What a huge difference a very short time can make on Big Brother 18! The past couple of days, the whole house has been in a state of revolt. Houseguests who were ruling the nest have now found themselves watching their games blow up. Other cast members who were living in fear at the bottom of the pack are now in a position to potentially become power players. It’s a mad, mad, mad, Big Brother world!


WARNING: This post contains Live Feeds spoilers, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

1. Michelle Meyer – Yes, she’s on the block, but this week she played a large part in getting the house to flip on her enemy Paulie. With emotions running high in a double eviction, I can’t see Corey, Paulie or Nicole nominating her because they will feel most betrayed by James. This flip could have Michelle safe for weeks and look for her to be a power player.

2. Paul Abrahamian – Paul was a target before the vote flipping, but now he seems to be pretty safe. Paul is now in an an alliance of six and James is planning on cancelling his vote. That means he will keep his hands clean as Zakiyah is blindsided this week. Paul will be able to play the middle of the house and avoid a target on his back.


3. Bridgette Dunning – Paulie’s original number 1 target for the week, but with the flip he’ll have James and Natalie on his mind. Bridgette played a large role in flipping the house against Paulie and that is why she deserves this spot. She connected well with Michelle, despite their past and that shows a good player.

4. Corey Brooks – I can’t see Corey leaving over Nicole or Paulie this week. I think he is the one to watch in the couples alliance in going far, especially if Paulie leaves during the double eviction. Corey is just viewed weaker and he’s not as good in competitions as Paulie or Nicole. He seems to be viewed as a background player in the couples alliance.

5. Victor Arroyo – He was a very likely double eviction boot, but the flip is going to have him safe during the double eviction. No one is going to take a shot at him because Paulie, James or Natalie on both sides will be targets. Victor’s problem is he is a threat in competitions, but the fact he is outgoing HOH is a victory for him.

6. Nicole Franzel – If the new alliance of six (Michelle, Paul, James, Victor, Bridgette and Natalie) wins HOH it’s very likely Corey and Nicole nominations happen. Nicole is looked at a threat because of her connection with Paulie and the showmance alliance. I think the only way Nicole survives is if she wins power of veto or if she is sitting next to Paulie, who is a bigger target.

7. Natalie Negrotti – Natalie has made Paulie upset with accusations that he was flirty with her. So, I think if he can’t get James out if he wins HOH, then she will be his next bet. Natalie begged James not to spill this information and he did, which could really hurt her down the road. Natalie is a dangerous player going forward because she is actively targeting Paulie.


8. James Huling – James is making a very big move this week, but it could backfire. If one of Corey, Nicole or Paulie win HOH he is going to land on the block as a prime target to take out. I don’t know if it’s the best move for game, but James is all about taking risk and turning on Paulie could go either way for him.

9. Paulie Calafiore – Paulie went from number one to number 9 in a span of one week. His game became sloppy, he was bashing Zakiyah to the house and they agreed to put her up. Then he won power of veto and he could have saved her, but he didn’t. It’s been obvious he’s running the house and you better believe many will take a shot at him during the double eviction.


10. Zakiyah Everette – Zakiyah is in this position because she decided to choke HOH and then trust Paulie with her life in the game. He could have taken her down with the POV, but instead he got cocky. Zakiyah wasn’t really playing much of a game anyway, but you think she would at least campaign to the others in the house.

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