Eviction day in the Big Brother 2014 house kicked off early with Zach talking to himself and closed out with a lot of silliness from the Houseguests after a stressful day. In between, we had some last minute campaigning from Nicole to no avail, and a lot of talk about the upcoming nominations after the live eviction and HoH Competition were over.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Most of the Houseguests were off to bed at the end of our last Big Brother Live Feeds report after a night of spooky ghosts and Zombie apocalypse clues for the upcoming Head of Household Competition. The next morning, Zach kicked off the day with his own private speech to the Live Feed viewers.

6:00 AM – Zach talks to himself in the Hive room. He says it is Day 56 inside the Big Brother 16 house and there is a live eviction tonight. If you’re taking bets, he says, it will 110 percent be Nicole. After tonight they will have 8 Houseguests remaining and an HoH Competition with a Zombie apocalypse. He says it is not easy having no TV and no Internet. All they do is talk, play pool, eat, and sleep. Maybe you think that is not a bad life but it’s not easy always talking and thinking about the game.

Zach rambles on for a bit more talking about how he talks to much and says the truth, and that he can’t like to the Feedsters. He calls himself the backbone of the house and says he fights every single day.

10:30 AM – Wake up time, although the Houseguests pretty much ignore this most days. Donny and Victoria at least are up and moving about. Donny asks her if she remembers all those clues from the Zombie apocalypse stuff last night. She says she is trying to remember them. Donny questions her about the clues but she’s not remembering many of them either.

11:20 AM – Houseguests are put in HoH lockdown and Live Feeds go black.

1:15 PM – Live Feeds come back up and Christine says the lockdown was terrible. Zach says he really hasn’t slept at all. Zach says some random stuff about something “getting really bad” and how he started to have an attack and punch himself. He is worried something (medication?) will come out of his stipend but Derrick says that’s why production wanted his medical card. Big Brother blocks the Live Feeds. When they come back, the conversation is over. Very mysterious…

1:20 PM – Nicole tells Donny he needs to win the Head of Household. She says people were talking about how they hope he didn’t hear all the clues because he was sleeping during part of them. She says she will tell him what she remembers. Nicole goes off and tells Zach that she knows there is a fiver person alliance. Nicole tells him not to lie because he already told her there was and it makes total sense.

Derrick tells Zach that they have to watch what Nicole says before she leaves because she is messing with their game. Zach says he is going to try not to have to talk to her.

2:10 PM – Donny and Derrick talk about their next Team America mission. They are hoping they can rack up at least $30,000 each. They talk about how Zach has a great memory and he could win the HoH Competition. Derrick says they just need him, Donny, or Frankie to win to control one side of the HoH for Team America.

2:30 PM – Now we find out more about Zach’s mysterious ailment while he gets his hair cut. He says he has talked to the doctor and there is nothing they can do for him. He says he has a broken ear drum since he was a kid and it rings all the time and drives him nuts.

2:50 PM – Zach tries to get Nicole to help him with some of the HoH clues and she’s like, why would I tell you? She tells him she doesn’t want him to win and won’t cooperate. Derrick comes in and tells Zach to leave Nicole alone. She says she hates Zach and can’t stand him and he was the meanest person to her in the house. Zach asks if he can go to her wedding with Hayden and she’s just like, are you serious right now?

Not much else to tell until the Live Feeds go dark for the eviction show.

7:07 PM – Back from the live show and Derrick and Frankie are the new Heads of Household. Caleb is running his mouth. He says he is a beast but he never said he was smart.  Zach tells poor Cody now he only has two girls to snuggle with. Cody says he has to keep things PG with Christine (because she is married) but Victoria will have to deal with the spoon master.

7:09 PM – Frankie and Caleb share a hug and Frankie tells him Caleb has to win the HoH next week. He says they make a great duo because Frankie is good at the mental stuff and Caleb is good at the physical stuff. Caleb says they are together all the way to the end.

7:25 PM – Cody, Caleb, and Derrick talk about the Battle of the Block. They want Derrick to be the winning Head of Household. They discuss nominations and putting up Zach and Donny. Caleb says he already volunteered to go up three times. Derrick wants to bring in Christine, but Caleb wants Christine to go on the block. He says he doesn’t want to again but he will if he has to.

Frankie comes in and they talk about when to all get together and talk. Derrick says Donny will go to bed early and they can all talk then. Derrick says Victoria is up his a** so she won’t be a problem. He will tell her that she is safe and go to bed. Derrick thinks they should just put four people on the block and let them all fight it out.

Zack comes in and they tell him they are talking about logistics of who to put up for nominations. Zach volunteers to go up with Donny and throw the Battle of the Block. Derrick and Frankie want a group decision with everyone equal. Victoria comes in and Derrick tells her she is safe and won’t go up on the block.

Christine comes in and Victoria leaves. Derrick tells her they are going to meet up later to talk about the nominations.

7:45 PM – Frankie tells Caleb and Derrick that he thinks Cody should volunteer to go up since he hasn’t been on the block yet. Caleb says they should do Christine and Cody, Zach and Donny. Whoever gets first pick should put up Zach and Donny. Derrick leaves, Zach comes in. He says they should make up a lie about Donny targeting Victoria in case she wins the Veto. Frankie says Victoria won’t use the Veto.

7:47 – Derrick tells Victoria that he said he would not put Victoria up on the block. Victoria thinks people are pissed she isn’t going up. He says no one will be throwing this Battle of the Block because it is too risky. He says when Donny goes to sleep they are all going to get together and talk and see which of them will go up on the block with Donny. He says he has her back and they exchange ‘I love yous’.

7:50 PM – Derrick tells the cameras that the Live Feeds viewers should tune in later for the HoH meeting. He doesn’t think anyone will volunteer to go up except maybe Zach. He promises fireworks.

8:55 PM – Derrick tells Frankie that Donny will be out this week.Frankie says he wants Caleb to go far with them because he has his back. He says Caleb has mentioned a final three with him and Derrick many times. He still loves Zach and he is wonderful, but… Frankie says Cody is all over the place and he needs to volunteer to go on the block. Derrick wants Frankie to be out as HoH this week so he can play for HoH next week since it may be endurance.

Derrick says they will tell Donny that everyone wanted him up with Victoria but they put him up with Zach to give him a fighting chance. Frankie says that putting him up he has two chances to save himself, at the BotB and at the Veto Competition. Derrick says he is going to tell Donny that Zach is the target this week.

9:15 PM – Derrick tells Cody he wants to stay HoH because it’s the only way he can make sure Cody is safe. He says Cody has to have his back next week. He says he is going to put up Donny and Zach. He asks Cody if he is thinking of volunteering. He says if it is on the safe side, yes. Derrick says he will tell Frankie.

9:45 PM – Houseguests play Jenga. Frankie says it won’t be very long after Nicole gets in the Jury house that she and Hayden will be making out.

10:00 PM – Derrick tells Caleb he is totally safe from going on the block or being backdoored. He says it is an easy and relaxing week for all of them. (Unless Donny wins Battle of the Block or Veto!)

10:15 PM – The Housegusts get some wine and beer. Derrick talks to Donny and says everyone wants him on the block with Victoria. Donny says there are other people than him that can go upon the block. Derrick says if he goes up on the block originally, he will have two chances to win safety. Derrick says Donny is not his target or Frankie’s target. He says if Donny wins Battle of the Block, he is safe for the week and a vote for him. Derrick says he wants to get Zach up with Donny so they have a better chance of winning.

Derrick lies and tells Donny that everyone knows Victoria is going to be evicted this week. Even she knows she is. Derrick and Donny both say they want to have a relaxing week. Donny says he is trusting them. (Poor Donny.) He says he only has Derrick and Frankie in the game now. Donny says it would be great to have a safe week. He would like them to all get together and talk about a plan to get Victoria out and then he would feel like part of the team.

10:40 PM – Zach and Derrick go back and forth about nominations. Zach wants to know why they can’t put Victoria up on one side of the nominations and Donny on the other. (Because she’s Derrick’s ally is why!) Derrick says then they wouldn’t have any backdoor option. Now Zach says he doesn’t want to throw the BotB Competition this late in the game so Donny is not safe.

11:15 PM – Frankie and Derrick get their Head of Household rooms. Frankie gets his sister’s new album and a picture of the two of them. Well, anyone who doubted his story now has absolute proof of that relationship.

Frankie’s letter is from Ariana telling him she gets to host the Video Music Awards and she says she’s proud of him for telling everything. Derrick’s HoH letter is from his wife and talks about his daughter. It’s very, very long.

11:3o PM – Caleb dancing, everyone chit-chatting and playing around.

Stay tuned more more in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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