With the eviction this week likely already set in stone, most of the Big Brother 15 cast has already moved on to plotting about what is going to happen next week. While one of the eviction nominees keeps campaigning hard to survive another week (and the other one just chills), most of the talk on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds on Monday was all about the aftermath of the next Head of Household Competition.


While some of the HouseGuests suspect that the possibility exists a Jury member may come back into the game, we don’t think it is changing how they are treating the likely outgoing eviction nominee this week. From what we’ve seen so far, the only person who is likely to survive a return back to the Big Brother 2013 cast for more than a week is Judd Daughtery. Everyone seems adamant that Candice Stewart, Jessie Kowalksi or this week’s evicted player would be voted out as quickly as possible. McCrae Olson, however, might just give Judd a second try at an alliance… especially since his showmance alliance with Amanda Zuckerman seems to be slowly crumbling.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Morning Highlights

8:15 AM BBT: Production wakes the HouseGuests at a decent hour and some of them actually crawl out of bed! Helen tells GinaMarie that she heard Amanda yell last night that Aaryn putting her up as the replacement nominee instead of Spencer “ain’t going to happen!” GM says she doesn’t get why Andy would be telling Amanda stuff. Helen says Andy is a traitor but she needs to keep that on the down low. GM wants to call him out about it. Helen says she thought she could trust Andy. GM says everyone in the house is a f**king pu**y.


9:20 AM BBT: Helen tells Aaryn that Andy was being weird last night, saying he was going to go to bed but then he didn’t. She says Andy is a rat. Aaryn tells Helen that Spencer said he would not vote against Amanda. Spencer and Andy are both working with McCranda. Aaryn says Spencer knows he has enough votes to say and admits Andy told her that. Helen says she cannot believe Andy would side with Spencer after everything. Aaryn says she can’t risk putting up Amanda if both Andy and Spencer would vote against Helen. That would leave her f**ked. Aaryn says she thinks Andy has final two deals with everyone. They talk about McCrae and Amanda fighting more lately and whether there might be an opportunity there. Helen tells Aaryn that it is okay if she ends up being evicted. She has decided she is not going to let Amanda drive her nuts.

8-20-2013-10-19-25-AM9:30 AM BBT: Aaryn and Elissa talk about the eviction. Aaryn says Helen could possibly stand a chance of staying if she was up against Spencer on the block if he is the replacement nominee. However, she doesn’t think Helen could survive against Amanda as the renom. Aaryn says that Spencer won’t vote against Amanda. Aaryn says Andy is the deciding vote and she can’t put up Amanda if Andy won’t vote against her.

9:45 AM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that someone said she didn’t even care if Helen were still in the house or not. Elissa wants to know who said that. Helen says she doesn’t even know, that she thinks people are just trying to get them to fight. Elissa says fine, let them think that way and maybe they will work with her. Helen says they won’t because they already have Spencer and Andy. Helen says she needs Andy’s vote. Elissa says that McCranda is manipulating and using him. Helen tells Elissa she needs to work with Aaryn even though she doesn’t like her and with GinaMarie too.


9:55 AM BBT: Helen tells Elissa that Amanda will try to recruit her to join her side of the house and she should just ignore it.

10:40 AM BBT:
Elissa says if she wins Head of Household, she will put up Amanda and McCrae against each other. Helen tells Elissa not to trust Andy because he is a big rat. Ninja Andy has lost his universal trust in the house. This could spell his doom…

10:35 AM BBT: The Live Feeds go to trivia for the Power of Veto Ceremony.

11:15 AM BBT: Feeds are back quickly. Elissa has taken herself off the block and HoH Aaryn has replaced her with Spencer. Helen and Elissa are now campaigning Aaryn and GinaMarie that they need to be on the same team next week. The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Meanwhile, McCrae is pissy with Amanda about her behavior and the things she says. Amanda tells him she doesn’t want to listen to him b*tch at her and leaves.

8-20-2013-10-25-21-AM11:25 AM BBT: Helen tells Andy that GinaMarie and Elissa are behind her 100 percent. He asks why she doesn’t include him in that. Helen smacks Andy verbally in the face, telling him that if she gets evicted, it is all his fault. He says that if she has Elissa, GinaMarie and Aaryn, she has him too. She says he needs to show America he is a good person and not with the bad people in the house. Helen is using her tears as a weapon again. Helen tells Andy he needs to side with the girls who have won 11 competitions and not with McCrae and Amanda, who have only won one the whole season. Andy keeps reassuring her that she has his vote to stay but he is lying to her face as usual. He is mad about why she is going after him right now. She says he is being manipulated by Amanda and McCrae. Andy says he knows what is going on in the house and he’s not an idiot.

11:35 AM BBT: Aaryn says this season isn’t Big Brother, it’s the Amanda and McCrae show. GinaMarie says she is mad that Amanda tried to get rid of Nick’s stuff. She wants to keep it and Amanda should leave her alone. They talk about Amanda bullying people into doing what they want. Aaryn says she is tired of being their puppet and doing all their dirty work. Elissa says Amanda and McCrae are going to take Spencer to the final three because they can beat him. Andy and Helen (oh so fake) exchange I love yous. Aaryn talks about Amanda calling her a racist.  Andy sucks it all up to report to his besties McCranda later.

8-20-2013-10-26-47-AM11:43 AM BBT: Spencer lays in bed like a lump. We were worried that he was doing something nasty under the blanket but he seems too lazy even for that. The bedroom, by the way, is utterly disgusting. These HouseGuests are so gross.

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