We found out before the Big Brother 18 premiere that Battle of the Block would not be returning this season, thank goodness! Instead, executive producer Allison Grodner promised a brand new ‘game-changing’ challenge would be airing on Sunday nights.

Big Brother 18 Roadkill

Although we already know the results from the new comp thanks to Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, we’ll actually finally get to watch how it all unfolds tonight. Whichever houseguest wins the challenge will get the power to anonymously put up a third person as eviction nominee.


CBS released sneak peek photos from the new secret Sunday competition a few days ago to give us a taste of what was to come. The photos actually looked pretty hilarious, so we can’t wait to see the houseguests in action trying to win this thing. Apparently the competition is all about trying to hold down three buttons in the steering section of a fake RV in the backyard, while trying to take off all your clothes. Big Brother does like making the houseguests strip as often as possible.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 (18)

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And we’re off! When we last left our houseguests, new Head of Household Nicole Franzel had just put up her eviction nominations for week one: Jozea as the target, and Paulie as a pawn. The hope was that a strong player like Paulie would prevent Jozea from winning the Power of Veto and taking himself off the block.

Nicole says the moment she took HoH, she drew a line in the sand with vets vs. newbies. First target being Jozea for talking all about getting rid of the vets. Jozea says he’s not worried at all about being nominated. Paulie is a little worried to see his face up as a nominee, but promises his brother (and former houseguest Cody) that he’s got this.

Da’Vonne immediately gets with Jozea and assures him that she didn’t know anything about the nomination, and oh isn’t it terrible. Jozea says he is going to be going ‘after that b**ch”. Da’Vonne is all about being Jozea’s ally in his face, but in Diary Room she’s secretly thrilled that Jozea is up on the block and very likely to go home this week.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 5

Jozea keeps telling all the newbies about how he’s going to be going after Nicole. Bridgette is like, I didn’t know she’d do that, “I follow her on Twitter, I’m a fan.” Paulie thinks it’s funny Jozea is shocked he is on the block when he’s been going all around the house saying he’s targeting “that thing” Nicole.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3

Da’Vonne tells Nicole about Jozea telling her that she should win the Power of Veto so she can take him off the block and he can go after Nicole. Nicole says he didn’t even bother to ask her not to put him on the block. Nicole is all balls to the wall about going after Jozea. Of course, right then he comes in to interrupt them talking.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 4

Nicole says Jozea didn’t even talk to her before the nominations. Jozea says that when he wins HoH, he wouldn’t want anyone up in the HoH room asking him to be saved. Nicole doesn’t even know what to say to that. She tells Jozea it was just about putting up two strong players (although that’s not the truth) to make it fair. He says he doesn’t take it personally, but he obviously does.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 1

Time for the new competition! Nicole gets a card from Big Brother and reads it out to the houseguests. She explains that the “Roadkill” competition tonight will reward the winner with the power to put up a third eviction nominee. Every houseguest will compete, and the winner can even nominate a member of their own team! Plus, the nomination will be secret, so the other houseguests won’t know for sure who won, unless they decide to reveal that information.

The houseguests are all riled up by the news of the new competition and the new power the winner will have. Jozea is actually really happy about this, and immediately gets with Victor and Paul and tells them if one of them wins, they have to put Frank up. Speaking of, Frank is worried that if he doesn’t win, he’s going to get put up and it will be just like Big Brother 15 when everyone was after him.

Da’Vonne feels like if the vets don’t win the new competition every week, none of them will win. She and Nicole think it’s very possible that no matter who among the newbies they are allied with, they will secretly nominate a veteran no matter what.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 2

With this in mind, Da’Vonne starts working Zakiyah to try to drag her over to her side. Zakiyah and Da’Vonne swear they have each other’s backs. In Diary Room, Zakiyah says the newbies are so erratic and don’t even know how to play the game, which makes her want to ally with Da’Vonne.

After working on Zakiyah, Da’Vonne starts working on Michelle the superfan, but she doesn’t have to work very hard. Michelle is already all about working with the veterans. In Diary Room, Michelle says that she wants to work with vets because they know the game and she knows they are loyal as well. Da’Vonne is way happy because she’s just lined up a sweet alliance of four vets and four newbies.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 1

Thus, the Eight Pack alliance is born with Nicole, Da’Vonne, Frank, and James along with Michelle, Corey, Zakiyah, and Paulie.

The Big Brother RV has arrived and it’s time to play! The goal in the competition is to take off your clothes down to your swimsuit while ‘driving’ the RV by holding down three buttons. Each button that is released makes the time speed up. The person who gets the lowest amount of time when they hit the finish button will win.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 2

Nicole goes first, and says the hardest part is making sure the body part on the button is actually pushing the button. At the end she says she didn’t even notice she’d missed one of the buttons. After Nicole, Paulie works hard to make sure he is pressing all the buttons, including actually planting his mouth on one.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 1

The rest of the houseguests follow, putting their bodies in the most ridiculous contortions imaginable to keep from letting go of buttons while they strip. Poor James is so short, he can barely even reach all the buttons. Jozea gets so into it, he almost takes off ALL his clothes.

After everyone is finished, they are each sent to open a tackle box to find out if they won or not. They can choose afterwards to reveal this to other houseguests or not. Houseguest after houseguest opens to find they are the loser. Finally, we find out that veteran Frank Eudy has won the game and will get to nominate the third person for eviction this week.

The newbies are wondering who won the power. Paulie says he’s going to try to figure out who it is. Jozea thinks Paulie might have won it and doesn’t trust him. Frank comes in and he tells Jozea and Paul that he thought he had it but he didn’t. Jozea says again it was Paulie because he ‘reads faces and he’s always right’. James and Da’Vonne are thrilled to learn Frank won, and they all agree they have to keep things low key.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 3

Natalie and Bridgette are so all over each other buddies, and they decide they need to make an all-girls alliance with Bronte. Bridgette sneaks a talk with Bronte and she’s super excited for a ‘female power’ alliance. They all get together and decide they are all secret spies — Natalie is Flirty Spy, Bronte is Wifey Spy, and Bridgette is Spunky Spy (later the alliance is named the PowerPuff Girls).

Meanwhile, Tiffany overhears all these plans and can’t believe they are seriously making an alliance right in front of her.

Big Brother 18 Episode 3 1

The veterans, along with Tiffany and Zakiyah, talk over who Frank should nominate for eviction. (Obviously they all know he won the power at this point.) Several people are considered, all newbies of course since all the vets are involved. Bridgette is a strong possibility, but not for sure.

Time for the mystery punishments for Frank, Paulie, Michelle, and Bridgette. They go into the Diary Room and find out that for the next week, the only thing they will be wearing is “pixels”. Bronte thinks Paulie is super crazy hot and she’s loving it. Corey is also thinking the guys look pretty damn hot and have ‘great bodies’. Oh my!

Wrapping up the night, it’s time for the ‘Roadkill Ceremony’. The winner has secretly nominated someone for eviction. Team Unicorn is safe from the first competition of the season, and the Freakazoids are also safe because Nicole is the Head of Household. The person who ends up nominated for eviction is Paul.

Frank says Paul just picked the wrong side. Frank says they just have to make sure Jozea doesn’t win the Power of Veto, and he will be out the door. Meanwhile, Jozea says everyone in the house loves him (hah!) and that he’s the heart and soul of the house, so he’s not worried.

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