In the days leading up to the Big Brother eviction results show on Thursday, it seemed like we were heading into yet another predictable week of knowing exactly who was going to get the boot. While veteran Da’Vonne Rogers did attempt to undo the damage she caused by making Frank think Tiffany was his enemy, she totally failed to swing the votes to save her.

Big Brother 18

With Head of Household Bridgette serving as Frank’s puppet, he had the power to make sure Tiffany was right on the block where he wanted her. After winning the Roadkill challenge, Frank was even more assured that he was in total control over who would got evicted on Big Brother this week.

Then, all of a sudden, the vote flip plan was back in action again on the Big Brother Live Feeds, with barely a day to go before the eviction. This time, however, Da’Vonne wasn’t even aware of what was going on! Instead, it was Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyah, and Michelle who got together on the idea of saving Tiffany, and evicting Bronte instead. With the margin of votes so close, however, it wouldn’t take much to throw the whole vote flip idea into total disarray. Especially since the group left out James and Da’Vonne in the planning of it.

When we last left the houseguests on the CBS Big Brother 18 show, Bridgette had just decided not to use the Power of Veto to take anyone off the block — including her own Spy Girls ally Bronte. Let’s remember that Frank put Bronte on the block as the third nominee after winning the Roadkill competition, which he admitted to Bridgette later and she actually was totally fine with it. Well, maybe a little irritated, but little birdie Bridgette has absolute trust in Frank that he has control over the house. We’ll see how that trust turns out at tonight’s live eviction!

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Will it be the 7 to 2 landslide against Tiffany Rousso that Frank Eudy is expecting when the houseguests cast their votes? Or will be seeing a revolt in the house with possibly even a 6 to 3 vote against Bronte D’Acquisto?

Good evening and welcome to Big Brother eviction results night! Will the house follow Frank’s lead in getting Tiffany out tonight? Or will he end up blindsided when Bronte goes out the door instead? We’ll find out soon enough, but first…!

Frank is feeling it’s been a great, successful week because Bridgette has been doing everything he tells her too and he’s thinking Tiffany will be out the door soon. Paul is happy because he feels like he is the least likely person on the block to get the boot this week. Da’Vonne says in Diary Room that Tiffany drives her nuts, but she thinks she could use her to help get Frank out of the house.

Big Brother 18 2

Da’Vonne tells James that she is thinking about keeping Tiffany because she would gun for Frank. James says in Diary Room that he would be fine with Bronte leaving even though she is on his team. Da’Vonne, Michelle, and James think they could flip the vote if they wanted to.

Nicole and Da’Vonne talk to Michelle about the idea of a vote flip. They all agree they would vote to keep Tiffany, and James would join them. That’s four votes. So all they need is one more. Da’Vonne thinks she can get Zakiyah on board, but they have to keep things really quiet.

Big Brother 18 4

Da’Vonne and Nicole talk to Zakiyah about flipping to vote out Bronte instead of Tiffany. Zakiyah tells them she will do whatever they tell her to do. She agrees she will talk to Paulie about it. Paulie, however, is not really feeling keeping Tiffany because she’s such an emotional player and could blow up on them any time. He thinks Bronte is no danger in competitions, but Tiffany is far more likely to be trouble.

The group all ends up outside together and Paulie says he doesn’t want Tiffany out. Paulie tries to remember everyone what Vanessa did last year when she was weak in the beginning but then she got strong. He works on talking everyone around to going back to the original plan of getting out Tiffany instead because she’s just the more dangerous player. Nicole says if they vote out Tiffany, one of them could end up the next target.

Big Brother 18 5

Frank is already planning for the next week because he’s already sure this eviction is under his belt. He talks to Nicole about what they should do next week. She says she knows what he is thinking and that he wants to get out Da’Vonne. Frank says they have to get her out at some point. In Diary Room, Nicole says it’s obvious the two of them are after each other, and this week she’s going to have to decide who she is going to work with.

Talking to his puppet Bridgette, Frank tells her that he thinks the Roadkill competition is going to be the key to getting their plans moving forward this coming week. Frank goes to talk to Nicole and wants to make a side alliance with him, Bridgette, her and Corey. He says it would even be good if Michelle won Head of Household, but Nicole says Michelle would not be on board with knowing they are after Da’Vonne.

Big Brother 18 2

Frank ignores Nicole about not talking to Michelle about Da’Vonne. He talks to her with Bridgette that he thinks Day may be the best target next week. Michelle swears that she would totally be on board with going after Da’Vonne. She’s lying through her teeth, of course. She goes right to Da’Vonne and tells her about what Frank said. Nicole comes in and Michelle tells her about what Frank said. Michelle says Frank told her Nicole would be fine with getting out Da’Vonne. Now Da’Vonne is feeling suspicious of Nicole and Nicole is pissed at Frank big time.

Big Brother 18 3

Nicole tells Michelle it makes no sense for them to send home Tiffany. They decide to talk to Paulie again about the idea of flipping the vote against Bronte. Paulie was dead set against getting Tiffany out. However, if they get Bronte out instead, this will totally freak out Frank and maybe mess him up at the Head of Household competition.

Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle decide they will go for the vote flip blindside, but they won’t tell Da’Vonne and James. That way the vote will be all kinds of messed up and Frank won’t know who voted against Bronte and who voted with him against Tiffany.

Big Brother 18 5

Now it’s time for the live eviction vote! The three eviction nominees give their last minute speeches. Paul gives a funny speech that’s not really very serious because he knows he isn’t in danger. Tiffany, however, gives a nasty speech against Frank and his dictatorship and his gas. She says the only people she would target if she stays is Frank the dictator and his cabbage patch kid Bridgette. Bronte says she is not in the habit of being mean and she just says she would like to stay and that’s about it.

Big Brother 18 2

Da’Vonne and quite a few of the houseguests are totally shocked over Tiffany’s in your face eviction speech! Wow, she really went for it! Let’s see if it ends up being a killer exit speech, or if it’s going to be a nasty Frank versus Tiffany week of fun ahead. Looks like Tiffany just brought the Rousso to season 18!

Big Brother 18 Eviction Results:

  • Natalie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Paulie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bronte
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Bronte
  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict: Bronte
  • Nicole votes to evict: Bronte
  • Corey votes to evict: Bronte

It’s official! Bronte D’Acquisto has been evicted in a vote flip blindside by the house majority. This should lead to quite the spectacular Head of Household battle as veteran Frank Eudy must now know he could very well be in serious danger of getting the boot next. As Bronte was leaving, Tiffany actually said it is time for war! Michelle is stomping around like she is mad as hell and upset, even though she was totally in on it all.

Big Brother 18 3

Bronte tells Julie that she thinks that the target for next week changed and that is why she ended up being a target because everyone is going after Frank and Tiffany is against Frank, so she was better to keep. She says that she found out twenty minutes before the eviction that she was going to go out. Bronte says if Bridgette had used the Veto to save her, it would have ended up being Natalie who would be sitting there. If she could do it all again, she wouldn’t have trusted Victor and Jozea. She says now she’ll go home and work on being a mathematician and enjoy her summer.

Michelle says she is glad they got Bronte out before she could make any big moves. Paulie says he’s sorry she had to go and he’ll see her soon. Natalie says she can’t wait for them to be friends outside of the house. Frank says he and Bridgette had her back this week and he had nothing to do with her going out if she ended up voted out.

Big Brother 18 4

Julie tells Bronte there is a twist in the game she isn’t aware of and that the winner of the Battle Back competition will get a chance to go back into the house. Bronte is happy she wasn’t rude on the way out and held her tongue!

For this week’s Head of Household Competition, the houseguests had to play a memory game. They were given a series of images to memorize for practice. They will now have to answer true/false questions based on the images. If they get one wrong, they are out. The last person standing wins, and they and their team will be safe from eviction this week.

Big Brother 18 Head of Household Results:

Round 1: Corey, James, Zakiyah, Natalie, and Paul are out.
Round 2: No one is out.
Round 3: Tiffany, Michelle, and Da’Vonne are out.
Round 4: Paulie is the only one right! He and his team are now safe for the week! That includes him, Frank, Michelle, and Bridgette.

Watch out Tiffany and Da’Vonne. Things are not looking so great for y’all right now… even if Paulie has been working with you recently… Because it is indeed time for war!

Big Brother 18 4


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