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We’ve been waiting impatiently ever since Aaryn won the Head of Household Competition on Thursday night to find out who she would nominate for eviction in week 5. Finally, the Big Brother 15 spoilers for this week’s HoH eviction nominations were revealed on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds Friday evening. Can’t wait to find out who is on the block? Keep on reading for the scoop!

Before we dive into the Big Brother eviction nominations for week 5, let’s look back and remember the deal Aaryn made with Helen about the Head of Household Competition. Aaryn swore to Helen that if she was saved from eviction, she would either throw the HoH Comp or give Helen approval over her nominations if she won. In exchange, Helen would help flip the vote to get Kaitlin out instead and protect Aaryn if she didn’t win the HoH.

Then, of course, Aaryn won and had to really think about whether or not she wanted to keep that deal. Candice has been pouring poison in Aaryn’s ear that Helen never meant to keep her end of the bargain if Aaryn didn’t win HoH. She told Aaryn that if she hadn’t won HoH, Helen and her gang would have put her up on the block. Aaryn knows this is probably true. So did she keep her word to Helen about who she would put up? Or decide to take a risk and try to make her own power move in the house this week? Just click the plus sign under our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

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As planned, Aaryn has nominated Howard and Spencer for eviction. McCrae, Andy and Amanda have a moment of crazed celebration in the pantry.


What do you think of Aaryn’s eviction nominations for week 5? Do you think she got it right or got it all wrong?

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