The Big Brother 18 players continue to show how one bad move can nearly destroy weeks of good game play. Da’Vonne, Tiffany, and Frank are all victims of making one wrong move and having it collapse your game strategies. This week, James became its newest victim on Big Brother 2016.

Big Brother-Zakiyah and Paulie

James still ranks as one of the better players of Big Brother 2016, especially considering the messiness of the players this year. James game might not be in immediate danger, but it is definitely in long term danger on Big Brother. James’ position shifted down a little from last week, due to his errors with winning Head of Household. See who else moved up or went down in our ranking for the week.

1. Paulie Calafiore – You think someone would notice that Paulie is calling all the shots right? Well, he just skates by and is the current mastermind of the season. Paulie has controlled every aspect of the game since week two and has zero targets on his back going into next week. Paulie smartly plays both sides, can win competitions and has a great social game to keep him safe. If the houseguest do not compare notes, he’s going to run away with this season.

2. Zakiyah Everette – A lot of people keep referring to her as a “Floater,” but she’s not a floater. She aligned with the Eight Pack, Fatal Five and Showmance alliance which keeps her safe. Zakiyah’s strongest gameplay is her social game, I do not think there’s a person in that house who hates her. She’s going to go very far in the game because she is viewed as the weakest link of the showmance pact. Like or love her game, but she has never been nominated, so she’s doing something right.


3. James Huling – James is playing this week pretty good and did what the house wanted him to do. That will keep the target off his back next week and he’s able to socialize more. James did not need to win HOH this week, but he did and if he takes out Frank the house loves him even more. It’s also a big move to take out Frank and it presents a jury argument for him later on.

4. Corey Brooks – I am really shocked that Corey has survived this long in the game without having a target on his back. Not only is he in a showmance, but he’s also an alpha male who won a POV last week. Corey still needs to make a move somehow because right now he’s just following everything Paulie tells him to do.

5. Natalie Negrotti – James has done a great job of shielding Natalie, but she is still at risk of being a pawn. I think Natalie is someone who could be in trouble in the double eviction because the boys are going to want to separate Natalie, so James can not take her to the end.

Paul Big Brother

6. Paul Abrahamian – Paul has played this week perfect since Victor has returned and I felt that could have damaged his game. He still has trust in Paulie, who has taken him under his wing. His former Big Sister teammates trust him because he gives them information. The only problem for Paul going forward is he needs to relax with breaking up every conversation because houseguest will start to get suspicious of his behavior.

7. Michelle Meyer – Michelle has a pretty great social game despite being not as strategic as other players. But she is not being targeted by anyone because she put herself in the loyal showmance pact and they trust her. Michelle seems most at risk during a double eviction, and the players, like Paulie, have mentioned taking her out around that time. But she just needs to keep doing what she is doing right now.

8. Nicole Franzel – Frank really hurt Nicole’s game this week and she no longer has 100 percent trust with Zakiyah. Da’vonne is now onto her and would likely nominate her next week. Nicole’s loyalty to Frank has caused a lot of issues in her game and she bought it all on herself. Nicole has given frank opportunity after opportunity and she still trust him. With Frank leaving, it improves her game.

9. Victor Arroyo – Victor survived his first week returning, but the fact that he won multiple competitions to return makes people nervous. He’s going to have to win out to survive at some point and that’s unlikely. I expect the house to target him as soon possible and hell eventually ends up as the new Frank Eudy.

Big Brother 2016-Nicole and Victor

10. Da’vonne Rogers – I am impressed that she survived being nominated last week by Tiffany, but once Frank leaves, Paulie views her as the number one target. Day really hurt her game when she made it obvious she was against the showmance pact. She has never recovered in that arena with players like Corey, Nicole and Paulie. The only chance Day survives is if she sits next to Bridgette because the majority of the house will choose Da’vonne over Bridgette.

11. Bridgette Dunning – Bridgette is low because she is nothing more than Frank’s minion in the game. A lot of players in the house want her to follow Frank right out the door next week and that makes her an easy target. Barring her winning an HOH, she’s most likely to become nominated and the house won’t miss an easy week to send out a player with no allies.

12. Frank Eudy – Frank is playing the same game in Big Brother 14 and that’s his trouble. It’s everyone vs Frank and he has a sidekick named Bridgette this time! Frank’s biggest problem is his lack of social game because him being a competition beast is not the reason he is leaving this week. His early treatment of some of the girls, put him i this position and he has yet to recover.


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