Da’Vonne and Zakiyah also attack Paulie over how he betrayed Zakiyah and didn’t use the Veto to save her even when she totally had her back. Zakiyah calls Paulie a b*tch and a loser. They get WAY into it and Da’Vonne and Bridgette flee the room while they keep calling each other b*tches.


Time for the live vote and eviction! Victor gives his eviction speech and says he’s been a loyal player, and he would love to stay. Corey says it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun being on the block. He also says he’s been loyal and played an honest game. Let’s get to the vote!

Big Brother 18 Week 9 Live Vote:

  • Paul votes to evict: Corey
  • Nicole votes to evict: Victor
  • James votes to evict: Victor

Victor has been evicted! He gives hugs all around, and Michelle whispers that there will be a Jury buyback, LOL. Victor gets a huge roar when he walks out the door for his interview with Julie Chen. The other houseguests note that the eviction has happened rather early so maybe there is something going on.


Victor tells Julie he thinks they decided to vote him out because he’s a much stronger competitor than Corey. He says his betrayal against Paulie was all about finding out the other guys were all working together and he felt he had to get Paulie out. Victor says his alliance with Paul was all about Paul being the brains and him being the brawn and it all worked well for a while, but now Paul is probably in trouble. He hopes that maybe James will get evicted next, and he just wants Paul to go to the end because he was his ride or die.


Michelle tells Victor that Paul was the target this week, not him, and she feels bad. James says it was all a game move and not personal, and he wishes him all the best. Paul says he’s kicking himself in the butt and he tried to keep him safe and he will do his best to survive. Natalie says she is happy they had a second chance to build a friendship and she’ll be keeping after Paul.

Julie tells Victor that not only did he get a second chance, but now he has an unprecedented second, second chance. Victor can’t believe it and he’s super excited!


Over in the Jury house, Paulie says his first week in the house has been interesting. It didn’t start out very well, but everything seems to have calmed down. Zakiyah says Paulie has been keeping out of her way, so all is good. Paulie says the two of them have spoken zero words to each other.


The doorbell rings and they get a note telling them they get to fight it out to get back in the Big Brother house. They are all totally excited, but they are all hoping Victor won’t be the last Jury member to fight against, because he’s too strong of a competition threat! Well, guess what!


Time to tell the rest of the houseguests what’s about to happen! They are all looking scared and nervous, although Meech is very certain she knows what’s about to occur. Julie tells them they will all be competing in an epic endurance competition and the Jury members will be battling along with them and the last one standing will be back in the game. If the winning Jury outlasts everyone, they will also be Head of Household.


The Jury members come back in the house and it’s hugs and screams all around. Victor even gives Natalie a big hug and a smile. Paul about faints over having Victor back in the house.


The competition is about to start, but first, the last America’s Care Package vote will start tonight after the challenge is over. The winner will get $5,000 to bribe another houseguest to try to change the course of the game. Voting begins at 12:01 AM Pacific Time.

Time for the competition to begin! It’s the classic Big Brother wall endurance challenge with the houseguests trying to keep their feet on tiny platforms while holding onto a rail behind them.


Hop on over and find out who wins and which Jury member returns to the game in our SPOILERS recap of the Head of Household/Jury Return endurance competition from the Live Feeds!

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