For the second time this season, we have a special Big Brother 18 Friday episode featuring a new competition for the houseguests. This time the challenge won’t be as dramatic as the last Friday show with it’s Battle Back challenge, but there is still a lot of fun to look forward to in our special episode recap tonight! Including the return of former Big Brother houseguest Jessie “Mr. Pectacular” Godderz!

Former Big Brother houseguest & pro wrestler Jessie Godderz (CBS)

Former Big Brother houseguest & pro wrestler Jessie Godderz (CBS)

Not only will we have the return, yet again, of Mr. Pectacular to the house, but we’ll also have a concert from Grammy-winning musician Ziggy Marley. And that’s not all! There will also be a new competition for prizes and also an advantage for someone in this week’s Head of Household Competition. (Which has actually already happened and you can grab the Big Brother spoilers on the winner here.)

After all the fun and carnival games, viewers will finally get to see the beginning of the HoH challenge, but won’t get to see the end. That will be held over for the start of Sunday night’s show, when we will also find out who won America’s Care package of being co-HoH this round. (You can also grab a sneak peek at those spoilers here.)

After Paulie’s eviction, all of the HGs seem pretty happy that he’s gone.  Victor doesn’t think he has much competition left against him in the house, and we all know what acting cocky gets you in the Big Brother house…a quick and painful eviction!

The HGs are whisked into the backyard for a Big Brother County Fair to celebrate their accomplishments so far in the game.  The fair includes an old-fashioned popcorn machine with fresh popped popcorn, salted peanuts, cold drinks and even hotdogs.  In addition, there is a kissing booth and dunk tank at the fair.

The party begins with Ziggy Marley performing his new single “Weekend Long” for the very excited HGs.  Natalie and James look so cute with Natalie holding James’ arm as they listen to Ziggy sing for them.  James comments that being in the backyard with Natalie at the Fair finally feels like he is outside the house for a moment enjoying time with his ‘girl’.  So adorable!

The HGs are now taking a stroll down memory lane reminiscing about all of the players that have previously been evicted this season.  Highlights galore of all of the HGs most memorable moments.  The fan favorite must be Jozea Flores proclaiming to Da’Vonne Rogers that he is the ‘Messiah’ of the newbies.  Those thoughts did not take Jozea very far in the game as he was evicted in the second week only after poor outcast Glenn Garcia.

The first carnival game for the HGs is Darts for Dollars where the players get to throw a darts at a balloon and possibly win up to $5,000.  Victor has the worst shot and takes a lot of darts to finally hit one balloon worth $500.  No one won the grand prize of $5,000, but a couple of HGs won a few Benjamins for their wallets outside the Big Brother house.


Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Big Brother 18 Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

James is very excited to receive a nice kiss from Natalie while she is in the kissing booth.  Natalie announces this is the summer of showmances in the Big Brother house.  Highlights of James and Natalie, Nicole and Corey, and of course Zakiyah and Paulie are shown ad nauseam.  We have already seen the lovebirds enough already, we don’t need to see them over and over again.

Mr. Pectacular arrives and Michelle can barely contain herself.  Jessie certainly loves showing off those pecs as Michelle drools all over him.  Mr. Pectacular is there for a very exciting game that gives the HGs a chance to win Mr. Pectacular’s Tech Pack Spectacular containing a 50″ 4K TV, a new tablet, and a new smartphone.  Each HG gets chances to dunk Jessie, and the HG with the most dunks wins the game, ‘Dunk the Hunk’.  Victor won the awesome tech pack from Jessie.


The HGs continue to recall all of the great memories from the summer.  From boob wrinkles that Paulie enjoyed inspecting for the girls to the girls to James scaring the Hell out of everyone in the house, there have certainly been some fun times in the Big Brother house this season.  Messy competitions, internet trolls, and Michelle’s face plant during the Otev competition are all great memories for these HGs.

The next game for the HGs is a pie eating contest, but there’s a twist.  The players can only eat the pie with their mouths and cannot use their hands.  Each player must pull a chip out of their pie to determine who the have-nots will be for the week.  In addition, one HG will win a special advantage during the next Head of Household competition.  This is a very messy game but lots of fun to watch.



The HGs walk out into the backyard to find the very, very large black box.  Here’s how the competition will work:  HG will enter the black box in darkness and enter their own individual lane.  They must press a button in their lane and hold it until instructed otherwise.  One at a time, they will search their fright-filled lanes for disks.  HGs will be eliminated if they do not return and press their button in the time allotted.  Some disks are decoys and will not fit on their poles.  After two hours and 10 nightmarish searches, the HG with the most disks will win the HOH and the Black Box competition.


At the County Fair, one HG earned a special advantage in the comp and will have an extra 30 seconds solo search round.  The winner of the advantage is Michelle.  We are left with the HG starting the crazy scary competition.  If you want to see who won HOH, check here for spoilers.  To see who won this week’s America’s Care Package, click here.



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