Tomorrow night, the Big Brother Battle Back happens on CBS. This makes tonight’s Big Brother 2016 eviction one of the most critical evictions of the season. This evictee gets the last spot in the five round competition to return to the Big Brother 18 house.

Big Brother 18 Eviction Nominees

We currently have three strong female personalities on the block for eviction this week. Natalie, Tiffany, and Da’Vonne all want to make it to jury, and possibly win, but only two get to continue fighting for the title of Big Brother 18 winner.

Natalie seems fairly safe this week. Therefore, the votes come down to a battle between Tiffany and Da’Vonne. Both women showed a lot of potential to become great Big Brother 18 players. However, both of their games started to fall apart around the beginning of last week.

Tiffany’s game started to crumble when she challenged Frank’s actions and authority. Her emotional outbursts also hurt her game. Many would also credit Da’Vonne with Tiffany’s game demise.

Da’Vonne was the original player to point out the similarities between Vanessa and Tiffany’s game. The idea of Tiffany and Vanessa playing the same game started to infect everyone’s mind. She had no chance to win allies after this unfortunate tainting.

Tiffany ratting out everyone’s game became her saving grace this week. It won her a week of allegiance from Frank and Bridgette. Frank has been aggressively fighting to get the house to keep Tiffany and vote out Da’Vonne all week.

Tiffany Rousso-Big Brother 18

Luckily for Da’Vonne, Paulie is really stubborn and won’t budge on his evict Tiffany agenda. The majority of the Big Brother 2016 house will go along with it because they do not want to go against the house this week. They also see Tiffany and Da’Vonne as an equal threat to their games. Tiffany just seems slightly better at competitions.

Da’Vonne’s game started to fall apart when she started to play  too hard, too fast. She kept running around the house telling people too much info. She also tried to turn people against one another. All these game strategies are fine…if you’re good at controlling your emotions, and the people you tell can keep secrets.

Da’Vonne suffered from two major game crutches this week. The first is that she underestimated the bonds that started to form around her. People she thought were allies, became allies with other people, which made her just as lone of a wolf as Tiffany.

Da’Vonne’s second game crutch was that she no longer controlled her emotions. She started to get too passive aggressive, and cry at the wrong moments. In the Big Brother house, any little thing can make people start questioning your loyalty and intentions in the game.

Da'Vonne Rogers

Now, unfortunately, Big Brother viewers are likely to lose two highly entertaining houseguests early on in the season unless some big changes happen. Of course, the Battle Back competition could shake things up quite a bit if whomever is evicted tonight ends up coming right back in the house on Friday night.

We predict at the end of the day, the will of Paulie will surpass any last minute tricks Frank and company attempts this week and Tiffany will be evicted by a 6-2 vote.

Who do you think will leave Big Brother 18 tonight? Which houseguest do you want to see leave this week?

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