We’re only into the second week of Big Brother 17, but it’s been the craziest two weeks we’ve seen in years. The Big Brother Live Feeds have been totally nuts with the Houseguests going balls to the wall since they stepped foot in the door.

Vanessa looks as exhausted as we feel trying to keep up with these HGs (CBS)

Vanessa looks as exhausted as we feel trying to keep up with these HGs (CBS)

We’d be shocked if the Big Brother 2015 cast hasn’t set an all-time record for the most alliances and ‘deals’ this early in the game ever. Add to that all the dramatic confrontations and crazy twists going on and we feel like we’ve been watching a wild reality TV show set in some kind of insane asylum!

Although we’re way past it on the Big Brother Live Feeds, tonight on the CBS show we’ll backtrack to watch the Power of Veto Competition and see who ends up as the final eviction nominees for week two.

We’ll also get a CBS highly edited ‘taste’ of all the wacky hijinks the Big Brother 17 cast has been up to. Should be interesting to see what makes the air, and what doesn’t, with so much drama, deal-making, smack-talking, and backstabbing to work with!

Please refresh this page frequently for the latest updates in our live recap, which starts now!

Recapping from the last episode… Shelli wants Da’Vonne out and put John up as a pawn against her. Becky puts up two pawns. Everyone is gearing to get Da’Vonne out. John easily throws the Battle of the Block, leaving Da’Vonne and John to fight it out to win the Power of Veto.

Steve and Jason are thrilled to have won Battle of the Block. Shelli congratulates John for making sure Da’Vonne lost and Audrey gives him a hug.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (1)

Becky doesn’t feel too bad about being dethroned as Head of Household. She gets to establish better relationships with the house… and she thinks Shelli will do her dirty work by getting Audrey out.

Da’Vonne is pissed as hell because he is sure that John threw the Battle of the Block and the whole house is working as a unit to get her out.

John tells Clay and Shelli that he didn’t even have to do anything. He says Da’Vonne had such a bad strategy in the Battle of the Block that she sunk herself. Clay and Shelli promise John he’s golden. In Diary Room, Johnny Mac says everything about this feels weird. He doesn’t really know Clay or Shelli well but he’ll play along because he doesn’t have much of a choice.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (4)

Shelli says in Diary Room that being HoH certainly has it’s perks. Which includes, of course, getting to snuggle up with Clay in private in the Head of Household room. He says she gets him all “hot and bothered.”

Jason is relieved to be safe, but worried about his girl Da’Vonne. James says if someone wins the Veto who isn’t on their team, Da’Vonne is as good as gone. Jason says unless they decide to save Johnny Mac and backdoor someone else. Meg says can you imagine Da’Vonne against Audrey, that would be an epic fight!

Meanwhile, Audrey is trying to eavesdrop as Meg, James, and Jason discuss the idea of Audrey getting backdoored. Jason says they should prayer to the BB gods. James says he thinks Shelli will do what the house wants and get Audrey out. Jason and Meg hope so.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (3)

Time for another Twin Twist switch. Liz and Julia frantically try to exchange as much information as possible. Whichever one of it is coming in is totally grossed out by the horrible smell and nasty mess in the kitchen. She lies to Jason about “running on fumes” after hardly any sleep. But of course she’s actually fresh as a daisy.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (1)

Time to pick the Power of Veto Competition players. Shelli will play as the Head of Household. Da’Vonne and John will play as the eviction nominees. Audrey really wants to compete and guarantee her safety. She says in Diary Room that if Da’Vonne goes out, she will probably go up on the block. If she goes on the block, she will go home.

For the random players, Shelli draws Houseguest’s choice and, of course, chooses Clay. John draws Meg’s name. Da’Vonne really wants to draw out Jason’s name, but she gets “damn Steve” instead. Shelli picks Jackie as the host for the competition. Shelli is happy because if they can just keep the nominations the same, Da’Vonne will go home this week.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (1)

Clay questions Audrey if she has Shelli’s back. She promises that she does. He asks if she would ever work with anyone and throw them under the bus. She says no way she would not. He says they really need Da’Vonne gone this week and they can’t have anything jeopardize that. Clay says he and Shelli are risking their game to give her a second chance. She says she is done being everyone’s friend.

In Diary Room, Audrey says Clay is now promising her she’s safe, which is great because five minutes ago she was public enemy number one. She says “sure Clay, whatever it takes thunder-buns!”

Da’Vonne tells James she is positive the house is flipped and she’s in serious danger of going home. He says she has to win the Veto. Da’Vonne says John wills ave himself, Meg won’t because he doesn’t want to step on anyone’s toes, Steve won’t take her off, and Clay won’t because of ‘her’. Da’Vonne says people in this house are cowards.

Time for the Veto Competition! The backyard is decked out in a movie studio style. Da’Vonne is worried because she is the only one fighting for her in this comp. Becky is happy that Audrey’s name did not get picked for the Veto Comp, which means that she and Shelli can still backdoor her. Because Becky is clueless that Shelli is after Da’Vonne, not Audrey.

In the competition, the players will challenge another player to go head to head with. Kathy Griffin will announce seven items she needs. But her assistant is overwhelmed and missing an item (represented by a photo of the assistant juggling items). The players will have to recognize what is missing and go retrieve the correct item. The first to buzz in with the right item wins that round. If they have the wrong item they lose.

John is up first and he wants to make sure his pawn status doesn’t turn into being evicted. He challenges Da’Vonne to go head to head. John studies the photo to see what is missing. Da’Vonne runs off immediately and drags out the wrong item. And then another wrong item. John is still studying the picture and figures out it is the unicycle. He buzzes in and he wins the round. Da’Vonne has lost the veto. Now all Da’Vonne can hope is that John wins and takes himself off the block. Then hopefully Audrey will get backdoored.

Clay is up next and he changes Steve. Clay wants to win so he can make sure Shelli’s nominations stay the same and the blood stays off her hands. Clay almost faceplants but manages to buzz in first. Steve is out and he’s fine with that. He doesn’t want to win any more competitions and make himself a target.

Meg is up now against Shelli and Meg really does not want to win because she feels safe this week. She thinks Shelli will win because she’s a decorator and should have a great attention to detail. Shelli runs and picks up the wrong item and eliminates herself. Meg is so annoyed.

John and Meg go up against each other next and we know Meg wants to lose. John immediately runs off to grab the item he thinks it is while Meg is still studying the photo. He gets the right item and Meg is out.

Now it’s down to Clay and John. John immediately figures out it is the inflatable giraffe missing and he buzzes in first. John has won the Power of Veto. It’s so shiny he loves it! Da’Vonne really, really hopes this means that Shelli will put up Audrey as the Replacement Nominee.

Shelli did not want to have to be in the position to put up a Replacement Nominee and now she has to make a big decision. She consults with Clay about the options. He thinks they have to get Da’Vonne out because she and Jason have the ability to rally troops and Audrey doesn’t. She says everyone is thinking she is going to backdoor Audrey, including Becky. They agree that they need to try to keep the nominations the same, which means having John not use the Power of Veto. But they have to make sure Becky is on board. Shelli calls Becky up to talk to them.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (4)

Shelli tells Becky that she knows a lot of people want Audrey to be backdoored, but if she puts Audrey up then she’ll go home and Da’Vonne won’t. She says she thinks Da’Vonne is more dangerous to her. Becky says that makes her nervous because she doesn’t trust Audrey and she manipulates people. She doesn’t want her in the house two more weeks talking smack about her.

Clay says the way Becky feels about Audrey is how they feel about Da’Vonne. Shelli says Becky has the chance to win Head of Household next week but she doesn’t. They promise next week they will have her back next week.

In Diary Room, Becky says if they want to get the dirt on their hands and get one more person out, then everyone can focus on getting out Audrey next week. That’s fine with her. She tells Clay and Shelli that she trusts their game planning.

Da’Vonne tells James and Jason she is not going to roll over and die. James says if they don’t put Audrey up, you know what time it is.

Vanessa goes up to talk to Shelli to find out where her head is at and make sure she and her peeps are safe. They tell her that Becky has agreed to be on board with leaving the nominations the same. So they can get rid of Da’Vonne out this week and save Audrey to get out next week. Vanessa wants to know what they are going to do if John doesn’t agree to stay on the block. Vanessa suggests that it shouldn’t be a guy because any of the guys could be flipped. Shelli says it can’t be Jackie because she went through that last week. It can’t be Becky either because she just won Head of Household. So it has to be Meg.

John comes in right then and Shelli tells him their plan and that they want him not to use the Power of Veto. He is not happy about about that. Clay says if he feels uncomfortable that’s fine, but if he doesn’t use it things will go more smoothly and he guarantees they have the votes. Johnny Mac’s reaction faces are awesome.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (3)

In Diary Room, John is screaming no, why would he do that, he is not staying on the block for him! He tells them if he doesn’t use it, Da’Vonne would blow it out that they are all working together and it would destroy everything. They ask who he thinks they should put up and he says he doesn’t care, but names Becky or Jul/Liz. Shelli says not Becky.

Austin goes up to the HoH to talk to Shelli but she asks him to go bring up Jul/Liz first. She thinks maybe it could be Jul/Liz because she’s not strongly allied with anyone in the house and could be a safe pawn.  Shelli says the plan is still to get out Da’Vonne out this week and Audrey next week. She says they wanted to keep the nominations the same but they can’t because John won the PoV. Shelli says she is thinking about putting up Jul/Liz as the pawn.

Jul/Liz is not happy about this idea at all and is totally scared and blindsided. She nods her head along but inside she is freaking out. Shelli says she can’t tell anyone because it might get back to Da’Vonne and then she’ll come after her with guns blazing.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (7)

Jul/Liz immediately goes and tells Becky. She’s crying and scared. Austin comes in. Becky says she shouldn’t make any rash moves or she might set Da’Vonne off. She says Jul/Liz should take a nap and chill out. Austin says everyone knows Da’Vonne is not a straight shooter and everyone knows it. In Diary Room, Austin says he has to make sure Jul/Liz does not go on the block because she is his friend and his ally. Becky says they have to keep everything quiet.

In Diary Room, Liz says all she can think about is her twin sister Julia. She’s playing for both of them and she has to get them out of this mess.

Jeff, James, Meg and Jason all snuggle up in bed and are being loud and silly. Austin hears them and thinks maybe he has a plan to launch a little smear campaign to get Jul/Liz off the block. Austin gets on board with Vanessa to say he’s heard that group all talking about flipping on Clay and Shelli. Austin says they can’t afford to lose Jul/Liz.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (2)

Vanessa tells Shelli that Austin heard Da’Vonne trying to rally Meg, Jason, James… to come after her. Clay and Austin come in. Shelli asks Austin what he heard last night. He says Da’Vonne was trying to talk to get them on board to rally with her. He says it was heard to hear the details because of the wall. He says he is worried they might have seven people down there, unless they put Meg up because no one is going to vote her out. Shelli agrees this might just be an excellent idea.

Clay tells Audrey that she can’t argue that she’s brought some of the hate in the house on herself. She asks who he wants out. She says she would not recommend her. She feels like she is the target. He says not for him and Shelli. They are the reason she’s still in the house and will still be in the house next week. But that doesn’t mean they trust her.

Audrey says she feels like they are telling her what she can and can’t do if she wants to stay in the house. He says not to put words in his mouth. She says the way he talks to her feels condescending. He doesn’t really see that at all. She keeps picking at him. He says sorry he isn’t welcoming her with open arms. She says she feels like she has been abandoned. He says he doesn’t know what she expects. Clay says if she sits there and second guesses him and Shelli, he will make sure she is targetted. She says are you f*cking kidding me? He says the whole house wants her out!

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (6)

Clay says in Diary Room that this is typical Audrey, putting words in people’s mouths. Clay tells Shelli that Audrey is pissing him off and he doesn’t believe anything she says. He says she makes him nervous. He doesn’t trust her at all. Shelli says she hasn’t chosen a Replacement Nominee yet. So she can be like, okay, I’m getting pressure. Clay says her game is our game and that’s the only reason she is here.

Time for the Veto Ceremony. Da’Vonne says she knows John will use the Power of Veto on himself. She hopes that Shelli will put up Audrey as the Replacement Nominee. Audrey says everyone has assured her of what will go down but she just wants to get it over with and be sure.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (5)

John uses the Power of Veto on himself. Shelli says it is not an easy position to be in. She gives a little brief speech about how she loves Da’Vonne and she is a beautiful, fantastic woman but this is a game. Then she announces Meg as the Replacement Nominee.

Meg says she knew there was going to be a pawn and she was hoping it would not be her, but there she is. She is most upset though that she is up against Da’Vonne, which means that Da’Vonne probably won’t have a chance.

Big Brother 17 Episode 7 (8)

Shelli is happy because no one is going to vote out sweet Meg and so her plan is still solid to get Da’Vonne out. Da’Vonne says she isn’t giving up, even against Meg, and she’ll ride this until the wheels fall off. Jason isn’t happy that his girl Da’Vonne is up on the block but we don’t know what the Last Laugh Twist is and hopefully it will work out for them.

Thats a wrap!

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