After a fun and relaxing time at the Big Brother 18 County Fair, the houseguests (HG) must again face-off against one another in the most terrifying competition ever.  Last we saw the HGs, they were beginning a two hour horrifying ordeal inside the Black Box competition vying to become the next Head of Household (HOH).

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

With only seven HGs remaining, the pressure of winning each competition is mounting for the HGs.  Tonight, the next HOH will be revealed as the countdown continues with only 31 days left inside the Big Brother 18 house.

This competition begins in total darkness with each HG pressing their button once they are in their lane.  If they get scared easily and let go of the button without being instructed to do so, they will be immediately eliminated from the competition.  The HGs must survive 10 rounds and gather the most disks to win this HOH competition.  Tonight, the next HOH will be revealed as the countdown continues with only 31 days left inside the Big Brother 18 house.

At the County Fair during the pie eating competition, Michelle Meyer won the random advantage entitling her to an additional 30 seconds of search time during the Black Box competition.  Being that Michelle has yet to win a HOH competition, any advantage she receives is a benefit for her game.  Meech won the Power of Veto (POV) back in week 5, but she choose to not use the power to take either nominee off of the Block.  If Meech wants any chance at winning the Big Brother title, an HOH win is imperative tonight.

Tonight’s HOH crown will be a bit different than most weeks inside the house as Big Brother fans have the opportunity to influence the HOH crown therefore influencing the nominees to the Block.  America’s Care Package (ACP) awarded this evening will likely be the most advantageous and most powerful to date.  The winner of the fourth ACP will be crowned Co-HOH, sharing all of the perks and responsibilities for the entire week.  The Co-HOH will also nominate one of the two HGs to the Block thus taking one nominee away from the Black Box competition winning HOH.

Big Brother America's Care Package

As the rules of ACP state, once a HG receives a care package this season, they are no longer eligible to win.  Therefore, Natalie Negrotti, James Huling and Nicole Frankel will not be eligible to win this week’s package.  This leaves Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Michelle with a one-in-four chance to win.  The care package could make this week’s game play quite entertaining, especially if the two HOH’s are not on the same page when it comes to the nominations to the Block.

Sit back, relax, buckle your seatbelts, and enjoy the ride.  Tonight’s episode will include the naming of the new HOH, the winner of ACP, and the naming of the two nominees to the Block for live eviction this Thursday.  As the game gets closer to the end, the pressure in the house gets higher and higher.  Who will crack under the pressure this week or who will come out shining like a diamond?  Tune in tonight to find out these answers and many more.



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