12:00 PM BBT: A bunch of the HGs talk in the bathroom about 9/11 and what everyone remembers about that terrible event.

Steve talks to the Live Feed viewers in the backyard. He says he is very happy he won the Power of Veto and he isn’t in Jace’s shoes. He says he has been making a lot 1 week deals, like with Janessa. He also says he is going to throw the next Head of Household Competition because things are going to get nasty and he wants to stay out of it. He says there is an inside and an outside. INside is going to be James, Meg, Audrey, and maybe Da’Vonne. Maybe Jason. He says James and Meg are tight and he believes they must have a deal. He thinks Jeff just really wants to be included and is trying so hard to be on the inside. (Rewind and check out the full rundown on the Big Brother Live Feeds.)

12:10 PM BBT: Austin gives Clay a bit of a massage.

12:20 PM BBT: Jeff goes off to the Diary Room. Shirtless Clay shows himself off in the backyard. James, Audrey, Meg and John hang out in the bedroom. Jeff wanders through. Jason comes in and climbs in bed with Meg. Not much going on.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 1

12:30 PM BBT: Clay gets in trouble with Big Brother for doing flips into the pool and gets scolded. We didn’t see the flips on the feeds, bummer. Steve talks about Evil Dick with John and James. Shelli and Jason talk game until Liz and Jace join them on the couch outside.

12:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Jace he is going to start campaigning for him secretly on Wednesday. Even though he has told everyone else he won’t. But now everyone is worried that Jace is going to blow up on them unless he thinks he has a chance to stay, so they have to placate him. Jace says he thinks the producers don’t want him to go yet. Production hates it when the Houseguests talk about production. Phhttt. They talk about how Jace could go out and come back in since there is so much time this season.

Becky notes that she hasn’t gone to the Diary Room since Power of Veto. Well Becky, that’s because you are boring when it comes to game play. True floater over here.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 6

Bunch of random stuff but nothing really worth noting as important to the game. Amazing how much less drama there is in the house when Audrey spends a lot of time in the Diary Room.

1:10 PM BBT: Liz (or is it Julia?) tells Steve that her sister is really into the Live Feeds. LOL.

1:45 PM BBT: Liz and Jace talk in the pool. Jeff has told her not to hang out with him anymore. And wouldn’t you know, here comes Jeff and James.

Meg tells Jason and Jackie that when Jace said he had a friend that betrayed him, he was talking about Clay.

Jace tells Steve he has a last minute plan to get votes. Steve says he is glad Jace is going to fight until the end.

1:50 PM BBT: Julia is going to blow the whole Twin Twist if she talks about ‘Liz’ in the third person again.

Jace practices his eviction speech on camera 2. He’s trying out different voices and gesturing all over. He looks pissy. Da’Vonne tells him to work on the positive. He talks about the Bible and says he wants to show people the real him.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 2

2:00 PM BBT: Audrey is out and about, and talking to Austin in the bathroom. He tells her that if someone is manipulating things, he knows it isn’t her. (Hahahaah.) They talk about how Jace has a hard time laying low and doesn’t know how to play the game. Really Audrey, pot calling kettle?

2:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Jace it’s a long season, and even if he leaves, he could come back.

Other Houseguests in the pool, with lots of bikinis and naked man chests for viewing pleasure.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 4

2:25 PM BBT: Jace campaigns to John. He tells John if he stayed he would be a bigger target than him. He says that the people wanting him out will want John out too. He tells John that Jackie is acting like she’s totally safe and she brings nothing to the table but boobs!

2:30 PM BBT: Jace silently practices his eviction night rap in the kitchen making all kinds of weird faces and gestures.

Was she prompted by something production said? Hmmmm. Shelli talks about the Twin Twist from Big Brother 5. She talks about how they switched out, and only had a short time to talk, and then both of them got to enter the game when no one noticed.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 5

3:00 PM BBT: Jace tells Vanessa that if he got to stay, he’d volunteer to go up on the block every week. He says he is going to put on a show on eviction night, but he won’t give her a preview.

Jace goes to the other bedroom and talks to Audrey and Meg. He says he dreamt last night who it was who stabbed him in the back but he isn’t going to call them out. Jace says he is done arguing with Audrey, it was stupid.

3:15 PM BBT: Audrey tells Meg her worst case scenario would be if Da’Vonne and Jason win Head of Household. Meg says she doesn’t think that’s true. Audrey says Clay told her everyone thinks it was her that told Jace about the song thing. (James had made up a song to sing when he put Jace up but never used it.) Audrey says she thinks it was Da’Vonne. (Actually, Audrey told Vanessa who told Jace.) They talk about how they think Becky’s constant cleaning is part of her game play and she eavesdrops on everything.

3:40 PM BBT: Meg and Austin talk in the bathroom. Meg says she feels like she has to vote with the house and it sucks. Austin agrees.

4:15 PM BBT:  James smack talks to Meg about Audrey. He says he can’t wait to see her face when she gets nominated. Meg says Audrey will fight to save herself and they better have the numbers when they go after her. They talk about Shelli, Clay, and Audrey and what deals they might have. They theorize that Audrey might be a saboteur, or America’s Player. Meg tells James that Austin won’t vote to keep Jace.

4:25 PM BBT: Liz and Austin talk in the backyard. Liz says she is trying to stay off the radar. Austin says that’s a smart thing that Jace doesn’t understand. Austin says he can’t trust James or Jackie. They play too hard and talk too much. Austin says the movement against Audrey has started.

4:50 PM BBT: James, Meg, Da’Vonne and Jason are in the Have-Not room comparing Audrey lies and stories. James thinks Audrey is a saboteur. A group of the other Houseguests are hanging outside talking about all kinds of yummy food.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-29-2015 1

4:50 PM BBT: Well, apparently half the people in the house know Vanessa is a poker player. Da’Vonne the poker dealer included. But do they know how many millions she’s made?

5:10 PM BBT: Da’Vonne tells Jason she wants to get closer to Shelli to find out what Audrey has been telling her. They wonder why Clay is into Shelli when Jackie and Liz are more his age.

5:40 PM BBT: Jason tells Austin and Meg how people in the Big Brother fan community think the game is rigged but it pisses him off because he doesn’t believe it.

That’s a wrap for this Live Feeds report! More to come soon in our Monday night/Tuesday morning overnight report coming soon!

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