We are always excited for the Big Brother 18 season premiere, but it’s the launch of the Live Feeds every year that we really look forward to. That happy time is finally here at last, as the Big Brother Live Feeds are set to turn on after the west coast airing of the show tonight. Meanwhile, however, we have the second half of the season 18 premiere to get through first, including our first eviction of the year!

Twelve new houseguests move into the BIG BROTHER house for a summer vacation on the CBS Television Network. Julie Chen is host. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2016 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Yes, we’ll be saying goodbye to one of the Big Brother 18 cast members before the second episode of the new season is even done. Kind of reminds me of poor Jodi Rollins from BB14. At least whichever player gets the boot tonight will have actually gotten to spend a bit more time inside the Big Brother house than she did.

When last we left our hamsters in their cage, they were all still reeling over the shock of being thrown for a loop with three big twists right out of the gate. First we had four veteran houseguests return to the game: Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, James Huling, and Da’Vonne Rogers. Then everyone was told they would be playing in teams this season, and were split into groups of four — each with one veteran player. After that, they were tossed right into a series of challenges to determine who would end up as the first Head of Household for the year — and which contestant would be the first to be evicted.

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Following three rounds of grueling challenges, the losing group of the night ended up being Team Freakazoids: Nicole, Corey, Tiffany, and Glenn. On Big Brother tonight, the four of them will compete against each other to determine which one of the four will end up as the first Head of Household this year, and which one will be heading out the door in the first eviction.


Our live blog recap of night two of the Big Brother 18 premiere starts now. Join us right here as we bring you all the dish from the show as it happens!

Nicole says possibly being the first person evicted is her worst nightmare. This whole process so far is more stressful than her whole previous season. Glenn says this is definitely not what he expected to happen his first day in the house.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 3

Da’Vonne takes Tiffany aside into one of the bedrooms to work her magic on her and try to get one of the newbies on her side. Tiffany is already crying, just like sister Vanessa was the first week she was in the Big Brother house. She confesses to Da’Vonne that she is Vanessa’s sister. Da’Vonne wisecracks about the crying being genetic.

Paul is still on his newbies against veterans rant and trying to make sure they are all on board with this strategy. Corey, however, isn’t sure this is the right strategy for him.

Frank and James complain about the bathroom floor being weird and sticky. Little do they know that they almost ended up with a bathroom floor made of sand. The two of them talk about how the newbies are still plotting against them. Da’Vonne joins them and Frank talks about how they need to nurture their newbie teammates. Da’Vonne hopes that Tiffany or Nicole will win Head of Household, and then they’ll be good.

Nicole grabs Corey and pulls him into the pantry for a strategy talk about who should be HoH. She says in Diary Room that she wants Corey to think her taking the Head of Household is really his idea. She talks about how bad it is to have to get blood on your hands so early, etc. Corey is totally all about Nicole taking the HoH and buying her plan hook, line, and sinker like he thought of it himself.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2

Now it’s time for the eviction competition, Victor is serving as host. The houseguests will have to grab coconuts from a fake tree to spell out an S.O.S., while the platform the tree and the message is on wobbles around when they move. Whoever comes in last place will be immediately evicted. The rest will have to figure out who ends up Head of Household.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2

Paul told Corey before the game that he needs to win to make sure that Nicole doesn’t become HoH. All of the newbies are cheering for all the newbies, and not for Nicole. Frank says in Diary Room that it’s obvious the newbies are all banded against the veterans.

The competition is very tight with everyone doing about the same, although Tiffany pulls out for a slight early lead. Then Nicole takes over the lead and has only one more coconut left to spell out her message. And she’s got it! Nicole is now safe from eviction!

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 4

That leaves Glenn, Corey, and Tiffany battling it out to keep from being the one who gets booted out the door. Paul is being bossy again from the sidelines, basically chastising the newbies for not taking things slow enough and messing up.

Tiffany is freaking out because every time she grabs another coconut, she loses one from her S.O.S. Finally she is able to complete her message, grab her ‘done’ flag and Tiffany is safe! Now it’s Glenn against Corey for who is going to end up being evicted. Glenn almost has his flag and is crawling toward it to grab it. Then Corey snaps his flag up at pretty much the same time Glenn does. It’s a photo finish… and the photo shows that Glenn’s coconuts were dislodged from his S.O.S. message before he pulled his flag out.

The first houseguest evicted from Big Brother 18 is Glenn Garcia!

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 5

Now it’s time for Tiffany, Nicole, and Corey to choose the Head of Household. Nicole does a masterful job of pretty much convincing Tiffany and Corey they should choose her. Like it’s a terrible burden that she will take on but that they better have her back. While secretly, of course, she’s thrilled she has the HoH.

Tiffany, Nicole, and Corey will also be safe in the next eviction as part of Nicole’s team. With James, Natalie, Victor, and Bronte are also safe due to their win in the first competition of the season. That leaves Michelle, Paulie, Bridgette, Frank, Da’Vonne, Paul, Zakiyah, and Jozea as the only possible eviction nominees that Nicole can choose. Paul is absolutely sure this means a newbie will end up going home in the next eviction.

Nicole is thinking Paulie could end up being an ally with the veterans because he’s Cody’s brother. But then again, Cody did help get her booted her last time on the show. Meanwhile, Paul is pissed off at Corey for not grabbing the HoH and keeping it from Nicole. Corey says he didn’t want to push the issue with Nicole. In Diary Room, Corey says he really didn’t want to have the blood on his hands of being HoH, but now he’s feeling worried.

The newbies are freaked out over Nicole being HoH and they want to know where her head is out. Victor takes Nicole aside and starts questioning her about what she’s thinking. She says honestly she doesn’t have a plan other than she doesn’t want to go after anyone that isn’t going after her. He basically starts spilling all about who wants her out and what is going on with the newbies.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 9

Meanwhile, Victor is taking off his shirt in some sort of attempted seductive manner, wiggling his fingers at her provocatively, and then scooting closer to her and patting her leg. Really Victor? Already trying to blind the ladies with what you think is your irresistible charm but is really just kind of creepy? Nicole is amused in Diary Room that Victor is basically spilling all his buddies’ secrets to her and how totally stupid that is.

Back from a commercial break and James is already starting with his pranks. He pretends to be Victor and starts badgering Nicole in the shower saying the newbies are coming after her, and why is she always having attitude with him? He messes with her for a few minutes trying to freak her out and she thinks it really is Victor. But finally he confesses it’s really James and not Victor. Let the pranking begin!

Finally we have the reveal of the Have-Not room and it does not have anything to do with an airport, as many theorized it might when the house theme was revealed. Instead, it’s a ‘carnival’ style room and the beds are very uncomfortable looking bumper cars. Although we have to say they don’t look nearly so bad as the past few years of Have-Not beds.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 11

Jozea calls himself the ‘messiah’ of the newbies. Da’Vonne is not loving this at all when she’s talking in the Diary Room. You don’t blaspheme god to Da’Vonne. She says he just sealed his fate! Jozea keeps chatting at Da’Vonne that he is so good at everything, and that everyone better just hope he doesn’t get any power. Da’Vonne is just eating up Jozea’s attitude and how he’s spilling info to her.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 111

Da’Vonne takes Nicole aside and tells her that Jozea basically laid out the newbie plan to get out the veterans one by one, starting with her, acting like he’s the man of Big Brother. Da’Vonne says the veterans have to stick together and fight for each other.

Nicole takes Corey aside and tells him that Jozea told Da’Vonne that she is at the top of his hit list. So she wants to put him up. Nicole says she also wants to put Paulie up too because he could be a competition beast and she wants Paulie to beat Jozea in Power of Veto. But she says she will only do it if Paulie will agree to go up as a pawn. If this works out, hopefully she can get Jozea evicted without any blood on her hands.

Big Brotehr 18 Episode 2 11s1

Nicole and the other veterans work on Paulie in the Head of Household room to convince him to be the pawn. But in Diary Room he’s wondering if this is really a good idea to put him up as a pawn if they really want to be teamed with him long term.

Time for the Nominations Ceremony and Nicole reveals that she is nominating Jozea and Paulie for eviction. She said it wasn’t an easy decision and there wasn’t a lot of people to choose from. So she says she decided to pick two strong players from each time. Though, of course, that’s not the real reason. Nicole says in Diary Room that it’s risky to put Paulie up as a pawn, but we’ll see what happens. Jozea says in Diary room that Nicole was a snake in her previous season, and she’s a snake now. But that’s okay because he’s the master in the house! Da’Vonne is loving the instant karma Jozea just got shoved in his face.

That’s a wrap for tonight. Join us on Sunday night for our next live recap, when the new Sunday competition will be revealed!


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