Just like that, we’re off and running! Last night kicked off another twisted Big Brother summer. As always, I’m interested to see how the twists will impact the game, how the Houseguests’ relationships will develop, how alliances form, and then all fall apart.

BIg Brother 17 Houseguests (CBS)

Big Brother 17 Houseguests (CBS)

Julie introduced us to three twists last night — The Twin Twist (circa BB5) the return of Battle of the Block, and the BB Takeover, which will be a new twist unleashed into the house on a weekly basis.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch BB5. (I was a sophomore in High School) I’ll be curious to see if the twins can pull it off- looking at the pictures that were posted last night on twitter — I think if there is anyone who pays enough attention, they’ll be noticed. I guess I’m also curious to see how it works. Will they have a chance to talk so they can catch each other up on the conversations had, deals made, etc?

If you’re a twitter follower of fellow BB fans — you’ll see there isn’t a lot of love for the Battle of the Block (BOTB) twist. I won’t say it’s a favorite twist of mine, but I don’t dislike it as much as a lot of the other fans. I think BOTB provides the POSSIBILITY of some good game play. (Last season, it almost never worked out that way). I think it gives the nominees an extra chance to play for their life in the game. I think it also sets up the possibility to target someone you wouldn’t want to normally.

For example: Last season — the group (read Derrick) managed to talk Caleb into going up to save Amber. That week could have played out differently, the same with the week they put Frankie on the block. I think there is potential if there isn’t someone (again, read Derrick) who has an alliance with both sides of the house and manages to control the whole game. Had BOTB been in season 13 (the duos, 6 returning houseguests) when the house was pretty split, it could have been a completely different twist. BOTB certainly isn’t my favorite twist, but I don’t think it’s the worst thing that could happen.

BB Takeover certainly could add a lot of fun to the game. I took a minute to put together some of the other twists in past seasons, in addition to some of the additional ‘powers’, that we could potentially see popping up this season.

Season 4 – Ex-Factor (living with ex-boyfriend/girlfriend)
Season 5 – Project DNA (Twins)
Season 6 – The Houseguests entered with a secret partner
Season 8 – Rivals and America’s Player
Season 9 – Couples
Season 11 – Cliques
Season 12 – Saboteur
Season 13 – 6 Returning Houseguests, played as duos
Season 14 – Coaches
Season 15 – MVP
Season 16 – Team America

Some of the additional ‘powers’ throughout the seasons have included: the Golden Key (safety until 10 Houseguests left), Diamond Power of Veto, Coup d’état, Pandora’s Box, and a variety of reset buttons.

As a BB fan, I can’t wait to see what BB Takeover has in store- if it’ll be some of these old twists and powers, or if it’ll be something new completely, or maybe a new take on an old twist. As Audrey said last night “Buckle Up Bitches” Big Brother is BACK!!

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