On Big Brother 17 tonight is going to be quite the mish-mash of panic, paranoia and mad scrambling. We can’t wait! Not only will we have a live eviction with a last minute vote flip plan looming over it, but we’ll also have a returning Jury member coming back to shake things up.

There was so much going on last night and this morning on the Live Feeds, that CBS Big Brother just can’t shove all of it into a one hour show. Especially with a live eviction and a returning Jury member. But if you’d like a full rundown on Johnny Mac’s massive fight to stay in the house and flip the vote that went on, you can read all about it here.

Right up until the last minute, Johnny Mac kept campaigning, not willing to go down without a fight. With the Live Feeds going dark for a while before the actual show, there is always the possibility that some last minute deal might have been reached. So we can at least go into this week’s show with a bit of hope for a surprise eviction, even if it wasn’t looking so good there at the end for our rockstar dentist.

After the eviction tonight, we’ll have the return of one of the Jury members, either the newly evicted Houseguest (Johnny Mac or Steve), Shelli, Jackie, or Becky. We aren’t sure yet if we are going to have a combo Head of Household/Jury competition like we did on Big Brother 15, or a next day HoH like we did on season 16.

Either way, there is sure to be plenty more panic and paranoia exploding in the house over the next couple of day, especially if the returning Jury member (in our dreams) teams up with James and Meg. We can only hope!

Here we go, it’s a big night! Refresh frequently for the latest updates!

CBS Big Brother 1

But first! For weeks, Vanessa has been a target for the majority of the house, but not only has she survived, she’s controlled who will go home week after week.

John told Vanessa about the five person alliance to get her out, but the good news is it looks like Vanessa is pissed at Steve. So maybe he’s gone from a zero chance of staying to some chance. Steve, meanwhile, is worried because Vanessa is angry with him. James is just happy he and Meg avoided the eviction bullet.

CBS Big Brother 2

Vanessa suddenly realizes maybe she’s lower on the totem pole than she thought. She goes crying to the Austwins, and says she isn’t mad at them, she’s mad at Steve. They try to smooth things over with her.

Vanessa is totally nuclear angry with Steve and tells him to leave her alone when he tries to come talk to her. She thinks Steve orchestrated the five person alliance to get her out, when of course it was actually Austin who spear-headed that.

Unfortunately, telling Vanessa about all this hasn’t helped Johnny Mac either, Austin says. Even though Liz is totally mad about what Johnny Mac told Vanessa, she knows he is a future Jury member so she has to play nice with him. She talks to him and wants to know why he said it.

CBS Big Brother 4

Johnny Mac says he feels like they went against the deal to get out Vanessa when they put up him and Steve. He says he doesn’t feel like he has a chance to stay and they obviously like Steve better. Liz says it’s not cool that he should blab about them when he’s back is against the wall. In Diary Room, Johnny Mac is like, what? She’s the one who helped put him on the block! He tells her that it feels to him like they have to be having some kind of deal with James and Meg.

Jonny Mac goes to Vanessa to campaign to her and says he could go to Meg and James to try to work something. But in Diary Room, Vanessa said she would never go against the twins. She tells him that as well.

CBS Big Brother 3

Vanessa talks to Steve about the five person alliance thing. He tells her that whole conversation happened this week, not last week. He is stumbling around and can’t get his brain in action. Johnny Mac comes in and Vanessa asks Johnny Mac about the five person group. John says it was last week. Steve says that he must just be putting pieces together wrong in his head.

CBS Big Brother 6

Johnny Mac says in Diary Room that he’s happy to see Vanessa blow up Steve’s game and go for it! Meanwhile, Vanessa pulls out the tears again and tells Steve she is so hurt by him trying to betray her.

Johnny Mac talks to the twins. They tell him that they are going to vote with Vanessa. They say they want to know he isn’t going to come after them. Johnny Mac just tells them he needs to know what they want. They agree that he would just go after whomever comes back from Jury. But in truth, they don’t really trust Johnny Mac.

CBS Big Brother 7

Vanessa and the twins talk about what to do. They talk about Steve having their back in the Double Eviction. And if they keep Steve, Jackie would go after him if she comes back in the game. But Johnny Mac is not a good player they think and not as much of a threat. Vanessa says her vote is very confused.

CBS Big Brother 3

Back from commercial and we get clips of James and his flirting with Meg. Then we flip to video of James’ friends back home, who talk about how the Hillbilly Asian is not the quiet guy you might expect. Then we have some awesome clips of James pulling pranks and scaring the other Houseguests. Also, James’ theft of the kitty hat and that he is never giving it back.

They talk about James’ cat he loves and even takes fishing. James’ friends say he is a big-hearted, standup guy. One of them says James has a huge crush on Meg because she’s sweet, pretty, and he likes tall, blond girls. But another friend says nothing is going to come out of that. One friend says James’ social game is the best in the house. But he needs to ally himself with someone stronger than Meg.

CBS Big Brother 1

Julie Chen says in the moments before leading up to the live eviction, the Housegests were still torn. (Although we know from the Live Feeds it was looking pretty dim for Johnny Mac.)

John says he and Steve are the biggest dorks in here, but they will always be rockstars to him. Johnny Mac says Steve knows a lot about Big Brother, but he will clean his own dishes and he knows a lot about gas management. Julie laughs and asks if that is a comment on Steve’s gas management? He says no!

CBS Big Brother 2

Steve calls out to his friends and family, and then thanks the Houseguests for helping him grow, and gives a quite long and very good speech thanking them for all the experiences he has had (including giving Meg her most awkward kiss ever!) It’s very nice actually.

Time for the live vote!

Meg votes to evict Johnny Mac.
James votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Vanessa votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Liz votes to evict Johnny Mac.
Julia votes to evict Johnny Mac.

Johnny Mac has been evicted from the house and is now a Jury member. He gives hugs all around to everyone and goes to grab his stuff from by the door. He gets huge cheers from the audience when he exits. At least this time he was dressed like the others and there were two bags by the door so everyone watching the TV show didn’t already know who was going to be evicted (even though we knew from the Live Feeds that it was most likely so).

CBS Big Brother 2

Johnny Mac tells Julie Chen he knew it was coming. He says the Austwins are good and they are aligned with everyone, and they just break it with whoever they are going to send out the door. He says he’s mad he got evicted, but he’s over it. Julie wants to know why no one took their alliance with Johnny Mac seriously. He says a lot people doesn’t take him seriously.

He says he couldn’t win enough comps, he couldn’t make any big deals, and so he couldn’t back up his game. He doesn’t think being so vocal about wanting to get Vanessa out is why he is out there. He says you have to have friends and enemies in the house, and he thinks it actually worked in his favor last week. If he had stayed in the game, he says he would have tried to work with Vanessa because the Austwins aren’t going to turn on each other, and neither are James and Meg.

CBS Big Brother 3

Austin tells Johnny Mac that he wanted to align with him from the beginning, but they never talked until last week. Vanessa says she genuinely thought they could work together so that’s why she campaigned for him and she’s sorry it didn’t work out. Liz is all like giving love to Johnny Mac as well. So does Steve. They all know he is a Jury vote. Johnny Mac says Steve is so adorable!

If Johnny Mac goes back in the house, he says he would probably go after Meg because he thinks until James and Meg are broken up, people are going to keep trying to align with them.

CBS Big Brother 4

Up next, we have a combo Head of Household Competition and Jury Competition to determine who will be HoH and who will return to the house.

Jury house footage! Shelli and Jackie have just been chilling enjoying the quiet. Jackie is hoping it won’t be Jackie, Meg, or James who comes in the house. Sadly, it is Becky who comes in and shows of her nastily infected toe. Wondering that is going to cause her trouble in the competition. She tells them Liz came after her.

CBS Big Brother 2

The three girls get to watch the nominations and the OTEV competition, followed by Becky’s eviction. In individual camera diaries, Becky says people will be worried when she comes back in. She would totally want Vanessa out, and Liz because she has a showmance and a twin. Jackie says she would stick with James and Meg. Shelli says she wants to be the first Jury Member to come back in the house and win it all.

The Jury members come back in the house and it’s screams and hugs all around. Although Vanessa has a kind of “oh crap not happy” look on her face while hugging everyone.

CBS Big Brother 3

Time for everyone to battle it out in two epic competitions in one. The jury members will be fighting to return, while everyone is fighting for HoH. We’ll be recapping the results live!

CBS Big Brother 1

For the endurance competition tonight, the Houseguests and Jury members will be dangling from ropes with a small knot for their feet. They will be swinging in a circle going around and around while being whacked periodically with a giant hand that will make them spin around more.

CBS Big Brother 2

The show is over and before Julie closes out, we lose Julia, Liz, and Meg. All the Jury members are still left swinging.

CBS Big Brother 1

You can wait until Sunday to see the results of the Jury and HoH Competition, or come on over to our SPOILERS post and find out who won and who will be rejoining the house!

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