Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds from Tuesday were pretty sparse as far as game play goes. The Big Brother 2014 cast just mostly rehashed a lot of the same conversations and engaged in a lot of random talk. One of the Housguests did work on some pretty heavy campaigning to try to save themselves from the block, to little success. Otherwise, it was just kind of a mundane day inside the Big Brother 16 house.

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

9:30 AM – Production tries to wake up the Houseguests. It doesn’t really work very well as some of them just barely move around and then crash again.

10:00 AM – Caleb and Donny talk about random stuff.

12:30 PM – Yes, pretty much the whole morning was a whole lot of nothing. Now Christine has her Head of Household camera out and is trying to take pictures. But mostly it’s a lot of just people sleeping.

12:55 PM – Cody planks on the coffee table.

1:10 PM – Some of the other Big Brother 2014 cast finally rises and they play with the HoH camera a bit. We get a brief glimpse into production when one of the cameras behind the kitchen mirrors shows people watchign through them.

1:50 PM – Nicole and Donny, the two final nominees for eviction, have a long talk about the rest of the house. Good for a rewind on the Live Feeds. Donny worries about whether or not the school he works out will have replaced him. He hopes he will still have a job to go home to. Nicole says Christine told her she was forced to put her up or she would go home next week. She tells Donny she wishes Christine would just own up to making a game move and not lie about it.

3:35 PM – Donny, Victoria, and Nicole talk in the backyard about random stuff. They talk about how hard it is for CBS to do an All-Stars season because those people have lives and families now they don’t want to take a whole summer out of. Frankie comes out and, of course, starts talking about his famous sister.

4:20 PM – Frankie gets a call to the pantry and the Houseguests have been given games to play. Thank goodness, because it must be pretty boring for people in the house right now. We are certainly yawning watching them.

4:30 PM – Some of the HGs play badminton and that’s about all that goes on for a while.

5:20 PM – Frankie tells Derrick he has made nice with Nicole before she goes to Jury. Derrick speculates that getting the Jenga game might be a clue about the next HoH Competition because that sort of thing has happened before.

5:30 PM – Derrick tells Donny he is safe and that Christine wants Nicole out. Frankie joins them and they reconfirm Donny is safe. Derrick hopes the next Team America mission doesn’t mess up his game. They talk about how Christine is always on Cody. Her always touching him and stuff gets talked about a lot, especially since she is married.

6:20 PM – Caleb talks about being asked to do porn but he would never do that. He says his p*nis is not for sale. Caleb says if he wins HoH he is going to put Victoria and Christine on slop.

7:05 PM – Self-important Caleb talks about how he’s going to be a country music star.

7:15 PM – Finally we have some real game talk with Cody and Victoria talking about the eviction. Victoria thinks that Donny is the bigger threat in the house and she wants to keep Nicole. Cody says they will get Donny out next week, but Nicole is the target this week.

7:20 PM – Derrick is very worried about ending up in the final two with Frankie. He thinks that he would lose out to Frankie because of his famous sister and all his talk about giving the money to charity.

7:50 PM – Nicole campaigns to Christine and says that Donny is the one who should go home this week. She tells Christine that Donny, Caleb, and Zach will probably all get together to evict Christine and Cody. Christine isn’t really buying into it. She says she doesn’t care if Nicole stays, but she has no power with the guys to change their minds. Nicole tries to convince Christine that she could be used to get people out without the blood getting on Christine’s hands.

8:30 PM – On to her next target, Nicole campaigns to Derrick and she tries to convince him that Zach and Donny are working together. She says they may have Caleb with them as well. Derrick tells her that if she has the votes to stay, he will join with them, but that’s all.

8:55 PM – Derrick tells Christine he doesn’t care if it is Nicole or Donny who goes out this week. He says it’s up to her. They agree that they should just go ahead and get rid of Nicole. Derrick is going to tell her that she doesn’t have a chance to change the vote. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Victoria that if she gets evicted, Christine would not get her Jury vote because that would be a stupid game move.

9:10 PM – Frankie and Zach talk about Cody and how he is always cuddling but doesn’t get worked up. Frankie says if Cody is secretly gay and wants to sleep with him, he’d be fine with that.

9:15 PM – Now we have some HGs playing Jenga for a while.

9:20 PM – Christine, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick talk about telling Nicole that she is going home and campaigning is useless. Derrick says he will tell her it was a house decision.

9:45 PM – Cody, Christine, and Derrick talk. Cody and Christine really want Donny out next week.

10:10 PM – Nicole goes after Cody next and tells him that Donny is after him and Christine. She says Donny loves Zach and Caleb and it is stupid to get her out of the house over him. She says she can get out Zach and Frankie if she stays. Cody promises he will talk to Christine.

11:30 PM – Zach talks about golf way too long.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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