Time for the Eviction Nominations from Shelli and Liz. Jason is expecting to be nominated by either Liz or Shelli. Jackie is a little nervous because Jeff did just get evicted after stirring trouble in the house. She hopes that won’t trickle down to her and end up with her on the block.

Liz announces her nominations are James and Jackie. She says she hasn’t made a close connection with either of them and doesn’t know where their heads are at in this game.

Shelli nominates Johnny Mac and Jason. John is really not happy about this. Shelli says her pool of people to put up is very, very small. She says she is putting up John because she’s put him up before. Shelli says she’s been told that Jason would come after her. If that is not true, she is giving him every opportunity to talk to her. She says please dethrone her if he has to, because she doesn’t want to be doing this at all.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 21

In Diary Room, John says if this game was called “get nominated” he would have won already! Jason is pissed because there is no proof he would go after Shelli and Clay, he has been lied on. James says if they keep putting him on the block, he will come back after them.

Liz tells Jackie that she is for sure safe this week and is not a target. But she won’t tell Jackie who the real target is. Jackie says as long as she is safe, she will trust her. In Diary Room, Liz says she hasn’t built enough trust with Jackie to be telling her info like that. Jackie keeps pressing her though, trying to find out if they would use the Veto on her if she stayed on the block.

After Jackie leaves, Liz b*tches to Austin about Jackie being all “buddy buddy” with her all of a sudden. She really is annoyed with Jackie getting up in her face after they’ve barely even talked before. She says Jackie might not be a target now, but anything can happen in the Big Brother house.

Shelli tells Jason that it was Audrey who told her that he would go after her. Jason tells Shelli he wouldn’t say anything like that. In Diary Room, Jason says he is alone in a house full of serpents. Jason tells Shelli he is glad to know this because he was like, I’m going to trust this girl again.

In Diary Room, Shelli says if Audrey is lying to her she doesn’t know how long she can keep protecting her in this game. Shelli tells Jason to dethrone her because she doesn’t want him to go home.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 22

Time for another twin switch and Julia is coming back into the house. Liz hugs and snuggles Austin before she leaves. In the Diary Room, Liz tells Julia that she won HoH, she voted against James, and she is flirting hard with Austin because he is going to help them get farther in the game.

Jason is worried that Johnny Mac might throw the Battle of the Block. Meg thinks they’ve just been talking to John because he has been put up every week. Jason, however, thinks John is being used. He says he is up on the block because someone lied, after all. James says he thinks he is being used as “the Meg.” If you want someone to go home, put “the Meg” up against them. Meg thinks that is mortifiying.

Audrey says she can sense that he believes she had something to do with him being nominated. And, to be honest, she did. She goes to talk to Shelli. She swears that she didn’t hear directly from Jason that he was targeting Shelli. She heard it from ‘all of you guys when you were talking.’ Shelli says that is a total lie and she is not going to let Audrey make her believe it. She says Audrey is starting to give her a reason not to stick up for her anymore.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 24

In Diary Room, Shelli says Audrey is starting to make her very nervous and maybe it is time for Audrey to go home this week. Shelli tells Audrey that she is the one who has been telling her Jason is coming after her, since the week they got Da’Vonne out! Audrey starts crying and says that now she is worried if Jason doesn’t go home, he is going to come after her — and Shelli, of course.

Time for the Battle of the Block and it is another ’90’s themed competition. The Houseguests have to “grunge out” in flannel. Each team has an “Alice” tied up in chains and they have to release her and take her to Nirvana. They have to search through various zones to find keys to unlock the padlocks on Alice, which will include sifting through “mud honey” and “pearl jam,” “smashing pumpkins” and sifting through “screaming trees” leaves. The team that loses will have to experience a punishment all week long.

Jason needs to win this or he could be in very big trouble. John doesn’t want to throw this competition again, he wants to win it!

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 27

John spots a key that Jackie and James totally missed, giving him and Jason a huge lead. James says trying to find a key in a big pile of leaves is like trying to pass a bill in congress.

John and Jason get three keys, but it takes them so long to get the fourth key that Jackie and James catch up with them. Luckily, James and Jackie find the fourth and final key first and rush off to free their “Alice” and take her to Nirvana. John and Jason aren’t fast enough to catch up, and Jackie and James win. Liz ends up getting soaked in muck after being dethroned.

Big Brother 2015 Episode 12 33

Jason, Johnny and Liz will have to be “The Whackstreet Boys” for the week. Any time their pagers go off, they have to dance and sing as a punishment. (And wear pure white boy band outfits.)

Next up on Wednesday night, find out who wins the Power of Veto and how that will affect the final nominations this week!

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