The Big Brother 17 cast has made a roaring start to the season on the Live Feeds. We simply cannot believe the insanity of these Houseguests. They are playing the game so hard and so fast, we fear someone may spontaneously combust!

Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)

Big Brother 2015 cast (CBS)

Unfortunately we probably won’t get more than the barest glimpses at the craziness that has been going on on the CBS Big Brother 17 show tonight. Especially since they like to creatively edit the players into certain ‘roles’ in the house and always stick them in that box. Thank goodness we have the Big Brother Live Feeds to show us the REAL game going on and who these Houseguests really are!

On Big Brother tonight, we’ll have the all important Veto Competition and learn who the final eviction nominees for the week will be. We already know there is a a big effort in the works to backdoor a certain Houseguest, but the Power of Veto can change all kinds of plans!

Here we go! We kick off, of course, with a recap of the last episode. James and Jason became the first two Heads of Household. They decided to work together. The Amazing Race takeover continued by giving Vanessa and Da’Vonne the chance to be safe for the week along with two chosen Houseguests. They picked Austin and Vanessa. Eventually the major alliance in the house decided to backdoor Jace, nominating four pawns to the block, and hopefully keeping him out of the Power of Veto as well. Becky and John won Battle of the Block, dethroning Jason as Head of Household.

Tonight is the first Power of Veto Competition of the summer. Will it be used to save Jackie or Steve from the eviction block? Will the plan to backdoor Jace stay afloat? Welcome to Big Brother!

Big Brother 17 Episode 4

Steve is really not happy he and Jackie lost Battle of the Block and says it is not a good place to be the first week. Johnny Mac, however, is super thrilled he isn’t going to be going home!

Jason and James talk numbers about how many votes they need to backdoor Jace. Jason says if they have seven, they will rule the house. James says they have to go recruit and build the troops. James immediately wants ‘Taylor Swift’ lookalike Meg. They talk votes to get Jace out. Meg is excited that she’s about to get in an official alliance.

James also thinks Clay would be a good addition and he meets with him and Audrey to discuss the alliance forming up. Clay feels he can trust James and he is excited about working with him. James says they have to make it solid.

The ‘group’ gathers in the Head of Household room to talk plans. Da’Vonne says in Diary Room that this alliance is not going to last. There are people she is going to work with, but the whole alliance is too shaky.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4

James says if Jace does not go home this week, it WILL come out that someone tried to backdoro him this week. And this is the group they want to have together in that storm.

Now we get Jace streaking naked all around the backyard where the Houseguests are hanging out. Vanessa notes that nobody really laughs or plays along with it. Vanessa basically says it was pretty lame and everyone else has the same reaction.

Austin talks to Jace and tries to get him on track to not be so annoying. He thinks they need to clear the air and talk with the Head of Household to make sure Jace is not a target this week. Audrey is up there too. James talks about taking out big targets while Audrey smirks. Jace says he wants to be with people he trusts. Audrey mentions it could be a big move to backdoor the other Head of Household. She says in Diary Room that she is trying to distract them from the real target.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4

Jace suggests making a real alliance with the four of them. They talk about names and ‘Cloud Town’ is born. It’s obviously a fake alliance for James and Audrey. James says in Diary Room he is going to agree with the guy, but he is putting him up at the Veto Ceremony.

Time to select players for the Veto Competition. James will play as the Head of Household. Steve and Jackie will play as the eviction nominees. The rest will be chosen by random draw. James draws Becky. Jackie draws John. Steve draws Houseguest’s choice. He picks Jason because it might be a good way to bond with him. James choses Austin as the host of the competition. Austin and James leap up and celebrate, which everyone seems to think is weird and James says in Diary Room they have no reason to celebrate.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 7

Da’Vonne talks in Diary Room about going around the house counting things to make sure she is prepared for any counting competitions. We think this is a lame time filler considering how much other stuff they could have pulled from the Live Feeds! Da’Vonne randomly walks through the bedrooms counting and Jeff thinks this is weird. Jeff asks her what she is doing and she blows him off.

Da’Vonne doesn’t like him questioning her and goes off about it in Diary Room. She goes and tells Jason and Audrey about it and she is not happy. Jeff goes up to talk to Da’Vonne and he says it was creepy her just wandering around but he apologizes. She says it wasn’t even him, she heard Clay and  Shelli questioning why she was walking around. So she’s not mad at him, she says.

Jeff leaves and Da’Vonne says he was just doing damage control and she knows he wasn’t really sorry. Jeff goes to talk to Jeff and says Da’Vonne is being a b*tch and a puppet master. We so wonder if they are setting Da’Vonne up to be the bad guy in some future stuff we know is going to be shown from the Big Brother Live Feeds… when that’s a bit shady.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 9

Clay goes up to the HoH room and asks what is going on with her and Jeff. She says she told Jeff that whoever sent him to question her about what she was doing should have asked her personally. She says Jeff told her they sent him in there to see what she was doing. Clay says Jeff didn’t say that and he told him that just now.

Da’Vonne pulls Jason and Audrey in and asks them to confirm what Jeff said. They do and Da’Vonne says Clay needs to take up his problem with Jeff. Clay says Da’Vonne’s attitude is totally wrong. Clay says he thought he and Da’Vonne was close. She said she thought so to until he’s sending Clay to spy on her. Clay says this is just an idiotic conversation. In Diary Room, Da’Vonne is almost crying because she thinks Clay is lying to her face. Clay calls Da’Vonne paranoid. She says she isn’t paranoid when people are flat out telling her what is going on.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 1

Da’Vonne explodes when Clay leaves and says she is so pissed off that Clay was painting her as being negative when he should just apologized. Audrey is worried with Da’Vonne angry and crying. They have just allied with Clay and she’s concerned their alliance might implode. Audrey tells Da’Vonne to put on her game face because she is there for her daughter. She says in Diary Room that Da’Vonne is going to be a liability for her game. (Production is so setting up a later incident from the Big Brother Live Feeds…)

Audrey talks to Clay and says he has to smooth things out with Da’Vonne. She says he shouldn’t have reacted like that and should have just admitted everything. She says Da’Vonne is bawling over it. Clay says he will but she’s gotta go like next week. Clay is really frustrated he has to apologize and suck up even if it isn’t sincere.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 7

Clay tells Da’Vonne that he is sorry he came at her that way all defensive and stuff. He says he doesn’t talk to women like that. They hug it out and Da’Vonne thanks him for his apology but stares at the camera with a “mmhmmm” look while they hug. Then she camera talks and says Clay is a liar. She says she knows that Audrey went down there and told him to apologize and both of them got her f*cked up. She says Audrey is trying to be the ‘puppet master’ and manipulate her. She isn’t having it.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 9

The Houseguests go to the kitchen and James receives a card telling him he has to name the Have-Nots so they can enjoy their Slop and check out their Have-Not room and enjoy cold showers. The Slop looks oh so wonderfully disgusting. James names Liz and Austin, and Vanessa and Da’Vonne. Because there are the ones were are all safe from the Big Brother Takeover Twist.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 11

The Have-Not room is revealed and it is a Dentist office from hell, dentist Johnny Mac says. Vanessa says it is creepy with all the dental equipment and designed to make people into a basket case.

Now it’s time for the first Veto Competition of the summer. Austin, dressed in country clothes, announces everyone has to get dressed and go to the backyard. Becky feels at home with it all looking like Colorado, until she sees the giant noses.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4

For the competition, the Houseguests have to dig through the gross goop filled nostrils of the noses to dig for letters to build the longest correctly spelled word. They only have 10 minutes to play Nose-a Scotia!

Steve says he has to win the Veto to make sure that his pawn status doesn’t turn into an eviction. James needs to win to make sure his backdoor plan stays in place. Jackie is also afraid not to win because she too knows that pawns sometimes go home. Steve is already formulating his perfect word. John says he spends a lot of time looking up people’s noses as a dentist.

Meg laughs over Steve ripping band-aids off his knees because they are wet and falling off. It reminds her of being a lifeguard and having to deal with band-aid situations in the pool.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 3

Audrey really hopes that James and Jason are killing it, so they can win the Veto and stick with their plan this week. Austin really hopes James will win so they can do what they want with the Veto (because he doesn’t know James is targeting Jace.)

Finally we have the results:

James spells Lifeguards – 8 points
Becky spells Closest – 7 points (she’s out)
Jason spells Zones – 6 points (he’s out)
Jackie spells Judge – 6 points (she’s out)
Steve spells Trombonists – 12 points (wow)  – James says in Diary Room he couldn’t even spell that now.
John spells Boogers (not shocking) – 7 points (Steve wins)

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 4

Steve tells Jace that he plays the Trombone. Proving he is a Superfan, Steve says that it was Brendon wh actually spelled the longest word ever with “Understanding.”

Steve has won the Power of Veto and he is so excited he will not be going home this week no way. Steve goes in the pantry and has a minor happy freakout because he won the PoV. He says short term problem solved because now he has negotiating power. But he has to solve the long term problem because he’s on the outside right now.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 5

This leaves Jackie on the block, and she just hopes James will put a bigger target up against her. James says in Diary Room that Jace is still his target and he is going for the kill.

Audrey says after the blowup with Clay and Da’Vonne, they have to work to make sure the group works. Audrey tells Jason and James that they have to have numbers and people they can count on. In Diary Room, James is like, who does she think is the Head of Household?

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 7

Audrey goes to talk to Shelli, who she has felt close to from day one. She drags Shelli up to the HoH room and she invites her into their alliance because there has been a lot of “weird stuff” going on out there. In Diary Room, Jason is like, great, guess Audrey is in charge now. Audrey goes and fetches Jeff, who is having a little 5 AM pillow talk with Meg. He doesn’t want to go but she insists. She says if he doesn’t want to go on the block, he will come upstairs. So he does.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 8

James thinks this is getting ridiculous. Audrey has taken over the recruiting and wants Jeff on board. Jeff doesn’t know how this couldn’t wait until the next morning. Audrey goes to fetch Clay to make sure he goes up to. Then she goes and gets Meg so they can all be on the same page together. Meg says in Diary Room that she feels she is in some weird secret book club drama. Audrey says they need to be a solid group.

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 10

Even though the backdoor plan is still in place, he’s beginning to think he has second thoughts about Audrey. James says there are a lot of damn people in their group. (Audrey, Clay, James, Jeff, Shelli, Meg, and Jason.)

Time for the Veto Meeting. Steve says he is going to going to save himself. James gets up and says he has based his whole decision only on himself. He blindsides Jace and puts him up as the replacement nominee. Austin says blindsiding Jace is blindsiding him and people have been lying to him. Jace can’t believe this. He thought he was in an alliance with James and now James has put him on the block. He is seriously freaked out. (And that will play out some huge drama later we already know!)

Big Brother 17 Episode 4 9

Tomorrow night, Kathy Griffin guest stars to Twist up the game and the mystery twin will finally be revealed! (Like we don’t already know who that is from the Live Feeds…)

That’s a wrap for our recap tonight. Join us here tomorrow for our Big Brother 17 eviction show recap at 9PM ET/6PM PT!

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