In the Big Brother 18 recap this evening, this will be the first of back-to-back eviction episodes ramping up to the season finale next Wednesday evening, September 21, 2016.  The episode tonight will feature the Power of Veto (POV) competition after Corey nominated Paul and Victor to the Block, the eviction ceremony that will decide the final four houseguests (HG) competing for a half of a million dollars, and finally the new Head of Household (HOH) competition.  Hang on tight as tonight’s episode should be one wild ride on the Big Brother train.

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Corey made a bold move Sunday evening, and he decided to forgo his final four alliance with Paul and Victor thus nominating both of his former allies to the Block for eviction.  This was certainly a power move and had to be done if he has any chance of winning Big Brother.  Corey started off the season as a very weak player but has really surged in the last few weeks as a force to be reckoned with in the game.  Not only did he finally make a big move in the game, but he started winning competitions which is paramount for winning the Big Brother title.

James went from hanging on from eviction last week to being completely safe this week.  Natalie being evicted might just have been the best thing that could have happened to his game.  He has aligned with Corey and Nicole and is hoping to slide his way into the final three with both of them.

Paul and Victor are finally in the hot seat with a point of no return.  Victor will not even be able to win his way back into the house this time barring a miracle with the POV.  The HGs say they are targeting Victor for eviction this week, but will he be able to hang on for one more day by convincing the HGs to vote out Paul instead?  Paul and Victor have excellent chances of wining the POV and removing themselves from the Block for eviction.  Can either of them make that kind of bold move tonight?

The show starts with the announcement to the HGs that this is a surprise eviction episode of Big Brother.  The eviction was previously taped and will not be shown live like typical evictions.  As shown in the preview for tonight’s episode, it will be the much anticipated comic competition this evening.

Corey verifies that Victor is his target this week.  Victor is feeling very betrayed by Nicole and Corey and their final four alliance, as is Paul.  James is back in tight with Nicorey and plans going to the final three with them.

Paul and Victor have a bitch session together about being betrayed and put on the Block together…again.  Paul wants some answers and heads upstairs to speak with Nicorey.  Paul asks if there is any way to salvage their season if Paul or Corey wins the POV.  Victor joins the party and declares that Nicorey are no longer to be considered his friends.  He vows to come after them as hard as he can if he is still standing after this eviction.  Corey only reiterates why he nominated Paul and Victor to the Block in the first place, they are the strongest competitors in the game.

This week’s POV competition is BB Comics.  This competition is a game saver for Paul and Victor who are both on the Block for eviction.  As always, the BB Comics do not fail to impress us.  By far, the Big Meech cry baby vomit comic wins the Most Hilarious Comic award for BB18.




Now it is time to reveal which HG completed the comp the quickest and has won the POV.  Nicole finished the comp in 13:55 beating the closest HG by over four minutes.  She is now firmly set in the final four of the game, which is further than the last time she played Big Brother 16.  Most likely, Nicole will not use the POV and keep Corey’s nominations to the Block the same meaning that Victor is most likely finally going to the jury house…to stay.

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16, joins Julie Chen to “game talk”.  Derrick tells Julie he is surprised that the HGs let three different sets of couples make it to the end of the game.  Derrick said he would have picked Victor to win this season, but now that Victor is on the Block for eviction, his pick is Nicole.  He feels as though Nicole peaked too soon when she played with him in Big Brother 16 and commends her for waiting this time to play the game which was the right move.

At the POV ceremony, as suspected, Nicole decides not to use the power to save either Paul or Victor from the Block for eviction.  Now it is definite that either Paul or Victor will be joining the jury members in the jury house tonight.  We will see if Victor can pull out one more miracle this season or will be evicted as the target this week.


Nicole and James were the only two HGs eligible to vote in the eviction tonight.  By a vote of 2-0, Victor has been evicted from the Big Brother house with no chance of returning this time.  However, his ride-or-die Paul is still in the game and a member of the final four.

During his exit interview with Julie Chen, Victor admits that he and Paul were too big of a threat to keep him in the game for Corey and Nicole.  Victor does regret trusting everyone so much in the game and realizes that is his downfall.  Victor feels as though Paul has a shot at winning Big Brother if he teams up with James.  This can only play out if James bails on his final three alliance with Nicorey and decides to join forces with Paul instead.  Certainly stranger things have happened in Big Brother.

It is official, the final four of Big Brother 18 is Corey Brooks, Nicole Franzel, Paul Abrahamian, and James Huling.  without a doubt, the winner of the next HOH is crucial to the game play for all of the HGs involved.  The HOH competition is What the Bleep?  The HGs must answer true or false questions about statements made by various HGs throughout the season of Big Brother.

After four rounds of play, Nicole is in the lead by a score of 4, Paul 3 and James 2.  Paul and Nicole are now tied with a score of 5 to 5.  Paul and Nicole are tied at 6 each at the end of the game.  James has been eliminated.  How long was the competition at the Slide In Theatre last week for HOH in seconds?  Each HG must guess and the closest will win HOH.  Paul has won HOH and a coveted spot in the final three.



Another live eviction will be aired tomorrow evening.  Who will Paul nominate to the Block for eviction and most importantly, who will win POV and have the deciding vote in determining the final three?  Also, Julie has promised an explosive confrontation in the Big Brother jury house you will have to see to believe tomorrow evening.  Friday evening the competition for the final HOH will be shown in a special episode before the finale next Wednesday evening.


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