Fridgette’s week as Head of Household has had its share of drama and entertainment. My personal favorites have been Paulie’s audition for Magic Mike and Big Meech on the mic.


Unfortunately, two of the three people on the block this week are repeats from last week. Fortunately, it looks like one of those two could finally be leaving this week, and I’m so here for it.


I’m done with her. Point. Blank. And the period. She needs to pack her knitted crop top with Captain America shields on it and roll on out to meet Julie.

Pros for evicting Bronte-

– Feedsters can watch the feeds without thinking there’s a five-year- old girl in the house.

– No more of her terrible Diary Room sessions.

– The other HG’s won’t have to worry about a mathematician beating them at counting games. Though I don’t know that was ever really a necessary concern.


Cons for evicting Bronte-

– The house might get dirtier, but what’s new?


I’m still going back and forth with Vanessa 2.0. If I were in the house, I would probably go ahead and get her booty out the door while I had the chance. She really seems to be a ticking time bomb.

Pros for evicting Tiffany-

– No more Tupac bandana fashion statements.

– Production won’t have to spend as much money on tissues.

– Other HG’s can quit spending their time talking her down off the edge. They really need that extra free time ya know.


Cons for evicting Tiffany-

– We’ll never know if she would fully fall into the Rousso paranoia hole.

– Big Meech will need a new beat dropper.


Get your nerf guns ready, but Paul is growing on me without his boys Jozea and Victor to drag him down. He’s far from my favorite HG, but he has his good moments. I’m prepared for the backlash of that statement.

Pros for evicting Paul-

– He’s obnoxiously loud.

– His endless plugs for his clothing line are getting old.

Paul Abrahamian on the CBS series BIG BROTHER, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Cons for evicting Paul-

– It seems like he’s a pretty good chef. Even when he’s on slop.

– He’ll never break the record for most times on the block.

– Who else will sit on the block week after week without slipping into intense paranoia?

Fridgette’s target is Tiffany, but others in the house have been trying to flip the vote Bronte’s way. The eviction will certainly be an interesting one!

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