When we heard Big Brother 15 cast member McCrae Olson had cut his hair off, we were expecting some kind of fabulous, radical change when we ran to see the photos. Unfortunately, Mr. Amanda Zuckerman just looks, well, pretty much exactly the same as he did before.

Big Brother 2013 Cast McCrae Olson

Big Brother 15’s McCrae Olson – Source: CBS

We were thinking maybe McCrae had decided to cut off all that scraggly hair and go for something a bit more polished. Instead, he just threw his hair in a messy topknot ponytail and attached it with scissors. He maybe took off three or four inches, but it wasn’t really worth the Instagram video he posted of the event and the follow-up photos posted by Amanda.

The end result is a haircut that is frankly more girly than his showmance girlfriend’s and doesn’t really improve his look all that much. McCrae is pretty much just a hot mess. We’d love to see what he might look like if he shaved that mess off his face, got a decent haircut and stopped trying to look like he is homeless.

Oh, wait, nevermind about shaving the facial hair, we’ve already seen what that looks like in his original Big Brother 15 cast photos. Keep the facial hair, keep it! He kind of looks like a potential serial killer without it… But the hair? Not so much…

What do you think about McCrae’s new haircut? Bad or just blah?

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