It was a quiet week in the Big Brother 18 house. The week started off chaotic with Paul, as Head of Household, looking for friendship with a volunteer nominee. He found it in his closest ally, Paulie. He nominated Paulie and intended target Bridgette. He hoped the Big Brother 2016 week would end with a Bridgette eviction. However, Paulie had a bigger target in mind: Da’Vonne.

The feud between Da’Vonne and Paulie basically started way before the Live Feeds began. Zakiyah found herself growing closer to Da’Vonne and Paulie. Paulie saw this as an opportunity to all join forces with Nicole and Corey to become the final five. Da’Vonne could only see Paulie as the enemy. Eventually, he would become more important to Zakiyah than her, and ruin her unspoken final two deal.

Da’Vonne furthered her bond with James by switching her allegiance from Zakiyah to James. However, she did not realize that Paulie had also already won James’loyalty. Da’Vonne told James her plan to eliminate the showmances. The first one on her hit list: Zakiyah and Paulie’s showmance.

This worried James because he is also in a showmance with Natalie. James told Paulie, which basically set her up for this week’s eviction. In order to secure this plan, Paulie needed to get a few parts in motion.

The first piece of the Da’Vonne eviction puzzle relied on Paul agreeing to the backdoor. Paul wanted to keep Da’Vonne and Zakiyah as allies because of their Big Sister teammate history. He also knew that Bridgette did not benefit his game.

Big Brother-Paulie and Paul

The second piece included Paulie actually winning the Veto, and then getting himself off the block. The final factor including securing the votes for her to leave the Big Brother 16 house.

Paulie completed the second part of the task easily. He won this week’s Power of Veto competition. The first part of the plan proved the hardest, but he got Paul to leave the voting up to the house.

A couple players have some sort of allegiance towards Da’Vonne. Michelle, Zakiyah, and James are her closest friends and game partners. Zakiyah and Michelle caused some waves this week by not totally agreeing to vote out Da’Vonne. James, however, has been on board with voting out Da’Vonne but would try to flip the votes if he thought it possible.

The worst case scenario for the Paul and Paulie team would be if James and Natalie flipped to keeping Da’Vonne. This means the votes ended in a tie. Paul and Paulie are trying to play a similar game to Cody and Derrick, which means that they want as little visible blood on their hands as possible.

Evicting Da’Vonne makes Paul’s target grow, if she wins the Round Trip Ticket. Many fans have theorized that Da’Vonne holds the winning Round Trip Ticket. A sign on the memory wall says Ocho Rios is the dream destination. This seems like a clue to which number holds the critical ticket.

Da’Vonne has the 8th envelope. Right now this is pure speculation, but it has created enough fan waves that it could pan out to be true. As of now, Da’Vonne will probably be voted out by a six to two vote. However, will the Round Trip Ticket give her a third chance at Big Brother?


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