Much talk of a vote flip has been going on with the Big Brother 15 cast the past few days but so far there hasn’t really been enough action to make us think it is going to succeed. While we don’t really have any game-changing Big Brother spoilers to share from Tuesday on the Live Feeds, we did have a few notable moments of entertainment.


In addition to a whole lot of random game play talk about vote flipping, who is in power, who might be MVP and whether or not this week might be a double eviction (it is), there were some fabulous moments of serious drama as well. Such as GinaMarie having a total meltdown over doing her Head of Household blog (and a second one later about her and Nick’s bed) and Candice, Jessie and Helen getting into a three-way awesome catfight.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Week 6 Tuesday Report — August 6, 2013

10:00 AM BBT: Some of the HouseGuests are up moving around. Andy and Judd talk in the backyard. They talk game a bit but nothing that interesting. Andy tells Judd he saw GinaMarie kissing Nick’s photo yesterday. Judd says Nick should be scared when GM gets out of the house.

8-7-2013-07-34-18-AM11:30 AM BBT: Aaryn, Helen and Judd talk on the back porch about Candice. Helen says she doesn’t want to vote out Candice but she has to go with the house majority. Helen talks about how Candice called Spencer out in front of everyone for lying. Aaryn is afraid of what Candice is going to say in her speech. Helen thinks she will bring up her, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda working together. Aaryn says that Elissa told her Candice and Jessie are crazy. Helen is happy about this because it means Elissa is more in line with them again. More theories fly around on who is the Most Valuable Player this week. Helen and Aaryn talk about who it could be. Helen doesn’t think it is Elissa.

11:45 AM BBT: Aaryn, Judd and Helen talk more. They are worried about GM winning HoH again at some point because she could really mess things up. Then they talk some about showmances and how they mess up your game. Judd says he and Jessie were a never-mance. Oddly, they move on to talk about the Sea Shepherds organization that goes out and aggressively tries to save whales.

8-7-2013-07-35-12-AM12:25 PM BBT: Jessie tells Helen that Candice knows she is going home this week. She says that if she doesn’t win HoH, she is going to go home next. Helen says any of them could go home.

1:20 PM BBT: Jessie is smelling the sh*t she is neck deep in and tells Judd that if she doesn’t win the next Head of Household Competition, she is probably going home. He says that’s not true. He says he won’t put her up if he wins HoH. (Yeah, right.) Jessie says that all the power in the house is with McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa.

1:25 PM BBT: GinaMarie is called to the Diary Room to do her HoH blog.

1:40 PM BBT: Andy and Judd talk about Helen and how she’s turned into a dictator. Andy jokes about what if GinaMarie won a special power with a Pandora’s Box and then couldn’t figure out what to do with it.

2:00 PM BBT: Helen confronts Andy on whether or not he said he only trusts Amanda, McCrae and Judd. (This is something he has said.) She says a reliable source told her this. He tells her that if did say that at some point, it was just to throw people off. He says he trusts her the most out of everyone in the house. (Not true.)

2:15 PM BBT: McCrae and Jessie talk about the barbeque and McCrae says he’s going to cook on that thing tonight. (Production has apparently decided to leave it after Helen’s BBQ party.) Judd, Andy and Elissa run around the backyard. Spencer says Andy looks like the grand marshal at a gay pride parade.

8-7-2013-07-41-51-AM2:50 PM BBT: GinaMarie is in tears and totally distraught over doing her Head of Household blog. She says it was too hard to write in 45 minutes. She is incredibly upset over the task of having to write semi-coherent words for a silly blog. She says everyone thinks she is stupid because she can’t spell or write anything.

Amanda, Helen and Andy try to comfort her and she just keeps crying. They keep talking about how great her personality is and how she’s “emotionally brilliant” and nobody is going to care about her spelling or grammar. GinaMarie talks about how Nick was the only guy who never made her feel stupid. We momentarily feel really bad for her because when she goes back and watches how Nick really felt about her… she’s going to feel like an idiot for being obsessed with him. GM ends up laughing at the end, so it’s all good.

2:55 PM BBT: Meanwhile, Amanda talks about it being funny to her that GinaMarie has to do an HoH blog (because of the way she talks). Judd tells her not to say anything like that in front of GM because she is upset over it and having to spell stuff.

8-7-2013-07-42-57-AM3:15 PM BBT: GinaMarie pulls herself together to do the HoH photos. The HouseGuests try to see if the camera has a web browser on it. Naughty! Spencer takes a wide shot of Amanda and she says to delete that immediately because of the angle on her “vagina.” Spencer says it looks like the “Stargate portal.” GM takes a picture with her Nick shrine.

4:30 PM BBT: Elissa says she is disgusted by how gross the house is getting. Helen says not to get worked up about stuff like that because it could make her a target. They talk about GinaMarie being so upset and how she couldn’t spell Chicago. They think GM is really has a good heart and they’d much rather keep her over Jessie going forward.

8-7-2013-07-44-18-AM4:55 PM BBT: Aaryn tells GinaMarie that she doesn’t think Amanda can be trusted anymore. She says that Helen has asked her if she and GM could work with her. GM still wants Candice evicted this week no matter what. But she says she wouldn’t mind working with them. Aaryn says that McCrae is not happy with how Amanda is playing and that Amanda is trying to make Aaryn look like the b*tch in the house instead of her. Aaryn thinks that Helen, Amanda, Elissa and McCrae have all been working together since the start. GinaMarie agrees.

6:15 PM BBT: Aaryn says Nick is going to be too scared of GM to come to the finale. Like he’s going to be way too f**king scared. Judd says, what, you think she’s going to jump him? She says YES!

8-7-2013-07-45-01-AM6:55 pM BBT: Jessie doesn’t get why Helen bailed on working to get Amanda out when it was her idea in the first place. She tells Spencer that she doesn’t want to go to the bachelorette party because it will just be everyone kissing Amanda’s a**. She says it’s all about “who can stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s a**.” Spencer agrees. Jessie begs him not to talk to anyone else about her dissing Amanda. He says he won’t.

7:20 PM BBT: Spencer tells Andy and Judd about talking to Jessie about really being worried she might go up next week. Andy says that Elissa would put her up with Aaryn. Judd says he wishes this week were a double eviction. (Well Judd, you’re going to get that wish!) Spencer says the double eviction will come this week or next week. They all really want the MVP twist to be over.

7:45 PM BBT: Jessie tells Helen it is crap how Amanda can say all kinds of stuff about Elissa but anyone who says anything about Amanda gets sh*t. She talks about how the game is all about sticking your head up Amanda’s a**. Helen says they just don’t have the votes to save Candice. Jessie says they did but all the flip-flopping ruined it. Helen gets b*tchy with Candice about talking last week about how Amanda runs the house and that Helen is part of the power group.


Candice rails at Helen and Jessie for choosing to evict her over Amanda. She says the showmances have to be broken up and people are “crazy for letting this showmance in the house, [Amanda] can sell a coffin to a dead man and [McCrae] is a mastermind.” She calls Amanda Evel Dick and says she is only going to get worse the longer she is in the house. Helen says she cannot go against the house. Jessie mocks her and says where is the gusto and initiative she had the first three weeks?

The three of them go back and forth quite a bit and it’s rather entertaining to watch everyone trying to skewer each other. Definitely worth a rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

8:00 PM BBT: Jessie is also not pleased with Helen for continuing with the plan to get Candice out instead of Amanda, even though Helen had previously been on the evict Amanda bandwagon.

8:05 PM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that despite all the crap with Candice and Jessie, they have to vote with the house or they will end up as targets.

8-7-2013-07-47-21-AM8:30 PM BBT: Aaryn, GinaMarie and Helen talk about who needs to be evicted next. They think Jessie will be the next out if she doesn’t win HoH or Veto.

9:00 PM BBT: Aaryn continues to push the sleazy rogue theory that Jessie wants Amanda evicted so she can get in McCrae’s pants. (We think $500,000 is a better motivation for breaking up the Amanda/McCrae team.)

9:15 PM BBT: Aayn and GinaMarie demonstrate their classiness once again by making gay jokes about Andy because he is going to the guys’ bachelor party for McCrae and Amanda’s Big Brother wedding.

9:41 PM BBT: Helen talks to Judd about Jessie b*tching about Amanda. She says Jessie should just win HoH and get her out if she wants it that badly. She says Jessie is crazy.

8-7-2013-07-48-12-AM9:45 PM BBT: Spencer has been frying up lots of stuff on the grill. The HouseGuests are way too excited about this. Apparently he just started cooking on it and production didn’t yell at him, so he kept going. Helen is especially crazy about it and just keeps saying how amazing it is they can use the grill. Jessie shows some kind of strange cheer? that includes the word “retard.”

10:20 PM BBT: Candice doesn’t want to go to Amanda’s bachelorette party, she’d rather mope about in bed. Elissa says she hates seeing Candice so depressed. They are totally disgusted with Amanda and say something nasty about Amanda and what she says Howard told her about wanting to f**k her. Candice cries. And then Candice bashes GinaMarie for crying over her HoH blog but Elissa tells her to stop.

8-7-2013-08-00-20-AM10:30 PM BBT: The partying starts up in the Head of Household room and continues for quite a while. The HouseGuests have alcohol, so quite a few of them get little bit drunky. They all end up in the backyard being totally silly… except Candice, who is still in bed.

12:20 AM BBT: Judd decides to sleep in the Have Not room rather than with Jessie. Because, you know, making out with a girl and then not being willing to sleep in the bed with her on Big Brother isn’t suspicious at all, right? Aaryn says he can sleep in her bed if he wants. Jessie already thinks there is something going on with Aaryn and Judd, so that’s not a good idea.

12:40 AM BBT: Jessie says the old mean Aaryn has returned. Candice said she never went away.

12:55 AM BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda that Jessie is coming after her. Amanda is upset because she thought things were okay between the two of them now. Aaryn is pissed at Jessie over the whole crazy mess with Judd going on.

1:45 AM BBT: Spencer tells GinaMarie that Candice attacked him like an animal at that house meeting the other day. GinaMarie says people go to jail who act like that. Spencer says yeah, or strangled by their boyfriend. He doesn’t want that to happen to her but he says that kind of stuff happens to girls like her.

8-7-2013-08-23-59-AM1:50 AM BBT: Judd tells GinaMarie that Helen and Elissa are sleeping in GM’s old bed (the one she likes to sleep in because Nick slept there). She is pissed and upset that she won’t ever get her bed back. She goes around being upset about his for a while. She says that it is her and Nick’s bed and she is going to stay in it until she leaves. She’s pissed at Andy for not saving her bed. She goes back out and tells Judd and Spencer that Andy is a “fudgepacker” and so he can’t sleep with other guys. She says if he wasn’t gay, that wouldn’t be a problem. Then she goes off on Candice and calls her a f**king c**t and says she is tired of her crab-infested a**. She storms off to the HoH room to go to bed.

2:00 AM BBT: Spencer and Judd talk about the eviction and Judd says that Candice hasn’t even tried to get him to switch his vote to save her. Spencer says he doesn’t say anything offensive because he doesn’t have it in his heart to be racist. He says he just wants to go back and work on the railroad and doesn’t want to be famous. (Well Spencer, you may not have that job when you get out since your employer is not very happy about the remarks you made about admiring Hitler and the Nazis.)

8-7-2013-08-04-40-AM3:05 AM BBT: Judd ends up sleeping in the bed with Jessie after all, even though he had said he would sleep in the Have Not room.

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