You can read the Big Brother spoilers from Sunday on who she puts up as the renom if you want to know.) Basically, Elissa is digging her own grave right now with her choices and unless something spectacular happens in short order, she’s very likely to be the one going out the door Thursday night in the Big Brother live eviction.


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