Apparently there is a good reason the Big Brother Live Feeds still come with that warning about the “houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs CBS does not condone”. We had really hoped this season could fly by without anyone in the house being guilty of spewing out questionably homophobic or racist comments this year.

Big Brother 18 Bronte Racist

Well, Corey Brooks already failed us in the first regard, and now it looks like both Bronte D’Aquisto and Jozea Flores may have brought questions of Big Brother racism back to the house as well. And they aren’t the only ones guilty of making what are at least racially insensitive, if not outright racist remarks, according to some fans.

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, and then again this morning around 11:30 AM BBT, Bronte D’Aquisto twice said, in slightly different variations, that she was going to ‘kick James’ little Asian a** back to Hong Kong’. This immediately sparked outrage from many Big Brother 18 fans on social media, and major backlash against a minority of viewers who thought the comments about veteran James Huling weren’t colored with shades of racism.

We have to note here that not only are Bronte’s comments very questionable when it comes to whether or not they are racist remarks, they are also completely inaccurate. Not that she seems to care, since she basically blew off another Houseguest who told her James is actually of Korean ancestry. Regardless of his heritage, James is about as American as apple pie when it comes down to it. He even calls himself a ‘hillbilly’ because the current Texas resident from Sumter, SC is so country.

Big Brother 18 Jozea Racist

Moving on to our next Big Brother racism controversy of the day, we have Jozea Flores running his mouth about Da’Vonne Rogers, accusing her of being racist in her game play. Basically Jozea said that Da’Vonne will give preference to other players of ‘color’ over white houseguests when it comes down to who she sides with in the game long term.

What makes this ironic is that Jozea himself is basically accusing Da’Vonne of being racist, although he’s actually the one who seems to be doing it himself with these statements. Jozea already had a history of questionably racist commentary in the house before this, including things he apparently said in the house before the Live Feeds came on that other houseguests have talked about a few times. Plus, he often has a noticeable shift in speech and attitude when talking to Da’Vonne and Zakiyah versus other houseguests, changing his speech patterns and attitude when he is around them.

We’re barely over a week into the Big Brother 18 season, and these are just the most glaring examples of what some fans on Twitter are calling “low-key racism” among the houseguests. Corey Brooks, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo have also been called out by fans over comments they’ve made that skirt the line of being racist, or at least come across that way to a lot of viewers.

One would think after all the huge press and blowups on social media about Big Brother racist comments from various past players, people would learn better by now. Even if there is no true hate or intentional racism involved, you just can’t say things that could be interpreted as being racially insensitive when millions of people are watching you day and night. It can and will be found out, and spread all over the Internet like a bad rash.

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I think a lot of times things houseguests say are taken out of context of their situation and blown out of proportion. They are under a microscope, and they say stupid sh*t. It’s going to happen.

On the other hand, it is a very big deal to a lot of people when a HG says something that can be perceived as being racist or homophobic, because it is such a big problem in our country, and around the world. 
When stuff like this happens, I do write about it because I think it is important that people be held accountable for fostering an environment of low key or ‘casual’ racism or homophobia. While those involved may indeed be innocent of actually consciously feeling negativity against those of color or a different sexual orientation, that does not mean they aren’t still responsible for being part of the problem.


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