Last week in the Big Brother 2016 house, the 8-Pack formed, and eliminated Jozea from the game. This sent the opposition scrambling to stay alive. It set the tone for the 8-Pack to dominate the first couple of weeks in the Big Brother 18 house. This meant that all the threats to their alliance: Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Natalie Negrotti, Bridgette Dunning, and Bronte D’Aquisto needed to go. Unfortunately this meant Victor was the 8-Pack’s number one enemy for the week.

Week 3 Nominees-BB18

After this week’s Veto ceremony, the get Victor out plan took full form. The only saving grace for him this week might be the storm brewing within the 8-Pack. Victor accidentally made a really smart move by nominating Tiffany Rousso as the Roadkill nominee. All week, Frank Eudy and Tiffany have shown a little animosity towards each other.

They both know that now is the time to make a move against the other one. So Tiffany’s safety might not be completely set this week. We have already seen signs of Frank placing little seeds of doubt in the 8-Pack and Paulie’s mind about Tiffany’s emotional outbursts. Unbeknownst to Frank, the Fatal Five seem set on keeping Tiffany around a little longer.

Another thing working in Tiffany’s favor is Paulie Calafiore’s bitterness toward how Bronte and Victor treated him last week. Therefore, he wants revenge. The best way to get it is by being the direct cause of one of their evictions. He doesn’t seem willing to let his revenge plan go this week on Big Brother.

Big Brother 18 Episode 5

Frank’s campaigning against Tiffany should not factor into who gets evicted this week. However, there is always a chance the guys might start worrying about the women outnumbering them in the house.

This could lead to a last minute vote flip to eliminate either Tiffany or Bronte from the Big Brother 18 house.

Tomorrow night’s eviction most likely will come down to Victor versus Tiffany. However, in the end, we expect an unanimous vote for Victor’s eviction. 10-0-0 with Victor becoming the third evictee of the season.

Which houseguest do you think will be the one who is evicted on Big Brother 18 this week?

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