Big-Brother-Power-of-Veto1Who won the Big Brother Power of Veto for week 5 and may turn the whole game upside down this week? The competition has just finished and we have the Big Brother 2013 spoilers for you from the Live Feeds on the results! This week’s PoV was a mad battle to survive as all three nominees up on the block this time around know this could be their last week in the house without that Power of Veto in hand.

We love the Power of Veto Competition because it is the moment in the Big Brother week that could end up switching around everyone’s plans inside the house at the drop of a hat. Each of the three eviction nominees in this round have read reason to believe they could be the next person going home. But by winning the PoV, a person about to be headed out the door can quickly turn around and become a force behind driving someone else out of the house. The drama is delicious!

So who won the Power of Veto Competition for week 5 and will have the chance to take one of the three eviction nominees off the block? Just click the plus sign button below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out who is the new PoV winner!

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: America’s week 5 Power of Veto Winner”]

The players for the Power of Veto Competition this week were Howard, Spencer and Amanda as the eviction nominees, Aaryn as Head of Household, and randomly selected HGs Candice and Jessie.

The winner of the week 5 PoV Comp was Spencer.[/spoiler]



hat do you think will happen now with the Power of Veto? Who do you think will end up going home this week?

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