Big Brother 17 eviction night is finally here after what may be the fastest, crazy game-playing we’ve EVER seen in the first week of the show. The Big Brother 2015 cast members are playing so hard we can barely even keep up with the insane deals, alliances and drama. It feels like we’ve been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds for months, not just a week!

Will the Twin Twist finally be revealed? (CBS)

Will the Twin Twist finally be revealed? (CBS)

This week’s balls to the walls game play may not have just sunk one Big Brother 17 cast member permanently. There are several other houseguests who are in serious danger of never even making it to Jury after their actions this week. Especially the next big target in the house who will be lucky to survive even another week.

Of course, we’re talking about Audrey, who all but ensured through her own rash actions and constant efforts to control everything, that she is one step from going out the door. Which is probably the most ridiculous thing we could have imagined a week ago when she was an early fan favorite. If she had just laid back and been nice, joined a strong alliance and played supporter instead of trying to take over, she would have floated right through the next few weeks with no problems at all.

But tonight won’t be Audrey’s Big Brother eviction day, although it may be coming very soon. No, this evening it will be either Jackie or Jace going home. If you’ve been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds at all, you should be pretty clear which one of them it is going to be.

Before we get to who got evicted on Big Brother 17 tonight, however, we have to get through all the drama that led up to the vote. So let’s get to the action!

Big Brother host Julie Chen is wearing another of those plain red dresses she seems to drudge up every season. She gives us the intro and reminds us that Kathy Griffin will be giving us the next Big Brother Takeover Twist tonight.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 1

Then we have a recap of the events leading us up to tonight, including the plan to backdoor Jace and how he was played by James and Audrey. Plus, Audrey and how she has been trying to manipulate the house.

Tonight we will have the first live eviction and the next Head of Household Competition, plus the new Takeover Twist. We might also, finally have the reveal of the Twin Twist and see who has been playing double inside the Big Brother 17 house. (Although we are pretty sure we know who it is.)

Julie isn’t lying when she says this has been a first week like none other on Big Brother. They have been playing way hard, but has it been too hard?

We kick off with Jace having just been put up as the replacement nominee at the Veto Ceremony after Steve saved himself. Jackie plans to just be chill and not cause any drama so that no one thinks twice about sending Jace home.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 3

Clay and Shelli try to comfort Jace and tell him not to freak out. Audrey says in Diary Room that she think Jace is going to go off. Jace says in Diary Room that this is worse than Y2K. How old was he even when that happened? LOL.

Jace didn’t expect to get blindsided and so upset in the first week of the game. He goes to James to talk about what happened. James tells Jace that it’s not personal, he just doesn’t want to compete against him. Jace says it feels personal because he thought they were in an alliance. James says Jace almost beat him in HoH and it’s a game. Jace says he put his faith in James for nothing and it sucks.

Audrey swears to Jace that she had nothing to do with the backdoor plan. Jace does not believe her and says it sucks that he trusted her. He tells her that he hopes to God the house figures out what a liar she is and gets rid of her.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 6

Jace tells Austin there is no way he is going home. In Diary Room he says he is going to keep fighting. He says he totally has Austin’s back and he is going to get this vote changed. He goes to Clay and tries to convince him that he should vote to keep him. Clay says he will do what he can without jeopardizing his game. But in Diary Room he says Jace’s ship has sailed.

Talking to John, Jace says the only thing Jackie has going for her is boobs. Which of course makes Johnny Mac laugh. Jace says he can be a target if he sticks around, which protects John.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 5

Next on the campaign route is Jul/Liz and Vanessa. He tells them he may have the votes to stay and asks if they will support him if he does. They say they will.

Then it’s over to Steve. He tells Steve that he is drowning and Steve needs him. He says his strengths are Steve’s weaknesses and vice-versa. He says he needs Steve and Steve says he needs him too. But in Diary Room he says he can’t imagine how Jace can get seven votes.

Now Jace begs of a whole group of HGs to please save him. He says he would be forever indebted to them and could be very beneficial. Audrey whispers to Meg why they can’t just tell Jace that everyone was behind the idea of backdooring Jace so he will stop campaigning.

When she doesn’t get a positive response from Meg, Audrey just spits it out in front of everyone and tells him the whole house knows he was going. He says he doesn’t believe it and she is the whole reason he is being evicted. He says he is going to make the whole house know it. Audrey says Jace was making everyone uncomfortable and everyone knew he was trying to backdoor Jason. He says he never wanted to do that. (In fact, Audrey suggested that idea to distract from the backdoor Jace plan.)

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 1

Jace and Audrey start going at each other and yelling, name-calling, etc. Jace says Audrey is crazy and no one wants to talk to her. He says she is the next target and if he doesn’t go home, she will be out the door next.

Now it is time to reveal the Twin Twist. Julie says so far they have switched places four times. They have only a short time to talk while they exchange clothes. If they keep their secret for five evictions, they can both play as individual Houseguests.

Julia says it is weird walking into the house for the first time because she doesn’t know anything or anyone. We get to watch the two of them crazy talking to try to exchange as much info as possible during their switches.

We also get a brief bit where Audrey says she thinks someone is posing as a Twin and asking about Jeff’s twin and if Liz has siblings. Liz talks about how she has an “older” sister and says she has huge Angelina Jolie lips.

Tonight Liz and Julia will cast one vote together and then they will swap places LIVE. That’s going to be fun for them!

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 1

Time for the first live vote of the summer and the two nominated Houseguests will get to make a brief statement. Jackie says she loves everyone and it’s been a crazy week. She hopes that she can stick around to spread around more of her light and love.

Jace gives a shoutout to the fans and gives out his website and Instagram. He says he is sorry for everything that happened and then goes into super speed calling out the 8 person alliance that betrayed him. Including James who he said make a fake alliance with him and then betrayed him. He says it is a good job that they are getting out a strong player but he’d love to stay. He says Julie is gorgeous and then the live votes begin.

Jeff votes to evict Jace
Da’Vonne votes to evict Jace
Jason votes to evict Jace
Audrey votes to evict Jackie (wow, going against the house in rebellion!)
Steve votes to evict Jace (his good friend, he says)
Liz/Julia vote to evict Jace and make their live switch (one runs off camera and the other goes back into the living room)
Austin (and Judas) regretfully votes to evict Jace
Meg votes to evict Jace (That’s enough to evict Jace.)
John votes to evict Jace
Clay votes to evict Jace (gives a shoutout to his family)
Becky votes to evict Jace
Shelli votes to evict Jace
Vanessa votes to evict Jace

That’s it, the live vote is over and Jace has been evicted with 12 votes. He gives hugs around and shakes hands with everyone he can. Freeze frame makeout with Austin. He even hugs Audrey. Then he actually does a tumble roll out the door.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 2

Julie asks Jace who he thinks the single vote was for him. He says he thinks maybe it was someone trying to make it look like one of his friends voted for him to stay because he told them not to. He says the whole house was against him and he has to take it as a compliment that he came in hard. Julie tells him it was Audrey who voted for him. He says that Audrey is a wonderful person and he does truly love her even though he yelled at her and he’s proud of what she is doing for the transgender community.

Jason says he isn’t sorry Jace went because he was a ticking time bomb and everyone was waiting for him to explode, which he did. Steve says he wishes he could have worked with him but there was just no way with the whole house against him. Da’Vonne says the number one bro code is not to mess with Momma Day! You can go home. Austin says he is going to fight for Jace’s honor and he is his Shell Town.

Julie then makes it clear Jace won’t be coming back… unless it is after the Twin Twist is over. Because she tells him about Jul/Liz playing the game as one Houseguest. They both have a message for Jace and he is making awesome surprise faces at learning about the twins. He says they are good! And also, very gorgeous!

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 1

Now we have the new Big Brother Takeover and here comes Kathy Griffin! Well, after a small delay that seems to be an accident maybe… They all hear the BB Takeover music and run to the living room to see Kathy Griffin on the TV screen. But first, before she reveals the twist, she tells them to get to the backyard for the Head of Household Competition.

While they are getting ready, Kathy comes out and jokes that she and Julie are the second set of twins! And then she makes Julie chest bump with her. Kathy talks about her current 80 city tour. But yet she says she has been watching every minute of Big Brother 17. She says everyone is running around all over and talking way too much and not keep their alliances secret and sticking with them. Kathy says the girls need to stop melting down all the time. And what’s with the big alliances? Too many people!

Kathy says Audrey has to stop melting down and get out of bed and she hopes she will win. She says Da’Vonne started a fight the first week and that isn’t good. She also likes Vanessa and hopes she can keep her poker playing on the down low.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 3

All week, Kathy will be surprising the Houseguests but the biggest Twist will be the gift of the last laugh. A telephone will ring in the house. The person who answers the 7th call will get the power to keep three Houseguests from voting in next week’s live eviction.

Now it’s time for the Head of Household Competition. The Houseguests will compete in two rounds with randomly selected teams. Two Heads of Household will be chosen. In this Ginger Fever Competition, the Houseguests must assemble a puzzle to create a billboard for Kathy’s new (fake) movie with former Big Brother winner Andy.

It’s a frantic scramble back and forth to collect puzzle pieces. Steve and Vanessa pull out ahead but it’s anyone’s game really. Becky suddenly pulls up and hits her buzzer first! Becky is the first new Head of Household this week!

The second round is up and it’s another crazy scramble, but Shelli is going super fast and seems to have it down! Audrey looks desperate but she is behind. Shelli runs and leaps for her buzzer and becomes the second Head of Household.

Big Brother 17 Episode 5 9

Let the games begin! Becky and Shelli will have to nominate two Houseguests each for eviction. But with the Battle of the Block, only one Head of Household will have their final nominees facing eviction next week.

After our final commercial break, Kathy Griffin is back to give the Houseguests a tease of her Twist for the week. She pops in on the TV to say that the only thing she loves more than her Emmy Awards is getting the last laugh. She says she is going to give one of them the chance to have the last laugh at next week’s eviction. She’ll tell them more later, but for now they should do what they do best — panic and make up crazy theories! Good night!

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