So what did Rachel and Brendon have to say in their big announcement on Big Brother 2015 on Wednesday night?

Rachel and Brendon chatted a bit with Julie Chen before the big reveal. Rachel says it surprises her that there are no real floaters at the end of Big Brother 17. Even Johnny Mac. They’ve all played the game in their own way. Brendon thinks Johnny Mac represents all those who got evicted and came back really well. But he says Johnny Mac would have to win the final competition to convince the Jury he deserves to win. As for Liztin, Rachel thinks Austin is totally into it in the real world, but maybe not such much Liz.

Big Brother 17 2

Now it’s time for the big annoucement! Well, it looks like the speculation from the fans was indeed true and Rachel and Brendon announce that they are expecting a #brenchelbaby on the way! So Amanda was apparently totally messing with us! Congrats to Brendon and Rachel on their future son or daughter!

Power of Veto Competition:

Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother 16 hosts the Power of Veto Competition. The competition is a question one where they have to answer about the dates of events inside the house. Steve thinks he can win this and make sure Vanessa gets evicted.

Big Brother 17

Steve in PoV (courtesy of

But Steve doesn’t even come close to winning. Liz goes out first, then Steve bites it, leaving the comp down to Vanessa and Johnny Mac. In the end, it’s Vanessa who takes home the win.

(Hmmmm, Steve saying that he wanted to win the Power of Veto and evict Vanessa, and then him losing before Johnny Mac was even out… Well, none of it matches up with his whole post Power of Veto crying confession that he threw the comp to Vanessa. Very confusing.)

Power of Veto Ceremony:

We don’t even need a PoV Ceremony. It is pretty much automatic that Vanessa will take herself off the block and Liz will go up in her place. We’re just going to race right along to a fast eviction before we kick off the first round of the final Head of Household Competition.

Eviction Vote:

Vanessa votes to evict Johnny Mac. Liz, Vanessa, and Steve are the final three of Big Brother 17. Vanessa says she just couldn’t take the risk of having Johnny Mac and his “game long” alliance with Steve in the final three.

Johnny Mac gets big cheers as he leaves the house and tells Julie Chen that he wishes he’d had the chance to vote out Vanessa. He also wishes that he had not kept Steve when he could have gotten rid of him, so that Vanessa would have been wrapped up in eliminating the showmance instead of him.

Head of Household Competition (Part One):

The Head of Household Competition did not kick off at the end of the show as we expected it to. However, a banner on the Live Feeds page says we will get to watch the comp at some point this evening. We’ll be recapping the results live over here, so come join us!

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