It wasn’t quite Keesha’s Birthday levels of drama but Nicole’s birthday delivered some drama as she turned 24 at the turn of midnight last night. Despite a relatively slow start to the day with an indoor lockdown in the Head of Household bedroom, yesterday took off in the evening and remained eventful in the overnight hours. It was day 15 in the house and there were meltdowns, fights, and strategic conversations happening all throughout.

Big Brother Live Feeds Nicole

Please note that the following acknowledges Big Brother spoilers for events that have taken place after Wednesday night’s episode. If you do not wish to know the happenings in the house since the Power of Veto ceremony, please do not continue reading.

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It was an emotional day in the house as Michelle broke down about her pixel outfit, having issues with body image despite her alleged body shaming that she’s done on the other side of the computer screen. Frank spoke to her and eventually she began to feel better about it. And later in the day she, Bridgette, Frank, and Paulie were finally able to take off their pixel outfits in an official shunning event, with Paulie and Frank going almost fully nude for the reveal.

Big Brother Live Feeds Nicole

One of the biggest strategic happenings of the day revolved around some of Jozea’s side of the house realizing that things weren’t as peachy as they suspected. While Paul, Jozea, and Victor remained pretty much completely unaware, the girls, particularly Natalie and Bronte had their suspicions prior to yesterday due to the way Paulie had been acting and Natalie’s assertion that Paulie was originally nominated as a pawn.

Most of the action revolved around Natalie, someone who has remained mostly quiet but kind to everyone. Frank and Nicole spoke to her to discuss the rumors of her quarrel with Victor the night before and his apparent asking Nicole on a date. Natalie expressed that she’s grown frustrated with Victor and is tired of being lied to. Frank tried to further the wedge between the two of them though it was already growing since Natalie has shown to be fairly perceptive about house dynamics.


Furthermore, Natalie remained in the action when she spoke to Tiffany for a while and the two agreed to have each other’s back and talk more once the votes came in this week. Natalie got more clarity when Frank essentially confirmed what she’s suspected that he would be voting to keep Paulie and that he was more than likely going to stay. Natalie struggled with how to handle it all, but decided she wanted to keep her promise to Jozea to vote to keep him. He also suggested she throw HoH, but she was unsure, referring to the fact that she wanted to protect Bronte as well. She promised to keep the conversation between her and Frank, building yet another bridge to the other side of the house.

Natalie tried to tell Bronte and Victor that she felt Jozea was going to be evicted without outright saying it and without implicating Frank. As he usually does, Victor dismissed Natalie’s assertion. But when alone with Bronte and Bridgette, Natalie suggested they’d need to change the way they are thinking about and playing the game if Jozea goes home. Additionally she felt that they’d need to distance themselves from the sinking ship that the guys are on. She also recognized that the other side is tryting to turn her on Victor, and moreover that it’s apparent who is together, essentially naming the majority alliance in the house of Eight Pack plus Paulie.


Right around the time that Nicole’s birthday began, Frank reported back to the Eight Pack his conversations with Natalie, and they seemed bummed that the surprise would be ruined. I think some of them noted that Frank is planting seeds for his own benefit to get Natalie on his side for the future. Tiffany in particular mentioned that he was looking out for himself in case Victor, Paul, Natalie, Bronte, or Bridgette would win Head of Household.

Tiffany questioned Frank about him revealing things to the other side and he got frustrated. They continued talking a little later and Frank got aggressive and when Tiffany offered to explain how she communicates, he told her he didn’t want to hear it. She stormed out and said “chill the f*ck out, bro” and began to rant (in front of Bridgette) that Frank was a male chauvinist and how she can’t stand being spoken to that way. She had issues with him the other day for raising his voice at her and it’s continued to bug her. She cried and ranted to the girls until she was calm, but she made several comments about Frank being rude and feeling uncomfortable around him. She also joked that it was genetic, her being emotional over the game, much like her sister Vanessa.


They both spoke to some members of the Eight Pack and things are seemingly okay on the surface though they didn’t have a conversation at any point. Some of the Eight Pack, particularly James, Corey, and Frank expressed doubts about Tiffany and suggested maybe bringing Natalie in to replace her.

And to cap off the night, Natalie and James spoke and he gave her advice to get off the sinking ship of her current side of the house. Natalie remarked how intense the game is, but that she wants to lay low and observe things so she can decide where she should align herself. James tried to pry about what Frank told her, but she said she couldn’t since she promised him she’d keep it between them. Meanwhile downstairs, Jozea and Paul grew nervous about why Natalie was talking to James.

All in all, an eventful night and one that could very well shift the dynamics going into the second full week of the game! Be sure to check out @BigBroAccess on Twitter for live feed updates.


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