Are you ready for some awesome Big Brother spoilers on who won Head of Household for week 7? The Big Brother 2014 cast was up most of the night trying to memorize clues for the zombie apocalypse-themed competition. Which two Houseguests managed to conquer the challenge and survive the epidemic? Read on to find out!

Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)

Big Brother 2014 cast (CBS)

CBS Big Brother production had a blast scaring the crap out of Nicole with a spooky ghost in one of the one-way camera mirrors. Nicole had previously disclosed earlier in the season that she was terrified of ghosts. So that was hilarious and yet so wrong.

Production kept the hamsters spinning in their cage last night by bombarding them with more spooky ghosts and skeletons in the house mirrors.

Then they started announcing news from a terrifying zombie apocalypse that everyone immediately knew meant clues for the next Head of Household Competition.

Memorization challenges aren’t nearly as much fun as endurance competitions, which we were hoping for one of this week. Even so, we do love zombies and silly horror stuff, so this was still a fun challenge to watch.

We were feeling a bit afraid for Donny though, as he was in a foul temper last night being woken up with the competition clues. He actually was one of the last to really start studying and memorizing after finally giving up on sleeping. Donny is in serious danger this week, so he really neede d to win one of those Head of Household spots.

In the ‘Dead of Household’ Competition, the Houseguests have to answer a series of questions based on the information they received during the ghostly invasion and Zombie apocalypse clues last night.

Week 8 Head of Household Competition:

  • Round 1: B – Caleb is eliminated
  • Round 2: A – all are correct
  • Round 3: B – Donny & Victoria are eliminated
  • Round 4: A – Zach is eliminated
  • Round 5: B – all correct
  • Round 6: A – all correct
  • Round 7: A – all wrong
  • Round 8: A – Cody eliminated

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight: Derrick and Frankie

Are you happy about the outcome of tonight’s Head of Household Competition? Who do you think will end up as the main target for the house to send home this week?


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