Most of the Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on Monday morning were all about who was going to go up on the block. The Detonators (+ Caleb) had a strong plan of action on what they wanted to happen both with the nominations and the Battle of the Block. Little did they know that things would not work out at all like they hoped.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Derrick (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast – Derrick (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

At the close of our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, The Detonators (+ Caleb) pretty much had everything worked out for the nominations. Donny would definitely go up on the block and the rest of the eligible players (except Victoria) drew Skittles to determine the rest of the nominees while Donny was sleeping. Derrick kept Victoria out of the mix despite questions on why she wasn’t going to go up.

Christine drew the Skittle to go up with Donny and she was tasked to throw the Battle of the Block so Donny could be targeted with eviction. On the other side of the challenge would be Cody and Caleb. And that’s pretty much were we left off. Moving on to our Friday Live Feeds report!

9:25 AM – Houseguests start to move about and get their day started. Well, some of them at least. There are ants once again invading everything in the kitchen. That seems to happen every season.

10:05 AM – Donny wants to know what is going on with the nomination plans. Derrick tells Donny about the Skittles draw (lying that Donny had a Skittle drawn for him) and tell him who is going up. Derrick says Donny’s Skittle was red. Frankie and Derrick tell Donny they really want him to win Battle of the Block. They talk about the eviction and the guys reassure him that Victoria or Christine will go this week.

10:20 AM – Derrick and Frankie think Donny didn’t really believe anything they were telling him. Well, yeah, Donny is not an idiot.

10:29 AM – Live Feeds cut out for the Nomination Ceremony but then they pop back up again 10 minutes later. Production doesn’t realize the Feeds are on for a minute though as someone from the staff walks through the house. The Houseguests are locked in the Fire Bedroom.

11:50 AM – Live Feeds come back and the nominations have gone as planned. Derrick put up Christine and Donny. Frankie put up Caleb and Cody. Cody talks about Amy in production (this is a new topic in the house apparently) and how she got Christine hot and bothered last night. Christine shouts out that she loves Amy!

12:25 PM – Now Christine is cuddling with Derrick. This woman cuddles with anyone she can get her hands on it seems. Her hubby, BTW, is not happy about it in Twitter.

1:00 PM – Derrick talks about how Frankie has now won four Head of Household Competitions. Victoria says actually it was three because Derrick threw one to Frankie. So they are actually even kind of.

1:55 PM – Derrick gets the Team America mission for this week. He tells Frankie their task is to steal items from each of the Housegusts and set up a Neighborhood Watch program. They have to take something people wear a lot and the watch has to be on for 24 hours. Such a stupid mission. Derrick says they should hide stuff and then write a message on a mirror.

Derrick says they can put the stuff in a garbage back and hide it under the garbage in the pantry room can. Then one of them can write “better watch your stuff for the next 24 hours” or “time to keep a closer eye on your stuff” on the mirror. They talk about what to steal and think it would be good to get Caleb’s bunny slippers, Cody’s hat maybe, Christine’s glasses so she has to walk around without them.

2:05 PM – Derrick tells Donny about the Team America mission.

2:20 PM – Victoria is totally paranoid because she didn’t go on the block and she thinks everyone is angry about it. Derrick tells her no one wants to be on the block and they are just generally mad. Victoria is afraid she’s going to be a target now but Derrick tells her to chill out.

Victoria says Frankie told her she would not go up as a renom. Derrick says he told Frankie not to nominate her. Victoria thinks it will be a Double Eviction this week. Derrick thinks it will be an endurance comp. Victoria says Nicole was sketchy and she wishes she could see her and Hayden’s faces when she arrived at the Jury house.

Origami animals.

4:00 PM – Christine b*tches to Victoria about hating Donny. How can anyone hate Donny?

5:10 Pm – Donny is drilling Cody about the Skittles draw because he obviously doesn’t believe how things allegedly went down. He wants to know what color his Skittle was. Cody says it was orange (Derrick said it was red). Donny pushes about the real target this week. Cody lies and says it is Victoria. Cody b*tches about how it sucks to be nominated. Donny responds that he’s been nominated five times.

5:30 PM – Christine is pretending she is sick as part of her strategy to throw the Battle of the Block. She hugs Cody and says she is scared.

5:40 PM – Zach announces the time has come for the Battle of the Block.  The Live Feeds shut off shortly afterwards.

7:15 PM – Live Feeds return and it looks like Christine did not manage to fulfill her task to throw the Battle of the Block. She and Donny have won. So Donny is safe this week and all The Detonators (+ Caleb) plans to get him out are dead. Frankie is also safe as the sole remaining Head of Household. This is not good news for The Detonators.

Random talk about the Power of Veto Competition tomorrow and that the Zing-bot will be coming into the house to host it.

7:20 PM – Frankie says she can’t believe Christine sucked so bad at the competition. (She was supposed to but it didn’t matter because Donny smoked it anyway.)  Caleb says he took one of Christine’s puzzle pieces and got yelled at by production.

7:30 PM – Caleb thinks Victoria is now the target and wants to know if Donny knows that. Derrick says yes.

7:35 PM – Derrick pretends he is so happy that Donny won and is safe this week. He tells him again that Victoria is their target for eviction. Well, she might end up being that now considering both Christine and Donny are now safe.

7:37 PM – Donny cries in the Fire Bedroom. God he is heartbreaking sometimes. He’s just so alone in the house and he knows it.

7:40 PM – Christine says she didn’t even do any part of the puzzle for the Battle of the Block to try to throw it and Donny still won. She says America is going to hate her. She says Donny knows she tried to throw it.

7:50 PM – Frankie and Derrick talk about why they want Donny out because he doesn’t want to go after the Team America missions they way they do. Derrick says Donny doesn’t trust them. Frankie says Donny told him that now he kind of knows what Frankie felt like when Caleb threw the BotB Competition. So Donny knows what Christine did. Derrick says it would be a waste of the HoH to evict Victoria. (Still protecting his pawn.)

7:55 PM – Frankie says he would save Caleb if he won the Power of Veto and put up Victoria instead. Derrick continues to try to protect his pocket vote slave and says it would be wasteful to evict Victoria at this point. Meanwhile, Zach tells Caleb that Victoria is going to go home. Caleb says Donny is too good at competitions and it’s like someone is whispering in his ear telling him what to do. He doesn’t believe Donny is just a janitor.

8:05 PM – Frankie talks about the BotB being like an Operation Game competition. He tells Christine she needs to win the next HoH and it is probably going to be endurance. Christine is still b*tching about how Donny knows she tried to throw the BotB. Derrick says he can thinks he did, but he doesn’t know she did unless someone confesses it.

8:15 PM – Donny hopes Zach will win the Veto to be safe and suggests maybe the two of them could work together. Zach hopes he wins it too so they don’t backdoor him.

8:50 PM – Power of Veto players are chosen at a very odd time and way earlier than usual. The Houseguests are as confused about this as we are. Donny, Victoria, and Christine are picked as the extra players to compete with Caleb, Cody, and Frankie.

9:10 PM – Zach, Caleb, Derrick, and Christine discuss. They talk about hearing production applauding after Donny won the BotB. Caleb says he will trip Donny if he has to in order to win the Veto. Production tells the Houseguests not to talk about production but he won’t shut up. He doesn’t think the applause means production supports Donny but Christine thinks it does. Production yells at Zach again to shut up and he finally does. Caleb says if he has the chance to grab cash in the Veto Competition, he will do that instead of win because he’d rather have the cash.

9:45 PM – Christine says that production would not let her hide puzzle pieces in the Battle of the Block so Donny couldn’t finish and lose.

Frankie and Derrick agree the PoV players drawing couldn’t have gone more badly. Derrick now seems resigned to Victoria probably getting evicted despite his best efforts. Derrick says he has to focus now on Team America.

9:53 PM – Caleb does weird things with his tongue like he’s making out with a girl and then does some sort of horrible rap. This turns into a rap battle with Zach that is even worse. And he does a fake magic trick to make Christine feel herself up.

10:40 PM – Victoria is sure that if she doesn’t win the Veto she will go up as a renom.

10:45 PM – Caleb says production is switching up the Battle of the Block comps so one person can win them because they know the Houseguests are messing with them and trying to throw them. Caleb thinks this one was made so that Donny could win because all the right puzzle pieces were places right around him.

11:10 PM – Production tells the Houseguests the Veto Competition will be tomorrow instead of tonight like it was apparently goign to be.

11:30 – Zach says everyone should get some sleep since they won’t be having the Veto Competition tonight and they should rest up for tomorrow.

11:47 PM – Derrick cries in the Head of Household room. Victoria thinks it is because he has to give back his Head of Household photos of his family. Derrick says he can’t talk about it but it’s not about his family or anything. He says she has to win the Power of Veto. She thinks he knows something he isn’t telling her. He says he doesn’t or he would tell her.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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