On Thursday the Big Brother 2014 jurors entered the house to create havoc for the remaining five players. They threw food, clothing, and trash everywhere. It was like a nightmare come true for Caleb, Cody, Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick on Big Brother 16. The players they betrayed, cost money, and mocked had finally returned for revenge, and it was a sweet one.

Big Brother 16-Jurors Return 3

We reported some of the crazy antics that Jocasta, Hayden, Zach, Donny, Nicole, and Christine did in the Big Brother 2014 house, like Zach dancing on the table while pouring Froot Loops on himself. Live Feed watchers only got to see about two minutes of their antics, but it made the Big Brother fans buzz with excitement. Once the Feeds returned, the Big Brother 16 final five were not happy. The jurors return cost Victoria a necklace, shaked Frankie’s confidence, and made the majority of the house believe the jurors were bitter against them.

While talking about the jurors’ return, and obvious popularity, the final five players revealed some more details about the luxury competition. It involved the Big Brother 2014 final five and the jurors pairing off. The final five had to draw numbers in order to pick the juror they wanted to play on their behalf.

The pairings were: Victoria-Hayden, Caleb-Jocasta, Frankie-Zach, Derrick-Donny, and Cody-Nicole. From what we can gather, it appears that the jurors had to search through the Big Brother house for chips. Then each round a player was eliminated until the final player with a chip won.The last round became a Nicole and Hayden face-off. Hayden won, which also means Victoria won. They had to split a $10,000 prize.

Earlier this week, CBS released a couple of pictures showing the competition and jurors return. The two pictures include Nicole and Hayden kissing, and the jurors going head-to-head for the competition.

Tune into tonight’s Big Brother 2014 episode to see all the crazy jurors antics, or read our recap later.

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