We’ve only got three months to go until the start of Big Brother 18! And that means the rumor mill is about to get churning once again! Are you ready?

Source: CBS.com

As announced last week, Big Brother 18 will premiere on Wednesday, June 22nd in a special two-hour episode!

Presumably, we’ll be meeting the entire cast the first night regardless of whether or not they all move in on night one or if half of them come in the second night as they’ve done the past two seasons as part of Battle of the Block. I think we can all say we’re hopeful to not have to deal with that once again this summer.

This may also mean that live feeds could launch the night of the premiere if we’re caught up to speed by the time the two-hour show closes. It should be more than enough time to fit in introductions, Head of Household, Nominations, and even perhaps a Power of Veto if an eviction is to occur the first Thursday on June 23rd.

But it’s more likely that it’s extra time to introduce us to the new twists as we’ve not had a first week eviction since Big Brother 14 when Jodi was cruely sent home on the first night of the game. We typically get a full week to get to know our brand new hamsters, or reaquaint ourselves if they are familiar faces.

Episodes will continue to air Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights with evictions on Thursdays.

If you’re interested in potentially being a part of the Big Brother 18 cast, be sure to check out BigBrotherCasting.tv for information on how to apply as well as updates on open call dates and locations! You’ve got one month left before the application deadline of April 22nd!

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