Many viewers were sad to see Big Brother 2014 cast member Zach Rance head out the door in last week’s eviction. He was arguably the most entertaining Houseguest of Big Brother 16 and watching the show is just not quite as much fun without him. The fact that so many fans loved Zach makes his mom Jill Rance very proud, but she was not at all happy about how he went out.

Jill Rance (YouTube)

Jill Rance (YouTube)

In a video interview with @MissCleoBB, Jill Rance talked about her son’s eviction and all of the drama and turmoil around it inside the Big Brother 16 house. She is very upset about how the other Houseguests talked about Zach and tore him down. He was already on the block, he was doomed to be evicted, and yet the other Big Brother 2014 cast members wouldn’t stop going after him in the worst ways.

“Last week was probably the worst week I had ever had,” momma Rance said. “I got really teary-eyed a lot. I felt really helpless as a mom that there was nothing I could do to help my son.”

Jill is a Big Brother fan herself and knows that you often have to say and do things on the show you would never do in real life. However, she thinks it just went too far last week.

“I just thought that everything that was said was just really vile,” she said. “I kept on saying ‘what more do they want?’ He’s on the block, they’ve all decided he’s going home. Why do you have to now tear him apart in such a vile way?”

Watch Jill Rance’s full interview below and see what else she has to say about Zach’s time in the Big Brother house!

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