Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the chaos around Caleb and Amber’s continuing drama ramped up to a whole new level. We didn’t think it could get any more crazy, but we were totally wrong on that count. Based on the Big Brother spoilers we saw coming out of the house on Tuesday night, we are looking forward to some possibly big blowups happening between now and Thursday’s live eviction.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds - July 29, 2014 (CBS)

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds – July 29, 2014 (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

In our last Big Brother Live Feeds report, we left off with Caleb still going around in circles not know who he should believe about what Amber has been saying in the house. Did she really tell people that she didn’t want to go on that date with him in the backyard, she really didn’t like it, and she really doesn’t like him either.

Should he believe that the girl of his dreams would say such things about him? Or that she might be trying to get an all girl’s alliance together to come after the guys, including him and her other alliance mates? What’s the truth? Is Frankie lying to him? What the hell is going on?

Well, the problem is that Caleb seems to believe whoever talked to him last. When Amber gets him alone he melts into her clutches like butter. When Frankie and the guys corner him, they convince him (for a short while) that Amber is probably just using him and manipulating him for her own gain. Caleb can’t seem to think with his own mind. And that’s where we left off in our last report. Let’s get on with the latest update!

5:50 PM – Nicole is crying to Christine over being dragged into the middle of the crap between Caleb and Amber. She blames Frankie for pulling her into it by trying to get her to back up his claims about what Amber blowing up The Bomb Squad, talking bad about her date with Caleb, trying to start a girl’s alliance, etc. Nicole is stressed that she might get targeted next week if she doesn’t tell the truth to Caleb. She doesn’t trust Frankie at all. Christine says it isn’t fair what Frankie did and that Nicole needs to cover her own a**.

6:25 PM – Caleb tells Zach that Amber never blew up The Bomb Squad, she just said that the girls need to stick together and that is all. He says Amber was just doing damage control like she was supposed to. Zach says Caleb cares about her too much. Caleb says he promised Amber she wouldn’t go home and if he does then his honor and loyalty means nothing. He says Frankie’s paranoia has gotten to him and Amber never threw them under the bus like he said she did. Zach just nods along and agrees with Caleb.

6:45 PM – Frankie tells Zach that at this point there really isn’t any option but to blindside Caleb at the eviction. Zach still can’t believe how Caleb thinks all this with Amber is still something he masterminded. Frankie talks to Cody and he is good with blindsiding Caleb. Frankie says when Amber is gone, Caleb is on his own.

7:20 PM – Nicole talks to Donny about Frankie getting her into the mess between Amber and Caleb. Nicole is very stressed that it is going to mess up her game. Donny tells her that the people who matter know the truth about it all and the ones that don’t, don’t matter.

8:00 PM – The Houseguests have a pool tournament, including a brief little fight over some ball doing something.

8:25 PM – Amber tells Frankie that she has been loyal to the alliance the whole time. Frankie tries to nail all the blame for everything on Caleb. He says he told Caleb to go and talk to her right after he PoV Ceremony but Caleb told him he was too sad. Frankie says the whole thing was Caleb’s idea and he asked them for their support and he did as he was asked. But he told Caleb he had to talk to Amber right afterwards and he didn’t Amber says she is the pawn and Frankie says yes. He said he would have been fine putting up Donny but Caleb wanted her. Frankie tells her she is safe though and the vote will be three to six. (Frankie is lying through his teeth about almost everything in this conversation.)

9:20 PM – Frankie assures Cody, Zach, and Derrick that all is now well with Nicole and that he has talked to Caleb so he would stop bugging her. (All is not okay Frankie, Caleb is bugging her again right now.) Frankie says they either have to blindside Caleb at the eviction or keep Amber. If they tell Caleb she is going to be evicted, he will go after everyone in the house. Zach doesn’t want them to totally blow off Caleb because he might win HoH. Frankie says they all need to be ready to tell stories about Amber and lie to Caleb however they have to after she goes home.

Zach wants to tell Caleb that Amber is going home and he will be the only vote to keep her. He thinks this will help him look like a good guy and help his game. Cody doesn’t like that idea at all. They get a bit riled up here and Cody says that would be f**king them all over. Frankie says that would give everyone an excuse to put him on the block. Zach says he can’t believe Caleb still thinks Amber likes him and he is an idiot. He says Caleb said he would cut off his Army bracelet if she went home because it would mean he broke his word.

Lots more of this conversation on rewind with the Big Brother Live Feeds.

9:45 PM – For some reason, Derrick gets worked up about thinking if they somehow get Amber and Caleb evicted, they won’t have enough numbers to control the evictions in the house anymore.

10:05 PM – Christine, Frankie, Cody, and Nicole are in the HoH. Christine says it is annoying how Caleb is just crying every day.

Cody talks to Derrick.  Derrick says that if Amber goes home, they will have one less person on their side and Jocasta will still be here on the other side. Cody thinks Nicole may be playing them and needs to go home next week. Derrick wonders if Nicole is trying to stir things up between them and Frankie.

10:55 PM – Derrick, Cody, Christine, and Zach are in the HoH. Christine thinks it would be fun to try to get Caleb to believe there is a 10 person Jury. Caleb comes in and starts talking about Amber. Of course. Victoria comes in and Caleb leaves. Random stuff.

11:15 PM – Amber tells Christine she would have no problem putting Caleb up on the block. She says a girl needs to win this game. She thinks the guys all have an alliance together and Chrisine says she agrees. Amber says they need to get Victoria on board with the girls. Amber counts her votes and thinks she has Christine, Victoria, Nicole, and Caleb for certain. She thinks she can get Cody or Derrick, or both.

11:20 PM – Hayden tells Zach he is worried about blindsiding Caleb at the eviction. Zach says all Caleb is going to do is cry.

11:35 PM – Amber tells Cody and Frankie that she doesn’t feel safe. She says Caleb told her that Hayden and Cody don’t trust her. Cody says that isn’t true.

11:45 PM – Derrick, Christine, Zach, and Frankie talk. Christine says Amber’s biggest target right now is Caleb. Zach says they can tell Caleb that Amber is targeting him but Frankie doesn’t think it will work. Derrick says maybe they should keep Amber. He thinks it would be nice to have her in the house going after Caleb. Frankie says Amber is just too unpredictable. Zach wants to tell Caleb that she is going home now but Christine thinks they should wait until right before the vote. There is some waffling back and forth over Amber, but we still think the plan will stick to send her home.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report!

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