We had some major fun Big Brother spoilers come out of the Live Feeds on Tuesday night and in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Most of the drama was wrapped around a somewhat crazy decision by The Detonators alliance to out themselves to Hayden and Nicole, with rather disastrous results.  Oh, and we also finally have some more Haycole making out!

Big Brother Live Feeds - Hayden & Nicole (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds – Hayden & Nicole (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Our last Big Brother Live Feeds report left off with not much excitement going on in the house for more of Tuesday. But then things started to get interesting when Frankie decided it would be a good idea to out The Detonators alliance before Zach gets the chance at Thursday’s eviction.

5:05 PM – Victoria tells Derrick that she wants to vote against Zach at the eviction. Derrick tells her he will also be voting against Zach. She says that Christine told her that Derrick would vote against Jocasta. Derrick says that she should not trust anything Christine says and she is lying to her. He says when the vote happens on Thursday, Victoria will know Christine lies.

5:25 PM – Frankie and Christine talk. Frankie thinks they should out The Detonators alliance before Zach can do it when he gets evicted on Thursday. He is sure Zach will blow up and throw them under the bus. They decide on a plan to tell people that Zach approached them to make the alliance just last night. Frankie wants them to wait until he has a chance to discuss it with Cody and Derrick.

5:42 PM – Frankie tells Christine that he is going to tell Zach that he can only blame himself for being evicted. They congratulate each other for basically being the only people really playing the game. Clueless.

5:47 PM – Christine ignores what Frankie said about waiting and tells Christine the story about Zach approaching them about making an alliance with the goal of getting out Hayden and Caleb.

[We have all the details on this Detonators and Zach plotline from the Big Brother Live Feeds over in this post. So we’ll keep mentions of it short here.]

6:07 PM – Not knowing Christine has already talked to Nicole, Cody and Derrick discuss that they need to tell Nicole and Hayden about the Zach alliance story before Christine or Frankie gets to them. Derrick thinks that even if they had disagreed, Frankie would have gone ahead with the idea anyway.

6:15 PM – Caleb is still wearing Amber’s bunny slippers.


6:24 PM – Jocasta scares Hayden by sneaking up on him and he spills his drink on his pants.

6:29 PM – Hayden gives us a very brief full frontal when he tries to change underwear while still wearing a pair. Sadly, we cannot show you that particular moment here… you’ll have to rewind on the Big Brother Live Feeds yourself.

6:35 PM – Frankie details the plan to Derrick about lying to people about The Detonators alliance. Derrick is on board with the plan.

6:50 PM – Cody goes to tell Nicole and Hayden the ‘story’ about Zach and the alliance. He doesn’t know Christine has already told Nicole. He quickly finds out that Christine has preempted him when Nicole points out discrepancies in their stories.

7:25 PM – Victoria tells Nicole that Christine said Hayden wants to vote out Jocasta, not Zach. Nicole does not believe it.

7:57 PM – Zach talks to Derrick about how Jocasta hasn’t really been campaigning. He wonders if the vote will be a tie-breaker with Nicole voting to keep him. Derrick tells Zach he thinks something big is going to happen with the game. Zach is still pretty much clueless that he is about to be blindsided this week. He tells Derrick he would be totally pissed if he went home. Derrick says he wouldn’t blame him a bit. Derrick, of course, is one of Zach’s allies currently planning his eviction.

8:25 PM – Derrick mentions that Frankie asked him if he was a cop. Christine says he is too cool to be a cop. Derrick says that cops can be cool. He says he has more tickets than Christine. She says she’s been pulled over seven times but never gotten a ticket. She says her car was stolen and the cops screwed her over. Derrick chimes with “f**king cops” as long as they don’t arrest him, he’s happy. Christine says him getting arrested would be hilarious. He says he has never been arrested but he’s been in trouble and the cops ‘know him’. Yeah they do Derrick. Nice lying there.

8:45 PM – Zach talks to Frankie about the eviction and says he is nervous but feels safe. He asks Frankie if he would tell him if anything was up. Frankie assures him he would. Frankie, of course, is also involved in the plot to oust Zach.

8:55 PM – Hayden tells Victoria that she should not trust Christine or Frankie.

9:42 PM – Frankie tells Christine, Hayden, and Nicole that Zach said Hayden is his target and he wants to backdoor him. Hayden says he is not surprised. Frankie says he wants to vote Zach out. Hayden says Zach is the victim of his own actions. Christine talks about how Victoria told her that when she was chained to Caleb he never brushed his teeth the whole time. Nicole says he smells. Christine agrees that he always smells. Hayden says that it’s Beast Mode body odor.

10:22 PM – Nicole and Hayden talk about Christine and Frankie lying. They are aware that the story they are being told about Zach and this so-called alliance thing have not meshed.

10:45 PM – Hayden thinks it is weird that Christine constantly has her hands all over Cody when she’s a married woman.

11:05 PM – Nicole tells Victoria about Christine’s attempt to convince her that Victoria and Hayden made out. Victoria laughs about and reassures Nicole that is in no way true.

12:20 AM – Caleb talks about having PTSD after coming back from Iraq. He said he wanted to hit the walls and he felt alone and wanted to cry. He talks about roadside bombs and being in combat shooting a gun.

12:40 AM – Hayden pushes Nicole for a kiss and she repeatedly denies him. She doesn’t want to kiss on camera and she’s already freaked out that their previous kiss was seen and talked about in Diary Room.


1:04 AM – Finally, Nicole relents and kisses Hayden, several times. But she’s still freaked out about it and doesn’t let it go on for long. And there is very little tongue involved, LOL. But he looks so very proud of himself.

1:05 AM – Victoria talks to Cody about Christine lying about her making out with Hayden.

2:00 AM – Caleb says he wants to get a tattoo of a Big Brother key that says BMC BB16 – Beast Mode Cowboy BB16.

2:15 AM – Zach asks Cody if he is safe this week and Cody says he absolutely is. Cody will be voting against Zach at the eviction, so he’s lying.

3:00 AM – Hayden tells Cody that he caught Christine in a lie about the whole Zach and the alliance story. Hayden says he doesn’t trust her or Frankie. Meanwhile, Frankie and Derrick tell Caleb outside that they are going to vote Zach out this week. Caleb is willing to go along with the plan but does point out that they will be losing one of their ally votes.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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