On Big Brother 17 tonight, we will most likely bid farewell to a Houseguest who claimed not one, but two series firsts during their time on the show. Not only was Audrey Middleton the first openly transgender player on Big Brother USA, she was also the first ever to not show up for a Veto Meeting.

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Since the plan to backdoor Audrey by her former allies came to light, she has spent most of her time holed up in the Have-Not room or locked in the Diary Room. On the Big Brother Live Feeds, #AudreyWatch has mostly consisted of trying to determine whether or not she’s gone to the bathroom enough to avoid kidney failure. (Totally serious here.)

Audrey avoided almost all interaction with the other Houseguests for days, although she did make a half-hearted attempt on Wednesday to emerge from her shell for some last minute game talk. None of it did her any good, and it’s obvious to everyone, including her, that there is no hope she will avoid eviction tonight. She’s already said she has a ‘prepared’ speech for host Julie Chen, and she does not plan on doing any post-eviction interviews with the press. We’ll see if CBS lets her get away with that under her show contract with the network.

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Since the eviction tonight is pretty much a given, with an almost certain unanimous vote, the important thing to look forward to is the Head of Household Competition. We are desperately hoping for some kind of shake up in the house to unravel The Sixth Sense and Sleeper Cell alliances led by Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa (with Austin and Jul/Liz revolving around). Big cracks are already showing with Austin being an idiot this week revealing the truth of Jul/Liz to Jason behind the back of his alliance mates. They are NOT happy about this or his evolving showmance with Liz.

Big Brother 17 Austin and Liz

We’d like to see John, Jackie, or possibly even Steve win the Head of Household Competition tonight and — if we could only dream — target the Clay/Shelli showmance. It would be especially delicious if somehow John won HoH and suddenly realized Clay and Shelli to be gotten rid of because she’s been controlling the whole house! Which, honestly, he should have gotten by now having been used by them repeatedly and constantly for weeks. The icing on the cake would be a double eviction that got rid of both Clay and Shelli!

Big Brother 17 Clay and Shelli

Unfortunately, the odds are that one of major alliance members or their lackeys will win the HoH. Then all we can hope for is that the tension between Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and Austin will break wide open and all will crumble into dust!

Stay tuned tonight for our live recap of the Big Brother 17 Eviction Results show starting at 9PM ET/6PM PT.

* Update: We’ve heard rumors that due to Audrey’s behavior and unpredictability, the show tonight may be pre-taped and not live. We don’t have any solid evidence, however, other than the Live Feeds going off very early and so far not coming back on, which they usually do for a while on Thursdays.

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