This week in the Big Brother 16 house, two players are evicted, which accelerates the game to the final three. On Tuesday’s pre-recorded episode, the final 5 become the final 4. Then another player leaves on Wednesday’s live eviction episode. This leaves the final three players one last week of competitions and strategizing to get to the finals of Big Brother 2014. This is the most critical week to evict the right players, or it could cost some of them $500,000.

Big Brother Power of Veto (CBS)

Big Brother Power of Veto (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Earlier today, Frankie shockingly revealed that he wasn’t as clueless as the other players about Derrick’s game strategy. In an effort to save himself, Frankie desperately tried to convince Caleb that Derrick was a bigger threat than he assumed. He hoped to convince Caleb to get Cody to use the Veto on him. So they could evict Derrick. A nice idea, but nearly impossible to execute, especially with how much Derrick has stroked Caleb’s ego by making him believe he’s the best player in Big Brother history.

Cody is also blindly loyal to Derrick and would never betray him. So Frankie’s plan had about a 0 percent shot of success. But the most interesting thing about this Frankie and Caleb conversation is how accurately Frankie has figured out Derrick’s game. This makes it more frustrating, from a game perspective, that Frankie didn’t use one of his multiple wins as Head of Household to eliminate Derrick. Guess his clarity about Derrick’s game came far too late.

Yesterday, we incorrectly reported that the viewers wouldn’t find out what happened at the Veto ceremony until Tuesday’s episode. We assumed that the Veto ceremony would happen right before the Monday eviction. However, the Power of Veto ceremony happened earlier today and things went as expected: Cody decided not to use the Veto. The final shot has been fired at Frankie’s Big Brother game.

The end of Frankie’s game probably also seals Derrick’s fate as the winner of Big Brother 16. Victoria and Cody will take Derrick to the end. Caleb has the best chance of beating Derrick in the finals, but it’s highly unlikely that that will happen, or that he will even make it to the final three. So it seems likely that Derrick and Cody are about to become the final 2 players on September 24, unless Caleb and Victoria make some surprising final moves.

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