Another week, another ambitious Big Brother 18 eviction plan. Last go around the majority alliance in the house and their allies were all about the blindside of ‘Messiah’ Jozea Flores. This time, Head of Household Paulie Calafiore is working to make a backdoor eviction of enemy Victor Arroyo happen when Thursday night’s live show rolls around.

Big Brother 18 Power of Veto

While it does get a little boring when you have a strong majority alliance taking total control of the house early on, you can’t beat having a blindside and a possible backdoor in just the first two evictions of the season. Of course, there is still plenty of time before Thursday night’s live show for something to happen to knock the whole plan out of whack.

Before we get to the eviction, we first have to get through the Power of Veto Competition and find out who will end up as the final nominees on the block this week. Paulie didn’t put up Victor as an initial eviction nominee because he did not want him to have the chance to play in the PoV. That way he could be blindsided as a Veto renom, and have no opportunity to save himself from the block.

The Power of Veto Competition tonight is the infamous spelling challenge. You know, the one where former houseguest Johnny Mac the dentist spelled out Boogers? Yep, that one. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy things the players will be trying to win the PoV with this season. Once we have a winner, we’ll know a lot more about whether or not Paulie’s plan to backdoor Victor will still viable.

Victor winning the Roadkill Competition and putting up Tiffany as the third nominee has complicated the backdoor plan a bit. If Tiffany won the PoV, she could take herself off the block and then Victor would get to name the renom — and he certainly wouldn’t nominate himself. Also, there is a chance someone else could win the PoV and either not take anyone down, or take down Tiffany, ending up with the same result.

Michelle and Da’Vonne assure Tiffany that even though Victor has put her up on the block as an eviction nominee is that she is in no danger of going home. Da’Vonne says she has all the numbers she needs and she doesn’t need to worry about it. Even so, Tiffany is freaking out and paranoid that she is getting backdoored.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany

Paulie tells her to stop stressing and that it is Victor going home, and if not him, it will be Paul or Bronte. But Tiffany is still in tears and totally feeling like she can’t trust anyone. Da’Vonne is getting a bit annoyed because she was willing to play with Tiffany as herself, but the longer things go on, she just keeps reminding her more and more of her sister Vanessa and all her paranoia.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

Bronte is glad Tiffany went up on the block, but she’s still worried about what could happen. She tells Spy Girls ally Natalie that they just need to lay low and make sure they don’t end up as targets.

Frank and Paulie talk about how Tiffany’s paranoia could cause problems for them. They are worried she might try to win the Power of Veto and take herself off the block. If she did that, then Victor would end up with the renom pick, and the whole backdoor plan falls apart. She comes into the HoH to take a shower and they ask her if she is okay. They tell her she is totally fine.

Da’Vonne and Frank talk about that if Victor wins the Power of Veto and isn’t available to evict, they could always replace Tiffany with Paulie in the 8-Pack alliance. Because they’ve all experienced plenty of drama, emotion and confrontation with Tiffany already. Frank and Da’Vonne think it could end up an opportunity to get rid of Tiffany if she stays on the block and they can’t get out Victor.

Paul finds himself in hot water after Victor tries to throw him under the bus by telling Paulie that Paul doesn’t trust him and Frank. Paul assures James and Paulie that they are all good and he totally trusts them. Paulie believes him and tells Paul to just keep things cool. In Diary Room, Paul says he is so done with trying to help Victor, he has to worry about himself!


Time to pick the Power of Veto players. Head of Household Paulie and nominees Paul, Tiffany, and Bronte are all playing. Paulie randomly draws Da’Vonne and Paul. Since Paul is an eviction nominee, he gets to pick who else will play. In Diary Room he says this sucks because if he doesn’t pick Victor, Victor will know something is up. If he does, then Paulie and Frank will be all over him.

Paul decides he is going to choose Zakiyah and tells Victor that he wanted to pick someone he thought he could beat. He tries to play dumb that he didn’t get that it would have been better for both of them if he’d picked Victor because he would have had two chances to be safe.

Paul is just happy that now he’s gotten some trust credit with Paulie and Frank. However, they all know that Tiffany still needs to throw the Power of Veto for everything to work out properly.

Here comes the Power of Veto Competition and it stinks outside in the backyard like cow pies. Frank jokes that it smells like Nicole’s feet. In the ‘Toezarks’ challenge, players have to dig out letters from nasty fungus in giant toes and then spell out the longest words they can as fast as they can. Also, some letters are worth more points than others, so that is important too!

Paulie is a fan of spelling and he has a plan to get three S letters and three T letters and then go from there to spell out his word. Tiffany has decided that she just can’t throw the competition because she can’t totally trust her alleged allies to keep her safe. Da’Vonne is NOT pleased because Tiffany was obviously counting her letters to try to beat her.

Everyone is scrambling to get as many fungus letters as they can. Some of them get sprayed in the face and all over with gross, nasty stuff. Da’Vonne rings in that she is done. Paul rings in that he’s done. Zakiyah is next, followed by Paulie. Bronte and Tiffany are the last ones to ring in.

Paul spells “slouched” – 9 points
Tiffany spells “twinkling” – 10 points
Da’Vonne spells “redemption” – 9 points
Zakiyah spells “duration” – 6 points
Bronte spells “powerful” – 10 points (she rang in before Tiffany so she leads)
Paulie spells “sustainability” – 10 points (he rang in before Bronte so he wins)


Paul is not happy that he is not going to be coming off the block. Bronte isn’t happy either because Paulie is now HoH and PoV winner. Da’Vonne is thrilled Paulie won but she’s now very displeased with Tiffany and is now thinking the Rousso sister is going to need to have a target put on her back. Paulie, meanwhile, says he thinks he’s going to have to change his name to ‘Two-Chains’ with his dual wins.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

Da’Vonne tells Paulie and Frank that Tiffany was counting her letters specifically and went back for more letters to try to beat her. Frank is thinking Tiffany might be getting a bit too shady for them.

Bronte and Natalie reaffirm that the only people they really trust are each other and there is a lot of shady things going on in the house. Meanwhile, Paulie tells Paul that he is going to take Paul down off the block to make him feel like he can be trusted. Paul says he doesn’t know how that happened, but he’s thrilled to come off the block.

Paulie tells Frank and Nicole that he told Paul he would take him down from the block. Frank says it’s “backdoor” time. Victor comes into the Head of Household where Frank, Nicole, Paulie and the allies are hanging out and it’s all kinds of awkward.

Nicole goes into the pantry after doing a bit of snuggling with Corey and James scares the heck out of her by leaping out of a trash can.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

Da’Vonne tells Nicole and Michelle that she wants to keep the 8-Pack strong and the Fatal Five sub-alliance intact as well. But they are all worried that Tiffany is too much trouble and might drag them down. They think the Fatal Five should be brought down to the Fatal Four, although they aren’t going to tell Tiffany about it. Da’Vonne thinks it might even be the best time to get Tiffany out this week if the opportunity presents itself.

Paul tries to convince Victor that he’s totally scared about the eviction and that he thinks Paulie is going to to take Bronte off the block. Victor says no, he thinks Bronte will be the one getting evicted. In Diary Room, Paul says he hates that he really wants to help Victor but he just can’t do so openly without putting his own head on the block. But he tries to sort of warn Victor by saying he thinks Paulie will take Bronte off the block and target either him or Victor. Except he’s really trying to imply, he’s coming after you Victor, because he knows he’s safe. But Victor really isn’t getting it. He thinks if Paulie doesn’t go after Bronte, he’ll go after Tiffany instead.

Time for the Power of Veto Meeting. Paulie says he’s been keeping Victor comfortable all week, but now it’s time to drop the hammer. At the ceremony, Paulie announces that he is going to take Paul off the block and replace him with Victor.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany

Victor gets why Paulie put him up, because he gunned for him last week. But he feels confident he can get the votes to stay in the house. Paul says in Diary Room that Victor dug his own grave, even if he feels bad about going up. Tiffany feels sort of safe since she has the 8-Pack behind her. Da’Vonne, however, says it might be time to ‘shuffle the deck and play her own hand’ so Tiffany might want to watch out.

That’s a wrap!



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