On Big Brother tonight, returning Jury member Nicole and fan favorite Donny will have the chance to save themselves in the Power of Veto Competition. They both know their gooses could be fully cooked if they don’t walk away with the PoV win.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Nicole (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast – Nicole (CBS)

Will the house finally get Donny out this week after endless times on the block? Or will Nicole be booted out the same week she came back in? With no more Battle of the Block to deal with and Cody as the sole Head of Household, it all comes down to the Big Brother Power of Veto Competition this week.

In addition to the PoV Competition and Meeting on Wednesday night, Team America also has a new mission to accomplish. This time it was an open-ended challenge to come up with a task and complete it with each of the Team America members participating.

Donny immediately had the brilliant idea for Team America to save him from the block this week. Unfortunately for him, Derrick and Frankie immediately squashed that idea. Instead, Frankie proposed the idea of putting on a ‘Broadway play’ as their mission.

The end result was… less than thrilling. The Houseguests mostly didn’t even want to do it, and then they were pretty much forced into it by production when they were put on a sudden and unexplained inside lockdown.

All this and more on Wednesday night’s Big Brother 2014 Power of Veto show coming up at 8PM ET!

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