The first Big Brother 2016 pair head-to-head happens on Thursday. Frank and Bridgette have been a non-romantic pair all season. Everyone knows that they will protect each other before anyone else. Now, their bond gets tested this week on Big Brother 18.

Frank and Bridgette-Biig Brother 18

The Big Brother Power of Veto competition played out over the week. OTEV had another disastrous result for Frank, because Michelle won it. Prior to the Veto ceremony, he made a couple of attempts to save himself. The biggest one involved a house meeting. Eventually, the house meeting shut down his dreams of getting off the block.

Michelle did not use the Veto. Now Bridgette or Frank could go home. However, the newest Big Brother 2016 twist could result in them coming right back into the house. So it might not even matter who gets voted out in the end.

As of now, it very much seems like Frank will leave pre-jury. However, do not count him out just yet. He has been slyly campaigning to stay in the house by saying that Bridgette really wants to go home.

There are a few people who want Bridgette out first. Michelle seems especially anti-Bridgette, considering their history of a one-sided rivalry. Michelle also still wants Frank on her side. Paulie believes that Frank might be the better option for his game. However, he doesn’t seem too invested in saving Frank.

Nicole and James really want Frank out at the moment. Nicole wants Frank out because he could further blow up her game. James wants him out because he might seek revenge on him for this week’s nominations. Natalie also has an invested interest in keeping Bridgette, because she’s her one true ally besides James.

In the end, the votes could still flip to save Frank. It really depends on how things go tonight and tomorrow morning in the Big Brother 2016 house. However, at the moment, we expect an unanimous vote to evict Frank…then the twist will save him!

Thanks, Grodner!

Just kidding, we’ll have to wait to see if Frank wins that round trip ticket.

Who do you think will leave Big Brother 18 tomorrow night? Which houseguest do you want to see leave this week?


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