Who won Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight? Well, once again the PoV has potentially saved a Houseguest from being headed out the door come eviction time on Thursday.

Big Brother Power of Veto

Big Brother Power of Veto

It’s nice to know in this convoluted season of twists and turns that at least one thing remains true. The Power of Veto Competition really is almost always the most important challenge to win, every single week.

After the dramatic Battle of the Block Competition on Sunday’s CBS Big Brother episode, we were left with Zach and Donny on the eviction block as the losers of the challenge. This was NOT how it was supposed to go at all. Frankie was supposed to lose the BotB after Caleb literally sat down and refused to participate. Then, Frankie was supposed to get backdoored to the Jury house.

We were left with Zach and Donny on the block going into the Power of Veto Competition, and either of them could have potentially ended up as the final target if they didn’t win. After all, Zach almost went home just a week ago and he could have found himself in the same position again.

Luckily for Zach, he ended up winning the Power of Veto and saving himself from the block. With Zach no longer a potential target, Christine was forced to put up a replacement nominee to go against Donny. At first it looked like it might be Victoria going up and either of them might have gone home.

Then the new plan sprung up to put up Nicole as the renom and get her out of the house. Most importantly, so that if Hayden comes back into the house, he won’t find an ally there waiting for him.

So that’s exactly what happened at the Veto Meeting. Zach saved himself, Christine put up Nicole as the renom, and now it looks like Nicole is about to join Hayden in the Jury house on Thursday night.


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