Let the official Big Brother 2014 spoilers begin! Host Julie Chen is back and ready to start spilling the dish all about Big Brother 16. First up, she’ll be revealing why this season’s promo says 2014 will be the year of “twist after twist” on Big Brother USA.

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)

Julie Chen announced on Twitter that she’ll be giving out the first official scoop on the new season of Big Brother 2014 on The Talk on Wednesday at 2PM ET/1PM PT. Based on her tweet, we’re assuming that we’ll finally find out the major twist for this season.

Will it be All-Stars? Blood vs. Water with veterans and newbie relatives? Will America be voting veterans back into the house? Hopefully Julie will finally be giving us some answers to all these questions!

The promos so far for Big Brother 16 have been all about twists, twists, and more twists. Executive Producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan have promised lots of “curveballs” this season and that whole “expect the unexpected” line is being thrown around like candy.


Here’s the announcement from CBS about Julie spilling the beans on The Talk:

Are you dying to know what this season’s Big Brother twist will be? Tune in to The Talk on Wednesday, 2pm ET/1pm PT when Julie Chen, host of Big Brother and The Talk, will reveal this season’s big twist.

In the past, Big Brother twists have been a rather mixed bag, with quite a few of the biggest ones ending up as total flops. So we can’t help but be a little concerned about all this hype about Big Brother 2014 being the most “twisted” season ever.

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